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Community Level 6mortimus


I wanted a red one because I am BAD

AdvantagesExcellent quality toy

DisadvantagesYou can look foolish waving it about

"Well of all the things I expected to get at Christmas this was one item I never expected to get at my age (I am nearly 35). But on Christmas morning I got my pile of pressies (5 in all) and of course I had to open the big one first. Within, for my delectation, was this little baby (actually not that little as it is over a metre in length fully extended) and all my dreams of childhood were unleashed in short order. Ten minutes later (all my other ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sirmitchalot


Fun for all the order, I mean family

AdvantagesBetter than using invisible ones

DisadvantagesYou can look silly (especially adults),

"...similar to the £7.99 offical Hasbro version, but like most cheaper clones, it has no colour. I have to say though, I do prefer the handle to the large Hasbro version. Colours Ever wondered why lightsabres come in so many different colours (no, it's not because of the mood they are in). Why lightsabres are blue- Blue lightsabres are blue, because they only have one Jedi crystal inside. Jedi crystals are what a lightsabre's power comes from, besides ..." Read review

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Feel The Force

AdvantagesFinally I am a Jedi

DisadvantagesIt's not real :(

"...Sabre. Finally those nice people at Hasbro have made children's dreams come true (for around £15 - £20), and parents nightmares all the more real. The 'Sabres' are made out of durable plastic and are extendable going from the simple hilt (roughly 80cm), right out to the full size of roughly 3ft. built inside the plastic is a flashing LED and sound box, so that when switched on the blade makes 'realistic' sights and sounds, the whirring as you swing ..." Read review

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Great Toy

AdvantagesSturdy, Sounds/Lights


"The Hasbro lightsabers are plastic toys that resemble the unique jedi weapons found in the Star Wars franchise. Hasbro does a good job bringing this to life by making use of lights, sounds and a spring action blade. The lightsaber is available in a range of colours such as red, blue and green and all contain a light inside the hilt that lights up when a button is pressed. The hilt itself is sturdy and made from hard plastic, the button is large and ..." Read review

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Star Wars  Luke Skywalker Jedi Lightsaber Chop Sabers Chopsticks Blue Sealed

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Jedi Lightsaber Chop Sabers Chopsticks Blue Sealed

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Star Wars Jedi Lightsaber SFX Torch

Star Wars Jedi Lightsaber SFX Torch

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