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Community Level 4Raybid


The doorbot is feeling friendly today

AdvantagesFunny, witty , uplifting adn weird

Disadvantagesit runs out of pages eventually

"Following the sad demise of Mr Adams , I sought out the Terry Jones penned Adams inspired novel to glimpse once again the joys of his humour. The game is great, I recommend that too, but the book is probably a better read if you have NOT played the game. It follows the basic plot of the game, but makes a few changes in the spirit of narrative coherance. I mean, Terry Jones changes things so it makes some kind of sense. An alien luxury liner ..." Read review

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Community Level 3psipple


Leave the book, buy the cassette

AdvantagesGood story, even better when read by Terry Jones

DisadvantagesNo sequel

"...his greatest creation, the Greatest Starship Ever Created - although there are plans afoot to scuttle the magnificent ship and claim the insurance. On the ship itself, the artificial inteligence isn't quite as bright as it should be... something is seriously wrong... Meanwhile, on Earth, lives of three unsuspecting folks are about to change forever, as they get caught up in the dastardly scheme. Space battles (followed by repairs), impressivly ..." Read review

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