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Community Level 7jonwhite


A thought provoking read

AdvantagesInspiring, thought provoking, fresh and focused

DisadvantagesMainly for the religious minded

"Streams in Dry Land is a short book of religious verse by the author Margaret Rutter. Her deep Catholic Faith prompted her to write this thought provoking book. Whether you believe in God or not and regardless of your denomination you will find the verses contained in this book to be most inspiring. Margaret has varied the style and content of each poem so the readers thoughts will remain focused and fresh throughout This book has given me ..." Read review

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Community Level 1margaretwh...


Religious Verse

AdvantagesWell priced, thought provoking,

DisadvantagesMore for the religious minded

"...the Author of the book Streams in Dry Land I am naturally going to be in favour of it. As a convert to the Catholic Faith many years ago I began to realise and see the beauty of God, I saw there was a more in depth side to religion and I wanted to share my experiences with people; so I wrote this 48 page book of verse. The book is aimed at everyone, there is no right or wrong way to read and understand the poems, you do not even need to be of any ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Louise1234


Good book worth reading

AdvantagesMakes you think and reflect on your own experinces

DisadvantagesVery religious

"This collection of catholic poems was quite hard to get into. Each piece was unique but had a very religious genre running through. Once I had read the first few pages I began to get into it and found it had to stop thining about. It was very thought provoking and as I read it I would find myself reflecting on my own experinces in life. Although the book was reasonbly short it took me a long time to read as I felt the need to read each verse twice ..." Read review

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