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Budgeters Guide to Being a Student Review with images

AdvantagesMore money for booze

DisadvantagesBigger hangover in the morning

"...to save more after my student days, since moving out as that's when money becomes tighter. Student life is fun, and all students have to scrape by and you will learn how to live off little to no money - it can be done. Budget your money, it is so easy to get into debt and you will be paying it off for years after, if you are wise with your money you should be able to avoid getting yourself into huge amounts of debt. Work out how much money you have ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Collingwoo...


Frugal Fun For Students

Advantages Save money

DisadvantagesTakes a bit of effort!

"...thing or two about thrifty student living over the years! I am writing this review to share some of this advice; it is aimed at those who are students now, will be students soon, or who have children who are/will be students, partly because this is where my experience lies and partly because the location of this category implies that the "thrift tips" are for those of a scholarly disposition. I hope that they are of use to someone out there. Alas, ..." Read review

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Student Survival Guide

AdvantagesYour student years can be the best of your life and following these tips may help

DisadvantagesBut managing your student funds is always hard!

"...sure you set up a student bank account. You're only allowed one special student package, so look around for what you think is best. Try not to be swayed by freebies (like personal CD players, cash (£40-50) or student travel cards that some offer) but look for low/no fees, free overdraft limits, low rates of interest on higher overdraft, etc. Don't forget to make sure you can use cashpoints near your university/halls too - if you go on open days, look ..." Read review

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Community Level 6MissDirect



AdvantagesGet things cheaper or even for free, the thrill of the naughtiness of it all.

DisadvantagesUpstanding members of the community may dissaprove.

"...you. Whether you are a student or not, give them a go. I bear no responsibility if they fail! This opinion is ever so slightly tongue in cheek, so don't take my suggestions the wrong way. ~~~~~~~~~~~ "I'M FIFTEEN, HONEST!" ~~~~~~ Now I'm quite small, and have been told I have "one of those faces which can be either young or old". So what do I do but take advantage of this fact? Let's face it, I will not be able to get away with paying child ..." Read review

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Economical Management For Students



"...year I opened as many student bank accounts as I could, with the sole purpose of making money. I did not ask for credit cards or overdrafts with most of them and so they were happy enough to take me on board. Doing this earned me over £180 in cash (and some vouchers too), and most importantly did not upset my credit rating. Now I have one main current account into which my salary and student loan are paid. This comes with an interest and fee free ..." Read review

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Community Level 4daveops


Stretching The Student Pound

AdvantagesYou can be better off

DisadvantagesYou will not be a millionaire

"...Daddy, what should the typical student be looking for in his or her finances? Well, firstly, the best route to success is common sense. With banks falling over themselves to give away interest free overdrafts of up to £2,000, there is a temptation to blow the lot straight away. But this money has to last you 3 or 4 years, so discipline is essential. Secondly, which student bank account are you to open? Well, this depends very much on what ..." Read review

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What you need APART from CHOCOLATE and ALCOHOL

AdvantagesLots, you can spend money on better things


"...Barclays and it is a Student account which offers free overdraft up to £1,750. Now just because I have this facility doesn’t mean that I should abuse it. It is not a good idea at all to think this way. Think of getting an overdraft as a last resort. *~ I have a second account with HSBC as its cashpoint is in a good location near where I live. Also I put my Ciao, birthday, and any other bonus money in this account. This means that any money ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Suhail


My Life Ruined.

AdvantagesA Career Out Of Your Studies

DisadvantagesDeep Financial Mess.

"...need to apply for a student loan which was quite a boost. I completed my first year successfully and was looking forward to my second year. September came and I started my second year of my course. I had to give up my job as it was conflicting with my studies. I applied for a student loan to cover my costs of going to university, buying of textbooks, food etc. As my second year progressed I was running up a lot of debt and this started affecting ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Nomes


Ways to make beans more interesting

AdvantagesLiving on a budget's a skill we should all have -students or not!

DisadvantagesYou have to be good at it before it can be fun!

"We all know the stereotype of students living on beans, but they really are cheap and good for you! Here are some of my favourite things to do with beans. You needa few things to get you started, herbs, spices etc. but these usually last ages -persuade your mum to buy thenm for you at the start of term! If you've got your own ideas, let me know!! ps. If you're one of those picky people who only likes expensive beans, try adding a bit of tomato puree ..." Read review

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Community Level 1saimalaw


life at university

Advantagesopportunities,knowledge, explore, specialise

Disadvantagescostly, stress, lack of help, unhappiness

"...one priority, not money problems. Student loans appear to be inadequate, most students take out an over draft on top of their loans. ..." Read review

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