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I'm blonde, what's your excuse? UPDATED!!


DisadvantagesDoesn't make much of a difference straight away.

"...I trekked to my local Superdrug to plunge into the never ending depths of the hair colour isle. What should I choose? Vibrant copper? Electric blue? Bubble gum pink? Then there was the dilemma of wash in wash out? Permanent? Semi-permanent? Up to 5 washes? Up to 10 washes? Or get the box that says temporary but take so many bottles of shampoo to lighten it may as well be permanent? Because I didnít want to do anything do drastic, I knew I wanted ..." Read review

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Excellent product for refreshing dye or a subtle change!

AdvantagesLow price, Great colour, refreshes permanent or semi permanent dye, good for a quick change

DisadvantagesOnly wish there was a larger range of colours

"...seeing Colour Effects on the Superdrug website for just £1.29 I figured 'what the heck! Let's give it a go!' For that price, if it wasn't any good, I wasn't going to be too disappointed. A bit of background on my hair - I had badly damaged my hair with bleach and after dying it back to my natural dark brown, nearly black colour, and treating with Coconut Oil (also from Superdrug) it is looking and feeling pretty normal again. Since I was bleaching ..." Read review

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'Dyeing' To look young again !!

AdvantagesLovely sleek shiny hair

DisadvantagesDoes not cover grey

"...and found a bargain in Superdrug the other day. For just 99p I purchased a bottle of their 'Rich Red' colour effects wash in wash out colour and trotted off home, eager to get going. I chose the rich red because I have a warm red tint to my hair and wanted to stay as natural as possible. So let's see what it can do. The first thing I noticed about this bottle was that it was almost impossible to read the tiny instructions on the back unless you ..." Read review

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Surprisingly good! Good quality colour and condition

AdvantagesVery cheap, lovely rich colours, bottle lasts a good amount of time

DisadvantagesIf only it didn't wash out!!

"...went for a hunt through Superdrug one day to see what else there was. I came across the Superdrug Colour Effects range, and wasn't sure at first as I don't usually trust Superdrug as a cosmetic brand, but saw the price... and saw the fact it was wash-in wash-out and figured... what did I have to lose? Especially for 99p per 75ml. I have no bleached highlights or grey hair, so I thought to myself if it wasn't right, I could just wash it a few times. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MissPinkyMe



Advantagesvery cheap :)

Disadvantagesit made my hair pink. (and i used the dark brown colour!)

"...So i headed down to superdrug and bought two of the dark brown colour, and then two if the light blonde, just in case the colour didnt lighten properly again. When i got home i noticed the bottle said do not use on bleached hair. I ignored it... BIG MISTAKE! I used the full bottle on my hair (i have quite short hair so it was alot!) hoping it would make the colour more effective. I left it for about ten-fifteen mins, and i looked in the mirror and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sazooo


Colour effects cool blonde colour

Advantagescheap, smelled nice, lots more than 3 applications

Disadvantagesno huge noticeable difference

"...hair blonde and purchased the Superdrug cool blonde colour as a back up option in case the colour wasn't bright enough. My colour was a golden blonde with orangey undertones so i thought i would try using the cool blonde colour on it. On the bottle it says to lather on wet hair and leave for 5 minutes, or up to 20 for longer lasting colour.The colour of the dye is a deep purple which i had heard is good for toning brassy blonde hair. I put the colour ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kabloomybuzz


Rich Red colour effects

AdvantagesCheap, lovely colour, easy to apply, Clean

DisadvantagesGoes permainent if buily t up too long. Turns fingernails orange

"My hair is naturally blonde and a while ago I dyed it red with permanent colour. After a few months I got fed up of re applying it for the roots so I thought I'd try ths stuff to just blend them away. The first time you use it, there isn't a huge amout of difference but if you use it every time you wsh for the first 2 weeks and every other time for the future it will build up. After using this for quite some time I tried to wash it out too see ..." Read review

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Community Level 1haircare123


Warm Chocolate Brown

AdvantagesNice even colour

DisadvantagesTook 30 minutes to have an effect

"I went into Superdrug hoping to dye my medium brown hair darker with a bit of a red tinge to it. I decided I would try a wash in wash out hair dye just to see whether I liked the colour. I chose this because it was cheap and the colour (warm chocolate brown) sounded appealing. I got home and applied it to wet hair for about 15 minutes. It had no effect and so I applied it again for about 30 minutes and used about half of the dye left! When I rinsed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Deanie19


Good Stuff!

AdvantagesCheap, only 99p for 3 applications!.

DisadvantagesGloopy. Bottle top can sometimes leak. Have to use frequently to get good results.

"I used this frequently on my bleached blonde hair to add cool ash tones. I get shade 8.1 (cool blonde) which after being left on for 10-20 minutes once or twice a week during my hairwashing process, leaves my hair not only with the desired shade highlights (often turning brassy or coppery shades in my hair a lovely ash blonde) but also in great condition. It can be slightly gloopy and messy to apply - deep rich purple/blue thick liquid which can ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SianKnightx


Great to cover a hair dye disaster!

AdvantagesCheap, lovely smell and great for covering bad hair dye!


"...had purchased a bottle of Superdrug Colour Effects in Rich Warm Brown. I hadn't used it until last weekend when I had a very unfortunate dye disaster (please take into consideration I refrained from using the bad pun 'Dye-lemma'!!) with Clairol Perfect 10 - which I will write a review on once it is put on here. Anyway, after dying my hair my roots were left a very horrible shade, which I don't think was even a proper colour and there is no way to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ReviewMeRe...


Colour Effects Dye

AdvantagesCheap (only 99p), Smells Great, No Allergies

DisadvantagesDoesn't Work With Very Dark Hair

"...set out to my local superdrug to take a look at the dyes available. I went with my friend (who has blonde hair) and we both bought the "True Chesnut Colour Effects Dye". The bottle was small and grey with a label on both sides. The instructions said to wet hair put the dye in, leave for five minutes and wash out. 5 minutes was way to short so I left it in for 20. After 20 minutes I washed my hair and dried it, however I was very disappointed to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1partyrock909


Great value for money

AdvantagesCheap, smells good, noticable

DisadvantagesDoes not last very long unless you keep using the product

"When i first brought this product i brought the 'cool chocolate brown', (my hair is dark-mid brown) it gave a bit of a change to my hair but not very noticable. I then used the mahogany one, it really worked and changed my hair to a browny-red colour, i still use it today! It smells nice, dosent take too much time ( i use it when i shower), and every time i use it my hair feels healthy and soft. Its cheap and works the same as normal hair dye! My ..." Read review

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