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Community Level 4Thecharmed...



AdvantagesEdge-of-yer-seat stuff and Eye Candy for the girls at last!

DisadvantagesOnly if you are sick of programmes on this subject!

"...is killed by the same supernatural force as his mother, he sets off with his brother to find answers. After four years apart, the brothers have become very different people and have to get to know each other again, whilst dealing with their old sibling rivalries. Together once again, they set off in search of their father in their '67 Chevy Impala. The only clue they have is a spooky phone message he left them, which starts them off on a wild and ..." Read review

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Is it Better the devil you know...??!!

Advantagesgood stories about the devils followers

Disadvantagescliff hanger endings can be annoying???

"Creater: Eric Kripke Producer: Eric Kripke Writers: (several, including )Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble, John Shiban and Raelle Tucker. Directors: (several, including) Kim Manners, Robert Singer and Charles Beeson. Stars: Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles. This horror series follows the lives of two brothers who spend their lives chasing demons and other strange paranormal activities. The series, filmed mainly in Vancouver, Canada, began initially ..." Read review

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Super Freak

AdvantagesI get my horror fix


"...dudes who go hunting those supernatural evil beings. They are in fact just carrying on with the family business as their Dad too is a hunter. Their Dad, John, has gone missing and they is why Sam returns to the fold and, at first, rather relunctantly beomes a hunter whilst also searching for their Dad. Each episode is essentially good guys versus bad guys with a supernatural element thrown in. For me, that's what attracted me to the programme. I ..." Read review

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AdvantagesGood drama, Entertaining

DisadvantagesNone that i can think of

"Supernatural is the new entertaining drama on ITV2 i have watched Supernatural since it started but have missed a couple of episodes. The first episode of Supernatural started with a family a mother, father and 2 brothers Dean and Sam one day the mother dies in an unexplained way and Sam is still a baby so he doesn't know how his mother died. Supernatural then speeds up to when the brothers have left school and the youngest brother Sam is studying ..." Read review

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The Winchester Brothers Kick-Ass

AdvantagesFantastic Actors, Amazing Fantasy Horror Story-lines & The hottest Actor EVER (Jensen)/ Dean

DisadvantagesMEG, Yellow-Eyed Demon

"== Supernatural == === Written by Joshua Adam Amos === (2005-Present) Cast: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Genevieve cortese & Jim Beaver. Network- The CW Synopsis: This Fascinating Television show/drama about two brothers called Sam (Jared) & Sam (Jared) who were raised by there father- John. 22 years later both Sam & Dean are following there father's footsteps, battling against evil creatures from Hell itself which includes demons, ..." Read review

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AdvantagesGood story, easy to follow, verified information

DisadvantagesCertain parts of the show can become quite boring

"Supernatural is a TV-serie featuring Sam and Dean Winchester as the main characters. Supernatural has a huge focus on the spiritual world. Ghosts, werewolfs, spirits, demons, angels and so on. Every season has it's own focus, Supernatural creatures like skinwalkers, werewolfs, ghosts. And one of the amazing prts about this show is that every creature you'll face, has some kind of real lore, Christianity, Greek, Northern Mytology, and so on. ..." Read review

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