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Surcare Really Doesn't Smell. At All!

AdvantagesDoesn't irritate sensitive skin, washes well, is economical.

DisadvantagesSmall box only, not a "green" detergent.

"...improved. Today, if I use Surcare and if I keep up with that daily application of Savlon, you would never know that he has a problem. I am quite sure that Surcare is at least fifty percent responsible for the improvement. On the odd occasions we have stayed away from home and I have forgotten to bring some Surcare with me, it has taken only a few days with clean clothes washed in a standard detergent for Conor's skin to redden and begin to itch. This ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jeet


Be Kind To My Sensitive Skin!

AdvantagesIs Specifically designed for Sensitive Skin

DisadvantagesNo Particular Smell

"...I saw this brand called SURCARE in the shops, I took a good look at it and thought , hey this might be okay. The box itself didn't look like anything special, a plain white box, with a picture of a mother and baby, and just the basics about the washing powder (See picture above). But it had the word sensitive on it. I brought one box of Washing Powder and one bottle of Washing Up Liquid. Surcare Sensitive is a non-biological powder. It states on ..." Read review

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Sur-cares for senstive skin. Review with images

AdvantagesSensitive and gentle

Disadvantages1kg is the largest pack

"...baby friendly product I selected Surcare Sensitive powder. Surcare- Surcare sensitive washing powder is specially designed to be kinder to the whole family’s skin. It contains no dyes or perfumes and is dermatologist tested to ensure the kindest formulation. Surcare is a non-biological powder that is suitable for all washes from whites to colours and even delicates. Surcare Sensitive Powder- Surcare sensitive powder comes in a 1kg box. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Cornwallgurl


Ideal for chronic adult dermatitis sufferer

AdvantagesOnly one not to irritate

DisadvantagesAvailability in rural area

"...powders and liquids and only Surcare keeps this under control. I have used the powder, liquid, fabric softener and washing tablets for years with great success in all types of washing. I have no quibble over cost, effectiveness and its claims, only its availability. I have very occasionally found BOGOFs, which I always leap on, but get annoyed and frustrated at having to trail round all the supermarkets (I live in rural Cornwall) to find it. They ..." Read review

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Community Level 1galaxy2.3i


Kind and gentle in a spin

AdvantagesKind to delicate skin

DisadvantagesNot cheap

"This is the only washing powder i use because my 2 sons have got very dry flacky skin and if i use scented powders it causes thier delicate skin to get very sore. Although this powder is not scented it does leave the clothes smelling and feeling fresh. I have only ever bought this powder in a 10 wash box [1kg]. This getts very expensive for a family of 6 because it never has any offers on it like [bogof] like leading brands do. It is Non-Biological ..." Read review

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Community Level 4flamesparrow


Super Care

AdvantagesVery Sensitive

DisadvantagesNo big boxes

"...it. Then I had Surcare recommended to me. From the first day of Surcare-d nappy wearing, the rash went, and so did poo stains! It is slightly bizarre to use, as there is no scent whatsoever. No smell of drying washing round the flat... Very odd. It might be good when line drying, you'll end up with just fresh outdoors smells. At least you're not left with a perfume you hate! Most Non-bios of the same size cost around £2.50 in Tesco - Surcare ..." Read review

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