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Community Level 2ruth_emily


The University no one has heard of!

AdvantagesHaving everything on campus is very convenient

DisadvantagesBut not so convenient when you don't live on campus

"I have been at Sussex University for just over a year now, and the main reaction that I get when I tell people of my generation (I'm 19) that I come here, is that they haven't hear of it! This may be because I know mainly people from 'up north', and perhaps Sussex is much better known 'down south', but it is a bit annoying when people haven't a clue about the place you study! People of my parents' generation who went to University tend to know Sussex ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cthomasz


Choose Sussex for variety

AdvantagesWhatever you want, you can find it in Brighton (except a football team!)

Disadvantages... fog on the downs can get you down(!?)

"I studied at Sussex between 1993 & 1996. I beleive that Sussex can be the choice for almost any student. I read Mathematics (yes, maths and I'm not really mad, honest!) The campus has a variety of types of room (first years only normally) but then you have a wide choice of locations around. The peaceful quiet villages such as Woodingdean or the bright lights of Brighton itself. I regret not getting more into the social scene at an early stage during ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pirate33


Sussex - for people who really want to learn

AdvantagesGreat, easy to use library, friendly staff


"...finish my third year at Sussex (In June anyway), and just thought id take this oppertunity to tell everyone else how great it is. I never lived on campus, so i cant tell you much about that side of things, other than East slope is nasty (was only built for the builders to live in and was supposed to be torn down - but now it has a cult status of being the slums of uni) and Lewes court 1 and 2 are the best places to live. Campus is set in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Athena


Sussex University is great

AdvantagesDifferent way of studying, Brighton is a great place to be, is a fantastic campus.

DisadvantagesAccomodation on campus is tricky to get, is probably not as cheap as other (non-London) unis because Brighton is not a cheap place to live.

"I chose Sussex university because it is one of the few Universities in the country to offer the joint degree Computer Science with Artificical Intelligence (a mouthful, I know, but we know it as CSAI). Brighton is a pretty cool place to live, there's loads of clubs, bars, restaurants, pubs etc, and the Lanes is a fantastic place to go shopping (students, beware, Brighton is an easy place to spend lots of money in). But as for the University, they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Buzwad


Little known but well recommended

AdvantagesBeautiul campus, friendly environment

DisadvantagesEvery place looks worse from the inside, but objectively I'm not sure about this one...

"I arrived at Sussex through the UCAS Clearing system and although not getting bad grades found the demand for Computer Science around the country to be so high that most places had no places to fill. When I stumbled across Sussex in the newspaper advertising a clearing open day, I came down to see the place and was instantly impressed with the (now dubious at best) train connections to London. Arriving here, I couldn't help but notice the amount of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tootsierol...


come on down to brighton town!

Advantagesis a great place to study and brighton as a place seems to have something for everyone

Disadvantagesif you're not into campus politics, the 'lefties' could really p*ss you off!!!!

"...to go. I came to Sussex on a clearing open day and fell in love instantly-beautiful campus durning the summer set in vast areas of greenery.very nice. On starting my first term, i was as scared as everyone is at being a fresher in a place where i knew noone and still wasnt sure about going through with it. The freshers programme is very good at getting all new students into the typical drunken student lifestyle. The city of brighton is a great ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Julia


Great location...

AdvantagesBrighton is fantastic, good academically.

DisadvantagesBoring campus.

"I originally chose Sussex University for two reasons: firstly the interdisciplinary nature of the courses on offer and secondly for it's location. Brighton is a fantastic place to live and I thoroughly recommend it. Two years on I have some reservations about the campus itself, which did not prove to be particularly exciting. The sixties architecture is a little dated and drab and the major downfall of the uni is the lack of a decent student's union ..." Read review

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Community Level 1eostre


An adult opinion

Advantagescompact campus

Disadvantagesno ensuite rooms

"...the student accomodation. While At Sussex campus I stayed at York house where the 24 hour security is based, Three floors , no lift but my room was very good quite large appox 4 by 3 metres. Newly furnished with carpets, lots of storage space, desk, sink and telephone. 2 showers 2 toilets and 1 bath between about 12 rooms. There are a number of kitchens on each floor with all the essentials. I was very close to the teaching blocks and refrectory ..." Read review

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