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Fast and cheap - the way I like it!!!!

AdvantagesCheap Car Insurance!!!!!!


"...I should just mention about swiftcover is that for every car policy taken out with them, they will pay £1 to the NSPCC. Now, I realise that £1 is not a huge amount, but if you think how many people could end up taking a policy out with swiftcover then it could end up being a very generous donation to a very worthy cause. I'd suggest if you need to get insurance soon I would at least look at swiftcover.com as it only takes a few minutes to get a ..." Read review

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Community Level 5e.j.kingham


Swiftly Covered

AdvantagesConvenient, flexible, cheap & environmentally friendly.


"...and therefore I don't commute! Swiftcover differentiate between postgraduate students and undergraduate students, they also allow you to lose the commuting option too. Joy of joy… a tailored quote and the cheapest I could find to boot. Plus Swiftcover's ability to impress me didn't stop there. Care and Care Alike Swiftcover donate £1 to the NSPCC for every new member. Maybe £1 doesn't sound so generous but it's a pound more than other insurance ..." Read review

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Not very Swift

Advantagesvery cheap and extras included

DisadvantagesAftersales service

"...hate call centres and how Swiftcover had few of them as everything is dealt with 21st centuary style, online only! Amazing ,no hastle waiting on the phone when you have a claim, cheap quotes and loads of extras, i think i found my new best friend! That is until my wee car was nicked. Some little chave stole it and there it was lying at the bottom of my road abandoned. The police removed it and put it into the cells, well compound to everyone else. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nitramh


Stay Well Clear of Swiftcover


DisadvantagesToo many to mention.

"...Berlingo) for Business Insurance with Swiftcover for my partner and I. I checked Swiftcovers F.A.Q,s and the relevant documentation and all seemed to be in order. I had started my Greengrocers business in October 2007 and although the business was doing reasonably well, we decided to branch out and managed to get permission to take a selection of our fresh fruit and veg to 11 local sheltered accommodations as well as offering free local delivery, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3binkybinky


Hassle free car insurance

Advantageseverything online


"...for the cheapest insurance quote, Swiftcover were at the top of the list beating many of the others by at least 10%. My actual quote saved me 12% which was just over £100 for me, six months car tax paid for just like that! When you come to insure your car with them, you do the usual filling in forms online with all your details, they then confirm the premium price, with my policy legal cover was included and my windscreen excess is only £50. If ..." Read review

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Swift Cover, Swift but never ever again!

AdvantagesCheap and easy to insure

DisadvantagesMaking a claim, slow, rip-off, policy does not help the policy holder at all in anyway.

"Like so many other young people (I am 26) I decided swift, as it was the cheapest. I have found out why it is the cheapest and why you should always pay that little bit more on the insurance. In Nov 2012 I have had to make my first ever claim after 7 years of driving, 6 years no claims on my own policy. I was so worried about making the claim and how it would affect me. As I choose the bog standard insurance to get the lowest cost of £40 a month thinking ..." Read review

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Horrendous experience. Avoid.


Disadvantagespoor customer service, unfair treatment of customers

"...I received an email from Swiftcover stating that I had been in a car accident in September 201. This was news to me, so I contacted them to find out what was happening. Apparently they had CCTV footage of me getting close to a car in a car park, but the footage was fairly inconclusive and didn’t show me actually touching the car. Swiftcover had been contacted by a firm of solicitors in June 2012 seeking damages, as apparently I had damaged the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Clurbur85


Insurance on the cheap!

AdvantagesIt's cheap.

DisadvantagesI'm not convinced the staff know what they are doing.

"...right now. *******The cost******** The quote that Swiftcover gave me was for £80 a month, although this is steep considering the type of car I drive (a Nissan Micra), I didn't have a claims bonus, I live just outside a city, I've been driving for less than two years and I also have three points on my licence (due to an unfortunate incident at some traffic lights). So all things considered this was the best of a bad bunch of quotes! I believe ..." Read review

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Community Level 1angie1001


Do not touch Swifcover Motor Insurance with a bargepole!!


DisadvantagesTotally useless

"My car windscreen was smashed by vandals. I phoned the windscreen 0800 number for Autoglass ,provided with my insurance policy , at 9am on Friday morning. I was advised someone would phone me back within 2 hours. This they did, and advised me they could replace my windscreen on Wednesday!! I phoned the claims number (an 0871 no.) and was put on hold for an age, while a syrupy prerecorded voice advised that the operators were busy "giving a customer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1twaino


DONT use Swiftcover


DisadvantagesAppalling customer service

"...that having to deal with Swiftcover on both occasions was a wholly unpleasant, time consuming and frustrating experience. Be prepared to: 1) Be put on hold for 15 minutes every call 2) NEVER have your emails replied to 3) Have to give the same information numerous times before it actually makes it onto your file 4) NEVER be able to actually make contact with you dedicated claim handler 5) Have your claim dragged out so long you end up out ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mooramana


Highway Robbery!

Advantages cheap

Disadvantages 0 customer care, incompetence refusal to pay out

"...costs 17,572 new! Net result swiftcover 7,500 better off. still ongoing. All I can advise is do not use as they will not settle, they lie, Ihave kept a comprehensive log of all contact with them and I am now in the process of taking legal action against them as my legal representative says I have a valid case. AVOID AT ALL COSTS ANY BUSINESS WITH SWIFTCOVER should be renamed NOPAY!!!!!!! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LTaylor098


Never Again !

AdvantagesIts all online

DisadvantagesThe company don't seem to like using the phone, or replying...

"I joined swiftcover online and found it super easy and fast to get a policy. Everything is on your own swiftcover page to view (documents, certificates..) This, i thought, was a fantastic company to pay my money to, that was up until I claimed on my insurance after my car was written off. That's when my opinion was changed and there is not one positive thing for me to say about how they have dealt with my claim. Swiftcover are a company which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1atooze


Bad response time for Swiftcover

AdvantagesThey were cheap

Disadvantagesbad response times

"I have been with swiftcover for both my car insurance and breakdown cover for the past 8 months now and had no problems up until today. The reason for having no problems is that I have not had to use the services until my car broke down about 5 miles away from home. I phoned the number given and was told I would be phoned back with 5 to 10 minutes. 25 minutes later and no phone call. I phoned again and was told my case was being dealt with. 50 minutes ..." Read review

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Community Level 2DavidWilcox


Swiftcover Saved Me a Packet

AdvantagesCheap Cover, No Call Centres, Serviced Online


"I couldn't believe it when my car insurance renewal crashed through my letterbox one Saturday morning. Surely it wasn't time to renew already! I had only just finished paying for last years premium which is quite hefty. I don't know about you but I hate shopping for insurance and it seems that they all come at once; car insurance, buildings insurance, contents insurance etc etc yada yada yada. I have previously used websites that supposedly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Hocus37

Quick review of Swiftcover Motor Insurance

"Swift are great so long as you dont make a claim. They never return emails, My car came back with defective steering due to communication problems with the garage, Swift also refused to supply me with a replacement car! They work at a snails pace and do not inform you of any progress.. Due to them missing deadlineswith a court summonds I recieved a county court judgment against me.. After 4 months I am still awaiting results from my formal complaint..Do not use this company.. I would gladly pay £100 more on my premium than use this company again!

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