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Goodbye painÖhello sleepiness Review with images

AdvantagesQuick and effective in dealing with migraine and tension headaches.

DisadvantagesMake you incredibly drowsy. Codeine based medication so can become habit forming.

"...as your head. However, Syndol are also effective for the treatment of period pain, neuralgia, toothache, muscular or rheumatic pain, toothache or muscle contractions. Syndol is particularly good at relaxing your muscles and thus easing the pain. The tablets are packaged in a plain blue box with a simple white plastic sleeve containing the pale yellow tablets. The tablets contain four main ingredients, namely paracetamol (used to treat mild/moderate ..." Read review

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Community Level 4bandoo


Tight Muscles and Im Not Being Rude

AdvantagesHelps reduce tension headaches and often banishes them

DisadvantagesCan cause drowsiness if you are susceptible

"...can make you cry, but Syndol has helped me no end. There are side effects, as there are with any medication. Likewise, these have to be weighed against the benefits and for me there was no argument. I now take atleast 2 a day, sometimes 4 but with the 4 hour gap in between as recommended. I am so resistant to painkillers that I don't suffer the drowsy and woozy effects felt by many after taking this, but I am told that the effects can be quite ..." Read review

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Syndol versus cheapo paracetamol?


DisadvantagesDidn't work for me and my stubborn headache/migraine

"...told that they are indeed Syndol 'Fast relief from tension headache' and that there are 30 within my box and that they are easy to swallow then other information on the back of the box include being told a bit about the tablets and what they are for, dosage advice is clearly stated as are warnings and ingredients and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Inside the box I have three white plastic and silver backed trays within which 10 tablets ..." Read review

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Anything for relief

AdvantagesGave me relief, easy shape to swallow

DisadvantagesTook a while to work

"Before Christmas I had a really bad cold which I honestly think was bordering on flu, when I came to the end of the illness I had a headache that I was able to shift no matter what I tried and these tablets were recommended to me by a colleague who had also suffered the same illness. That very break time I went to Asda desperate for anything that may help to lift the headache and bought a packet, a box of 30 tablets cost me just under £5 so as pain ..." Read review

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Only cure for my migraines

AdvantagesWipe out severe pain, fast working, relaxing effect

DisadvantagesOften hard to get hold of, quite expensive, drowsiness

"...In addition takes longer than Syndol to work but it is better than nothing and does rid of the headache after a while. The ingredient which helps is the Doxylamine which has a sedating effect on many people. After you have taken two Syndol tablets, within 20 minutes you get a calm sensation all over and the pain begins to fade. The price of this is drowsiness for many, but not all, people. I can function and look after children/work/study but I ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Mitchellan...


If I jump up and down I will rattle!

AdvantagesQuick pain relief, easy to swallow

DisadvantagesCan cause drowiness, can give you an upset stomach

"I suffer from migraines and most over the counter tablets don't even hit the spot which is why I normally get my prescription of co-codamol from the doctors, or the next best thing Syndol! **ABOUT SYNDOL** Syndol is a "Locally Owned Brand" and is part of the SSL Group of companies with a licence from Aventis Pharma Limited. SSL International plc was created as a result of two back-to-back mergers: Seton Healthcare plc and Scholl plc in ..." Read review

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AdvantagesFast acting and effective

DisadvantagesCan make you sleepy

"...rescue and gave me two Syndol tablets. Although I had never taken these before I had heard of them. The tablets come in a shiny blue and red box with Syndol written across it in large white letters. It has the words "fast relief from tension headache" written underneath. They cost about £3.80 for a box of 20 tablets. There is an information leaflet inside the box giving more details. The dosage is on the back along with ingredients. Dosage ..." Read review

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Community Level 5MadeinScot...


Rapid relief for headache and migraines

AdvantagesEasy to swallow, really do work, not too expensive and you can get them in nearly every pharmacy

DisadvantagesCan make you a little tired and you need to catch the headache right at the beginning for the best effects.

"...But when I came across Syndol and first used them I knew that my prayers were answered (well I still get migraines but now I know I have the cure!) Boots do make a cheaper alternative to Syndol called 'Boots tension headache tablets' and they come in a blue and silver box, Syndol comes in a red and blue and silver box. They both have exactly the same ingredients. I find that they both work as well but I have found that nowadays only the big Boots ..." Read review

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Community Level 3cleanfreak...


Syndol, relief from blinding pain

Advantagesfast working, they do work, can cure some migraines

Disadvantagesa bit pricey, leaves you slight hungover

"I did feel slightly dopey and sleepy but nothing major and that could be put down to the fact I never get enough sleep! I took them 6 hourly that day and headache was completely gone when I got up to do nightshift with Sam later that night. I have used them several times since and again they have cured the headaches quite well, only once they didnít do the job so being me I thought right Iíll take 3 then, god I was so off my face my husband was ..." Read review

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Community Level 7offy


Use these for tension headaches

AdvantagesThey do relax your neck and shoulders

DisadvantagesThere are side effects and the Boots equivalent work better

"I was offered these tablets by the pharmacist when I couldn't get to Boots to buy my normal tension headache tablets (Boots own tension headache tablets). I have found them reasonable in removing tension headaches, but unfortunately not as good as the Boots' equivalent. The difference between tension headaches and normal ones for me is that it affects your neck and shoulders too, in fact it frequently starts from here and works its way up your ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tbeef


Ok mum im going to the chemist!!

AdvantagesKeeps mum smiling

DisadvantagesErm - we keep running out.....

"Syndol is formulated to bring fast effective relief from pain, especially the pain associated with tension headaches and migraines. Syndol contains paracetamol, codeine and caffeine to relieve head pain, and doxylamine succinate to relax muscular tension As one of many headache/migraine sufferers in my family we were recommended to try Syndol. The bold blue box highlighted to main things. fast relief from tension headache easy to swallow Both ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rachpoppy


An innovation in migraine relief!

AdvantagesVery Effective

DisadvantagesCan be addictive, drowsiness

"...also suffers with migraines recommended Syndol tablets to me about a year ago and now I'm never without a box. I find that if I take two syndol at the first sign of an attack within an hour my symptoms have started to fade. If I don't take them soon enough unfortunately my migraine does persist but they do help a little in taking the edge off the pain. They can also be taken for other types of pain such as toothache, period pain, muscular and rheumatic ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Biondino


This is good stuff

Advantagesworks on tension headaches

DisadvantagesNot cheap, and leaves you woozy for some time afterwards

"Syndol is a last-resort painkiller for when paracetomol and Nurofen just aren't performing. To be fair, Syndol does act in slightly different ways - its primary selling point is that it contains codeine, which has a far better effect on hard-to-shift tension headaches than the regular anti-inflammatories. Syndol is one of the few over-the-counter medicines to have pronounced side effects. The codeine really does feel like a drug - operating heavy ..." Read review

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Community Level 2markedwards


Good compound painkiller



"I have used Syndol on a couple of occasions and found it to be a good painkiller for general problems. Its made by Hoechst Marion Roussel and retails over the counter for about £1.80 for 10 tablets. It contains paracetamol, caffeine, codeine (an opioid pain killer), doxylamine (an antihistamine, which is probably there to help with sedation). The presence of codeine makes Syndol really a variant of the other paracetomol/codeine compound ..." Read review

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Community Level 1carsula


Relief beyond belief !!!!

AdvantagesWorks quickly,helps you to sleep the pain away

DisadvantagesCan make you feel a little drowsy next day

"I have suffered from migraine headaches throughout my life and have tried lots of different painkillers without much success.Left untreated my migraines can go on and on for days!!! I get a pain above my right eye which makes me want to cry and I have to go to lie down.The only problem is that I know that sleep will help but the pain is usually so bad that I can't get to sleep and the more I try the worse everything gets! Honestly the pain gets so ..." Read review

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