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Community Level 5ice_pink


Should you relax?

AdvantagesDifferent priceplans to suit everyone

DisadvantagesExpensive call charges if you dont top up large sums

"...then o2 itself, Virgin and T-Mobile (Before and after the name change - why not just stick to the first name, less confusing!) I have however, now been with t-mobile for well over four years, so they must be doing something right! I had been on the same contract with t-mobile for about 3 years, on the everyone 200 priceplan which I don't even think they do anymore(!), and had consistently gone over my bill for about a year or so, when my sister ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Huomenna


T-mobile pay as you go (text appeal)

Advantagescheap texts to all networks on text appeal, variety of price plans available

Disadvantagesphone calls expensive, network coverage not brilliant

"I've been on t-mobile pay as you go since 2007 (although I've just gone onto contract with them) and I have been using their price package known as 'text appeal' since the start. From memory t-mobile has something like 3 pay as you go packages - one is for cheaper texts, one for cheaper phone calls and one is mates rates. I chose 'text appeal' (the cheaper text option) as I very rarely call anyone, but do quite alot of texting. So what does text ..." Read review

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T for Trouble

AdvantagesNone that I can think of

DisadvantagesRestricted online top-up, staff do not know what they are talking about, expensive phone calls and texts.

"...note that price plans for T-mobile have now changed and they have different offers). Everything was fine, we gave her the phone, lots of hugs and kisses followed, and we topped up initially using an e-top up card, as with were with her. We promised her £20 a month top up, as a further part of the present, and therefore we needed to register for online top-up. This was easy enough to do, the only problem being that we did not live at the same address, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4nikki14


Relax man!

AdvantagesSame tariffs for all networks

Disadvantagesconfusing price plan, no benefits for all being t-mobile

"...back in the days before t-mobile existed when I bought my first phone aged 13, year 2000. During 2002, 2003 (I think, don't quote me on this!), one-2-one changed its name to T-mobile, and with it, the price plans. Price Plans: £10 a month credit-30p calls per minute, any network and landlines 10p texts 5p per minute WAP usage 35p media message Free voicemail £20 a month credit-20p calls per minute, any network and landlines Same as above £30 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Camda


Horses for Courses.

Advantages3 price plans to suit different people, not locked into contract.

DisadvantagesUsual PAYG disadvantages - Expensive for lots of calls.

"...customer service. I bought a T-mobile SIM card on impulse (for a fiver - although they are now advertised at 50p, so I feel slightly cheated) after seeing their advert for 3p texts and talking to a surprisingly helpful salesman in store. I was later astonished to find that it was actually possible to speak to human beings at their call centres without waiting on hold for more than one or two geological ages, and moreover, human beings who actually ..." Read review

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Community Level 2deputydawg


The UK's best deal - no longer

AdvantagesSimple prices

DisadvantagesStingy policies

"Today's best deals are pay as you go - contract customers over-pay big time for the handset subsidy - and this is the best value on the market for general calling. But it has been changed recently to be stingy in a way that will upset many people - and I'm presently changing the four family mobiles off T-Mobile. Sorry! Having said that, the great news on this plan is the 12p/min UK call rate. Are you paying 35p for cross-net calls? This is nearly ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ploddy100


AVOID T-Mobile.

AdvantagesSimple price structure

DisadvantagesCan be expensive, bad coverage

"...is on Tesco, which uses T-Mobile transmitters and she always has better signal than i do. This is something i would like to point out with T-mobile, they sell their network usage to people like Virgin mobile, easymobile, tesco mobile and Carphone Warehouse's fresh network. These all charge under 20p a minute for calls inbetween other customers. The cheapest of these being Fresh, where i believe their calls are just 15p a minute to everyone with 5p ..." Read review

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