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Community Level 3assistant_14


Chop Suey .....

AdvantagesExcellent way to get fit have fun and learn how to protect yourself.

DisadvantagesDont do it if you arent ready for the workout of your life.

"...to go with him to Tang Sou Dao classes run on weekday evenings at a local school. This seemed to answer my problems as Tang Sou Dao is obviously very physical but requires great concentration and focus. The full name of the discipline is Ren Yi Wu Kwan Tang Sou Dao and it was founded by Grandmaster M.K. Loke to take forward the development of martial art into the twenty-first century. He took ancient Chinese principles and gave to the discipline ..." Read review

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Community Level 1simonmayes81


A great practical martial art!

Advantagesgetting extremely fit, learn practical self defence, make new friends

Disadvantagesnone that come to mind

"I started Tang Sou Dao in 2008 after reading a magazine article in a martial arts magazine and found they had some classes near me. I have been doing various forms of martial arts for around 10 years such as karate and Tae Kwon Do. I went along to my first lesson, I was slightly nervous but my nerves were soon settled. The class was very friendly and welcoming. The instructor spoke to me and explained a bit about the style, the class rules ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sophie_uk


Tang Sou Dao - veiw from a beginner

AdvantagesYou get to meet people and get a good work out.

DisadvantagesPainful at first lesson! Muscles develop in back of leg, not good for wearing strappy sandals!

"...to my first lesson of Tang Sou Dao (TSD) in early May 2002, a few of my friends went already, so I thought I'd go alongg and see what it's like. I wore trousers and a t-shirt, which was fine, but you must make sure you can move a lot in them, so no skirts or jeans! When i arrived at the lesson I walked into the hall and saw about 7 or 8 people standing around stretching in their suits, paying a man in a navy belt or, in the case of my friends, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ripper6546


Tang Sou Dao rules

AdvantagesGives you lots of confidence

DisadvantagesBe prepaired to learn

"Tang Sou Dao is the martial art i have been studing for close to 6 years. I became a first degree black belt on the 21st November 2004. When i started at 10 years old i hadn't started secondry school and i was a wreck. My school work was down, i had just moved to a new area and i had no confidence in my self at all. One of the few friends i had made told me about the martial arts rule only five miles from where i lived. We both went along and I discovered ..." Read review

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Community Level 1alejandro_...


Excellent choice

AdvantagesPractical martial art, for both fitness and self-defence

DisadvantagesAs any other modern martial art, cannot have everything !

"...to have a go in Tang Sou Dao. It is a very "practical" martial art, as it combines efficiently kicks and punches, as well as throws and grabs. It emphasizes the "sport" side of the art, but without losing the essence of what any martial art must have - that spirituality characteristic of ancient arts. ..." Read review

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