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Community Level 8COOOEEE


I have got more rolls than a bakery

AdvantagesWill monitor your lard content

DisadvantagesExpensive but you could find a bargain in the sales

"...only way. I first saw the Tanita Body Fat Monitor/Scales in my doctor’s surgery. As I have high cholesterol and am a few stone overweight she advised I look into buying one for private use at home. She explained how a small current is passed through your body and the calculation is based on how quickly the current passes through the muscle. The correct term is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. You cannot feel the current at all as it passes through ..." Read review

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Friday. 52kg. 20%. 1 bar Milka. VG.

AdvantagesExtremely easy to use. Accurate. Comparatively cheap.

DisadvantagesThose toes, those sweaty toes!

"Back in the olden days, people would look at their reflection in a pond or, if they were feeling brave, a mirror to gauge how their body was looking. Years later we had personal bathroom scales, and even more years later the in thing became calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index). I’ve done all these, but I still wasn’t satisfied, so when I got some vouchers through from My Points, I took myself off to Argos to invest in a Body Fat Monitor. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 4frannie





"...yet. Since we bought the Tanita scales, we have spotted a few different ones on the market but they all tend to be around the same price. We're pretty happy with the product that we bought especially since the batteries have lasted so long (well over a year) but if you tend to be a bit health conscious – hence buying any type of scales in the first place – one that measures your body fat at the same time is worth that extra layout ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ragdoll



AdvantagesAccurate Weight and Body Fat readings

Disadvantagesnone at all

"...more to your liking. With the Tanita Body Fat Monitor one cannot get away with such antics, as it is a precision digital scale that can record weight in Pounds Kilograms or British Stones and Pounds. To turn the unit on you don't have to bend down and twiddle any knobs. You just use your toe to tap the weight only key on the corner of the platform. You have to step onto the measuring platform within about 30 seconds as the power shuts off ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Xyanthe


Is it just a gimmick

AdvantagesCalculates your body fat percentage, and can be used as conventional scales.

DisadvantagesVery expensive and can be inaccurate.

"...might benefit from owning the Tanita Body Fat Monitor/Scales. These have been developed in direct response to growing concerns about fat-related illness’, which include high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and several forms of cancer. Unfortunately, unlike weight, body fat is not always visible and cannot be measured on ordinary scales. This monitor also gives you the convenience and privacy of being able to check and monitor your body ..." Read review

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Community Level 2LittleMazza


I was shocked into making lifestyle changes

AdvantagesBody fat percent is more relevant to health than just weight

DisadvantagesNone - apart from the fact that you might learn that you have to change!

"...to change! I bought my Tanita Body Fat Monitor / Scale TBF-611 immediately. You follow the simple instructions to enter your height and gender. When you stand on the scales with your bare feet a small electrical current is passed through your body (fat gives more resistance than lean muscle). The scales have been developed such that the information from the electrical current along with your height and gender allows them to determine your body ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Suzan


State of the Art Scales

AdvantagesVery accurate readings for most people

DisadvantagesBit expensive

"...to the manufacturers of the Tanita Body Fat Monitor, how much we weigh is not the whole story. Someone may well be an acceptable weight, but still be carrying too much body fat, which is detrimental to their health. You see, normal scales cannot tell the difference between a pound of fat and a pound of muscle (which weighs more than fat) so it is important to know just what percentage of your weight is body fat. The Body Fat Monitor tells you your ..." Read review

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Community Level 3KPN7


Expensive, looks good, performs terrible

AdvantagesRealy nothing

DisadvantagesEverything else

"I myself am a bodybuilder therefore I need a quick and simple way in order to monitor my body fat in relation to my overall weight. I can then alter my training and diet in order to prepare for competitions. I have one in a year. Woohooo. Lol. Anyway back to the product. As I have said I purchased this due to a recomendation from a friend. I then looked at it on the website and thought it would be great. However the truth is that it is terrible. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gooseberry


About as precise as you'd want - TBF-551

AdvantagesAccurate Weight Measurement

DisadvantagesNot Quite as Accurate on BMI

"The most impressive and bullet proof feature is the measurement of weight which is very accurate. You have four programmable buttons (for four different people) plus a weight only button. You programme in your height, sex, child/adult and whether or not you qualify as an athlete (resting pulse below 60bpm). You can also select readings in lbs only, sts and lbs or kgs. You press your button and the scales zero each time. You step on and the reading ..." Read review

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Community Level 6WAD1-2-3


It measures up really well



"...Mum suggested we get the Tanita Body Fat Monitor I was all for it. Now weighing is so precise, you will be amazed at it’s accuracy. No more one pound out or having to put the scales in a certain direction. The measurements are recorded in Pounds, Kilograms or stones. I personally prefer stones myself. It also gives you an accurate body fat reading. Very simple to use it will no time getting used to it. Just touch the weight only key and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nomster76


Don't waste your money

AdvantagesEasy to use, digital

DisadvantagesOverpriced, gimmicky and poorly maufactured

"Firstly, I'd agree with a previous reviewer who says it's gimmicky. More importantly, though, I was very disappointed with the quality. Three of my buttons are broken and I've only used it a handful of times over the year or so that I've had it. (I've still got the original batteries in so that shows you how little it's been used). For the money, I would have expected it to last a lot longer before breaking. The particular buttons that have gone make ..." Read review

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