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Achieve pain relief in just 15 minutes Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to use and discreet

DisadvantagesLLoyds have discontinued this model, but it can be found on Ebay

"...half ago whilst shopping in Lloyds chemist I noticed their TENS Machine Digital Pain Reliever for sale at just £14.99. Due to its’ extremely low price I placed one into my basket, but was really not expecting miracle results due to it being so cheap. I would point out at this stage that this particular model has been discontinued by Lloyds and has been replacement with a rather complicated alternative. I would not normally write a review on an item ..." Read review

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Great (if you enjoy being electrocuted slowly) effective and chea

AdvantagesPortable, cheap, effective topical pain relief.

DisadvantagesNo batteries included, some people do not like the sensation.

"...would grab one of these Lloyds pharmacy ones. I have had this for 3 years and it has even survived being dropped down the toilet. Twice. WHAT IS TENS? Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or Tens, is the usage of electricity powered by a usually small and portable machine. The aim is to stimulate the nerves and release endorphins which aid pain relief. The benefit of TENS for pain is controversial as some people find it does not work or ..." Read review

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Best Relief in ages

AdvantagesFantastic pain relief instead of loads of pills


"...an advert on Tv for Lloyds Tens Machine at half price. Normal price £39.99 down £19.99. So whats £20 if you are suffering pain. I purchased one then my hubby got sciatia and tried the Tens machine on it and it soon sorted it out. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation. This a recognized safe and highly effective source of pain relief. Even doctors now recommend TENS for treatments. TENS machines work by passing harmless electrical ..." Read review

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AdvantagesEasy to control and No side effects from prolonged use.

DisadvantagesThere is some discomfort during use.

"...– DIGITAL PAIN RELIEVER – LLOYDS PHARMACY MODEL: AD-2011 We all have a different threshold of bearable pain. In your own mind, if you were up to around 7 or more on a scale of 1-10 a TENS machine, such as a Lloyds Pharmacy AD-2011, would be worth considering as an alternative to the use of drugs to relieve chronic pain. There are no known side effects associated with medium to long term use of this type of equipment. NEED, GREED, DESIRE or FEAR ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TAZMANIAN123


Pain relief any time any place

AdvantagesEasy to use, compact, great price

DisadvantagesNo good for wide spread pain

"... Can be purchased directly from lloyds pharmacy at a smashing reduced price of £7.49 from it's original £14.99. Created by Anastasis Theokli and originally posted on Dooyoo ..." Read review

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Lloyds Pharmacy Tens Machine

AdvantagesLots of Functions


"I purchased the Lloyds Pharmacy version of this machine for my partner because he suffers from sciatica. It was £14.99 to buy and worth every penny. I had hired a TENS machine previously for my labour pains and found it to be very effective so thoughtI might also be able to use this for period pain. I popped into Lloyds and found that this one cannot be used by pregnant mothers - so that is one to remember - but I was quite impressed with it's ..." Read review

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Ten to one pain relief

Advantagesmultiple functions, portable, reusable gel pads

Disadvantagesnone come to mind

"...work I saw these at lloyds pharmacy for 14.99 and decided to give it a try. My hubby was sceptical but decided it was worth a shot to get rid of the pain. first use he noted there was not much of a difference but continued to use the machine for a couple of days. Although relief for Him was not instant after a couple of days there was definate signs of improvement. Touch wood he has not complained in the last couple of weeks of pain so that is a ..." Read review

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Community Level 0Trapperjohn

Quick review of Lloyds Pharmacy Tens Machine Digital Pain Reliever

"Just bought one as i'm having problems with trapped shoulder nerve. What a great buy !!! Really does help. Comes with very good booklet that recommends which mode is best for your problem. Best £15 i've ever spent.

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