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Community Level 4hippykiller


iam backl

Advantagesit cheap

Disadvantagesa bit short

"...the growing series of the terminator products. Storyline The year is 2034 and you are a terminator model 850 sent to terminate john Connor the leader of the world wide resistance, however a problem occurred in your mission and you were captured. Now you cup has been reprogrammed and now your new mission is to enter the time displacement field, travel back to 2003 and ensure the survival of john Connor and Katherine Brewster. But the machine stopping ..." Read review

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Community Level 2markymark7...


Bad to the bone (or is that metal skeleton? )!

AdvantagesSuper graphics, Relates reasonably to the films

DisadvantagesGame is a little short and loading times are quite long

"...unless you are a true Terminator fan. It is the same all the way through. It has the exact storyline from the film so you can predict what happens and you can only be the Terminator, not John Connor which is an improvemet which could be made to the game. (Arnie takes ages to die too). There is a freeplay mode though so if you are stuck on a mission you can easily get past it. Although there has been a T3 game already released, it is truly outclassed ..." Read review

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Community Level 2seadevil


look else where

Advantagesgood graphics = gameplay

Disadvantagesdifficulty level and story

"This game is the worst terminator game to date. The story starts in the ruins of the future. You must fight your way to the skynet bunker where you are sent back in time. Then you must locate your objectives and protect them. Then you are sent forward in time to a ruined earth where the terminators dominate. You then battle your way back to the new skynet bunker to travel back in time again. Then you protect your objectives to complete the game. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 0tombennett


Terminator 3: The Redemption

Advantagesaction thriller game

Disadvantageseasy for me

"...the events of the third Terminator film, Terminator 3: The Redemption slips players into the black biker boots of Arnold Schwarzenegger's reprogrammed killing machine, The T-800. Featuring 14 various missions across four different chapters, the game also boasts vehicle and character-based combat from a third-person perspective in large 3D environments. Traditional rail shooting, intense action-oriented driving, and some highly difficult reflex-busting ..." Read review

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