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Community Level 3paulmiceli


Blank Expressions

AdvantagesConvenient, well stocked, helpfully laid out and reasonable on price.

DisadvantagesLack of brand choice, poor service times and no personal touch.

"TESCO EXPRESS, Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes. ============= HALCYON DAYS ============= As a kid, I spent the first 10 or so years of my life living in a small village in Buckinghamshire where life seemed idylic, summer lasted forever and open fields abounded for an assortment of war games, sporting feats and smoking stolen cigarettes from my Mum's dwindling packet of Cadet cigarettes. Amongst my memories is a cheerful, red-faced grocer ..." Read review

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Community Level 7costas1234


Tesco Express

AdvantagesConvenient locations

DisadvantagesHigh priced ready meals

"...you would see at mainstream Tesco stores, although at the same time they are bigger in size than most newsagency shops. I am not going to cover the what the shop is all about which is to make money from customers, but I have found on a price perspective that prices generally are higher than most other places really. I do occasionally see special promotions on certain items, and have noticed having actually visited a number of these Tesco Express ..." Read review

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The Handy Store.

AdvantagesA handy store with good parking facilities.

DisadvantagesI find that the store is a bit more expensive due to lack of brand choice.

"The nearest Tesco Express is about ten minutes drive away from where we live, if we are on the way to visit my Aunt then we will often stop there and pick up a newspaper and a few essentials. Our Tesco Express is a relatively new building and when it first opened the locals showed mixed feelings about having a mini-supermarket on their doorstep. The building is modern with a glass frontage and inside you have to give credit where credit is due the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stephbond89


DIY check out girl, well when it decides to work!

AdvantagesA Novelty, saves the company money!

DisadvantagesSlow, break alot, too flawed!

"Tesco have come up with a new plan to abolish their check out staff in the smaller Tesco Express stores, and instead have the self service check outs where you scan your own items, and pay via card, or cash. === The stores themselves === The Tesco Express stores are much smaller than the normal Tesco shops, and sell a smaller selection of goods. There is no deli counter with fresh meats/cheeses, but the shops do sell a small selection of everyday ..." Read review

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Express Store!

Advantagesconvenient, large selection for a small store

Disadvantagesslightly inflated prices

"...the last two years 6 Tesco express stores have opened in Nottingham City Centre alone which I think is just far too excessive. But I do not drive and rely quite heavily on my local Tesco express store as it is literally a 2 minute walk from my home so it is extremely convenient. My local Tesco Express opens from 7.00am - 11.00pm, 7 days per week. I think this is excellent opening hours and allows me to visit it before work in the morning if needed ..." Read review

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Community Level 7grafter123


A handy addition to our area

AdvantagesConvenient,clubcard points,small,quick service,cashpoint

DisadvantagesLimited stock,a bit expensive

"...a recent addition is a Tesco Express on my way home on Anlaby Road ,Hull This store is open 6am-11pm,although I'm not sure about the Sunday opening hours. I start work at 7.30am so this is very handy for me. If a colleague is ill and I want to buy flowers or a card or say I want to buy something for my lunch at work, it is very convenient. This is doubly true as there is a bus stop outside if I was running late. This is a store which I thought ..." Read review

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Community Level 3binkybinky


Convenience at its best

AdvantagesTesco prices on your doorstep

DisadvantagesSome on petrol stations don't give clubcard points on fuel

"Tesco Express stores are getting more and more popular, they can be found in many town or city centres or near petrol stations. They are similar in size to Spar shops, but in my opinion offer much better value. Many of the express stores have a few parking spaces close to them which is always useful. All your clubcard priviliges stay the same and you can use any vouchers in store too. These shops tend to stock most 'every day' items, such as bread, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3barberanna72


Tesco Express

AdvantagesConvenient for essentials

DisadvantagesCost more and lack choice

"We have a couple of Tesco Express shops near our home. They are convenient if you ant to avoid the large stores and queing, but lack choice if you are looking for a quick fix for tea. Also, I have noticed, that prices are a little bit higher than if you braved the queus in the first place, but a convenient stop off for bare necessities. They also have very small trolleys for customers. This makes sense as the shops are so small, but a word of warning......... ..." Read review

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Convenient, quality and decent value for money.

AdvantagesOpen long hours and good selection of goods.

DisadvantagesNot quite as large range as a main Tesco.

"...find in a larger main Tesco store. Main items stocked include general food, fresh sandwich and lunch items, dairy section, meat and poultry section, frozen section, bakery items, fresh fruit and vegetables, alcohol, tobacco, lottery and scratchcards, toliteries and some non prescription medicines, personal care products and sweets, chocolates and crisps. The more limited choice of products means that the overall cost of a "shopping basket" can ..." Read review

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Community Level 5JeffreyB


Pony Express Review with images


DisadvantagesLack of selection

"...Express PROS: Convenient CONS: More expensive ***INTRO*** My local Tesco Express near Russell Square Bloomsbury is not much further away from my home than my TESCO METRO (my normal shopping place). Today I needed a quick top up before I locked myself in for the VE day celebrations in our street. ***WHAT THE STORE HAS ON OFFER*** The store is much smaller than the METRO and I think caters for a different category of shopper. The store ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Inspire8


Tesco Express - do it yourself check out only- if only!

AdvantagesFairly easy to pay for your shopping via the machine

DisadvantagesSlower when packing your shopping

"...have tried out the new Tesco Express which has no staff manning the check outs, you do it all yourself. It seemed like fun having a go at scanning everything yourself and not having to stand there waiting for somebody else to do it for you. However, I took my own shopping bag with me - big mistake. The checkout desk didn't like me putting my own bag on the counter and the machine kept telling me there was something there and wouldn't scan any of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1singingnan1





"The tesco experience is something not to be missed, if you require a great selection of goods covering a wide variety, from groceries, to electric, books, crafts, fresh and frozen products as well as organic, in fact something for every taste whether vegetarian, vegan or meat eater, the choice is yours!. The quality of the food is first class and has always been found to be fresh, which is a great advantage, having experienced shopping at other stores ..." Read review

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Tesco express: Killing the corner shop


Disadvantageskilling local shops.

"...not see the logic in tesco wanting local conveince stores. They only have one aim in mind which is to destroy the humble corner shop. They don't like anyone else getting money, so they open these little stores, which while conveinent kill off communities. Ordinary shopkeepers can not compete with a multi million giant. Tesco are building an express store near our house, in one of the old pubs. I want to shop where I have for years, and only hope that ..." Read review

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