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A Lightweight Cat Litter

AdvantagesNo Dust, No Smell


"...I always used to buy Tesco value litter because it was hardly ever used but when I went to buy some they hadnít got any on the shelf, instead I bought Tesco Low Dust Lightweight Cat Litter it cost £2.78 for a 10 litre bag. The litter is in the usual style paper sack that litter is sold in. Its pink and yellow in colour with a cute cat pictured on the front. There is also a little circle showing the litter. On the front it says Tesco Low Dust Lightweight ..." Read review

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A Distinctly DUSTY Dispute..!

AdvantagesWorked quite well - Reasonable value..

DisadvantagesDid NOT live up to the 'low dust' claims..

" === Tesco Low Dust Lightweight Cat Litter.. === I will often do my grocery shopping online from either Asda or Tesco. Shopping this way has many advantages, but an annoying disadvantage is that if an ordered item is out of stock or unavailable, the supermarket in question will send a replacement item instead. Whilst some replacement items have proven to be rubbish and would never be repurchased or given a further trial, others have fared slightly ..." Read review

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Low dust...really?


Disadvantagessmall particles and doesnt hold smells

"...my cats toilet! I bought the Tesco dust free litter because it appeared to be good value for money. *Price and availability* The price of the litter is £2.89 for a 10L bag. This works out at 29p per litre. So far the maths work and seems good value for money. The litter is available from most Tesco stores. *Description* The litter comes in a large beige and salmon bag. At the top of the bag is a white handle so you can carry it around. ..." Read review

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Low dust my eye!

AdvantagesStrong packaging.

DisadvantagesNot low dust, expensive per litter, doesn't absorb smells well, generally just not very good.

"...so I picked up this Tesco low dust cat litter as a last minute purchase 'just in case'. This wasn't needed while we were away but I don't like waste so I have been using this for the past week or so. A 10 litre bag of this costs £3.18 and the 30 litre bag that I usually buy, which is a wood based litter and in my opinion a much superior product, is around £10.00 with subscribe and save making it just a fraction more per 10 litres. My usual litter ..." Read review

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Community Level 3bluntlass


Tesco Low Dust Lightweight Cat Litter - fab for cats!

AdvantagesVery little dust

DisadvantagesNot that I can think of

"Good old Tescos - they are good at everyday stuff bless them. I didn't expect or want anything remarkable when it comes to cat litter and this was just what my cat needed for his necessary toileting experience!! It was low dust as promised in the packaging and also poured out nice and easily into the litter tray. At the other end, when it all needed cleaning up, getting rid of the litter was not a problem definitely helped by the decent quality of ..." Read review

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