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Community Level 1ianmabel


Tesco Opticians Disappointment

AdvantagesOpening hours

DisadvantagesForced to buy new frames even if you don't need them, long wait, unfriendly staff

"I had an appointment with tesco Opticians yesterday and I was quite disappointed. The waiting time was way too long (30 minutes). The staff was unfriendly and the waiting room is just a joke - two chairs between the shopping shelves, so no privacy at all. The test only took seven minutes as the optician was obviously in a hurry because there were five more people waiting outside to be seen. My eyes have unfortunately deteriorated and I had a new prescription ..." Read review

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Community Level 1susie_sue


Tesco Opticians

AdvantagesGreat products, convenient, easy to get to


"I have recently visited Tesco Opticians, I was very pleased with the service I received. The staff were very helpful and friendly and went out of their way to help me. The store was very busy and I still felt that the staff were willing to help me I have had variflocal glasses for the first time and they explained them really well. There were lots of great frames, I felt spoiled for choice. On the whole I would recommend Tesco Opticians, I liked ..." Read review

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Community Level 1porty1337



Advantagesservice, prices, friendly staff, convenient

Disadvantageslack of privacy

"Excellent service! Great prices!! Contrary to popular belief, every store is different and you cannot tar everyone with the same brush. I've been wearing specs since i was 8 and I have been to every high street Opticians and some independents too and the service is never consistent across the board, it all depends on the individual store. However, based on my experience, I would recommend the Chadwell heath store to anyone living locally. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1celtic2int...


Glasses & Test

AdvantagesFor basic reading glasses at £20 + free test cant be bad...Bargain

DisadvantagesAdd ons can work out expensive especially if you want a designer pair

"Visited my nearest Tesco Optician to get eyesight checked, drove the 8 miles over when i got there was told by a very unfriendly Coloured Lady that i had to make an appointment, tried to talk to her regards my previous specs from Specsavers and could i just have the lenses changed, she interupted me so just walked away, so i returned the following day and was greeted by 2 friendly assistants, i went in first, my wife followed. After having my eyes ..." Read review

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Community Level 1patkinson81


Tesco's at the forefront of Vision!

AdvantagesVery good price and service

DisadvantagesNot the widest range of frames

"Being a DandA customer for many years, it was time for a change . I went round to my local Tesco's in Burnley to have my wife's and my eye's tested. The service was very promt and my wife was pleased with the way they delt with her saying that she'd never know an eye test to be more in depth than there. When it came to purchasing the glasses, again the choice though not big was very good, and VERY CHEAP!!! We got four pairs in total, 2x Diesel for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Adele0001

Quick review of Tesco Opticians

"Tesco Opticians are an eye opener for me. I was initially dubious about going to an opticians in a supermarket, but the offer was a free sight test + 100 clubcard points so I took the plunge. The service was fantastic, the test was one of the most thorough I have ever experienced. I bought 2 pairs of specs,one Armani and one rimless for £140.00 including scratch and glare coatings. The staff were friendly and more than helpful and the manager was very proffesional and saw to the fitting himself. I would reccomend Tesco Opticians Abingdon to anyone in the area.

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Community Level 1maherrera

Quick review of Tesco Opticians

"Terrible service- will never go back! My second pair had horrible scratches on the frames... I had to leave them at the store to be repaired TWICE- I could not even take them home! Staff was so pushy: One member admitted that sometimes glasses come into the shop with legs broken off... as to say that I should feel lucky that mine only had scratches. Also they advertise 2 for 1 on designer pairs, & claimed that I shouldn't be so picky because the second pair was free anway! I didn't come up with the offer, & would have happily paid if it assured me of good quality! Plus they are too loose- but now I'm dreading having to go back to get them tightened!

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Community Level 1trenfield

Quick review of Tesco Opticians

"I ordered two pairs of glasses from Tesco total cost £260. When I went to collect them on a Saturday, an assistant attempted to adjust them to fit me. After about twenty minutes she had made such a mess of them that they would no longer fit in the cases. She told me to come back the following day and there would be an optician in store. When I returned I was told that my glasses had been given to another customer by misake. So someone must have ordered two pairs of Gant frames, one brown one red with tinted frames to my prescription. Right. I have opted for a refund but only the Manager can process that and he is off sick. Don't use Tesco

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Community Level 1BullDog_2005


Bad materials

Advantagesclub card points

Disadvantagesbad fitting, bad materials used on lenses, comparitively expensive

"Don't Waste Your Hard Earned Cash. I paid £229 for a pair of Titanium Glasses with another pair free ( Tommy Hilfiger frame ).The Titanium frames never fitted properly as the arms were too short. The lense was not polished around the edge - so gave a halo effect, even though they had an anti-glare coating. After 5 adjustments for the frames - they were eventually sent back for the lense edge to be polished - and got lost in the post ! I was able to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1celloheaven

Quick review of Tesco Opticians

"Whilst shopping in Tesco near Junction 4 of the M42 I responded to an offer of a free eye test. The test was thorough and within an hour I had bought and paid for two pairs of Varifocals. I was promised a delivery max of two weeks. Since that date I had reason to ask whether the delivery date could be brought forward for my own medical reasons. This was done and I expected the glasses to arrive Friday 9th/May. I was then called to be told they would arrive on Saturday 10th..then Monday 12th..then Thursday 15th..then Saturday 16th..then Friday 21st. The cause of any delays would appear to be Galaxy Optical. Any queries call Nicky Sadler on 0161 942 7700. Good luck !

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Community Level 1borzoi

Quick review of Tesco Opticians

"A new tesco opticians opened near to us so I decided to use them.They were offering buy one get one free,I was assured that I could have one of the pairs with distance lens and the other with reading.After waiting ten days the glasses arrived but,on trying them on I realised that both pairs were reading glasses.Their excuse was that it was a new store and errors were going to be made.I immediately lost faith in them and asked for a full refund as,in forty years of wearing glasses I have never had to wait ten days and my order was always fullfilled accurately.I say"Back to the old opticians".Let Tesco do what they do best,SELL GROCERIES !!!!

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Glasses way too strong


DisadvantagesNot enough attention paid to explaining what is needed

"Im having problems with glasses I have recently got, they are too strong and also the problem that I was told after complaining about the reading glasses that i actually needed three pairs of glasses and the reading ones were only for when i was reading a book!! This amazed me as I have had reading glasses for years and quite happily used them while on the computer I am now told i need intermediates I asked if what they were sayng is when copying ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jak29


Not a good experience

AdvantagesClose to home and good parking

DisadvantagesStaff untrained and rude

"Just visited Tesco opticians - When I arrived female assistant was on the phone and had to stand and wait for her to finish. She scowled at me and took my details and did not exchange one single pleasantry. I had to have pressure tests repeated but no explanation. Went to purchase glasses but optometrist had "gone to lunch" even though he had just asked for my test to be repeated and was fully aware that I couldn't do anything until he had seen my ..." Read review

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To say they are useless is praising them too much.


DisadvantagesSlow, pricey, unreliable and disinterested.

"...after 14 days. Nobody at Tesco knows or cares where the others are. They've got the money and that's all they're interested in. I wrote to the store manager and was completely ignored. I wrote to Tesco HQ. They just bounced my letter over to Tesco customer services who just bounced it over to " Tesco Opticians" (actually some grubby little subcontractor operating from an industrial unit up North) who just kept asking for more and more time "to investigate" ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gemnewman


Never Again - Tesco Opticians

AdvantagesNone, am now stuck with these for the next 5 months or pay out another £65.

DisadvantagesEverything. Standard of product and customer service, particularly from management

"...been a loyal customer of Tesco for years, I am incredibly disappointed. Avoid at all costs!!! ..." Read review

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