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cute bubbles

Advantagescute, colourful, fun

Disadvantagesnot the best

"I saw these in Tesco and I think they are geared towards children's parties for yo u t put in their party bags but I bought them to have at home ready for when the grand children came to play. They come in a pack of 6 for just over £1 so if you are putting them in party bags they are really good value for money. You get a variety of brightly coloured pots too which again is good for a party as it makes them look exciting and there should be an appropriate ..." Read review

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Brilliant Bubbles!

AdvantagesEasy to use & good value..


"...was shopping in my local Tesco store however, I saw some little plastic bottles of bubble solution and decided to pick them up for him to see bigger, individual bubbles. The pack I bought contains six little individual plastic bottles of bubbles, and were located at the party ware section within my local Tesco, which has things like paper plates and balloons on sale. For this reason, I assume that the pack of six bottles of bubbles is intended ..." Read review

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Tesco Party Bubbles

AdvantagesMake excellent party bag fillers, children love them, cheap

DisadvantagesBubbles can leave marks if used inside

"...on them which just says Tesco Party Mini Bubbles. Each little pot is 50ml's and has a screw top lid. Under the lid you will find the little bubble wand attached to it. Of course we all know how to make bubbles, dip your wand in the liquid and blow. The bubble liquid didn’t have much smell to it just a mild soapy smell. It wasn’t too runny either. They are not recommended for children under 3 years. The bubbles were greeted with great excitement. ..." Read review

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Advantagescheap, good solution


"...just pale blue with the Tesco logo at the top and "Party mini bubbles" just written underneath. The bubbles are simply a mini version of the larger bubble mixture and they are quite chunky which means they fits nicely in a childs little hand. The bottle has a screw top lid and the bubble wand is attached to this which is great as with many bottles of bubbles you end up having to fish around for the wand inside getting slimy fingers from the mixture! ..." Read review

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Cheap & Cheerful :)

AdvantagesLong lasting, makes good sized bubbles, colourful, sturdy lid, cheap.

DisadvantagesCan leak when placed on its side.

"...grocery shopping at my local Tesco Supermarket. I know taking my 3 year old nephew means passing the toy sections can be a little bit frustrating as he always wants a new toy! I tend to rush past it as much as possible, but from time to time I can’t help but give in to him, its just so cute when he says ‘toysssss’ with so much excitement. Therefore I try and look for the cheapest options available, and it was during my look out that I noticed the ..." Read review

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~Everybody's Blowing Bubbles....~ Review with images

Advantagesnice for a party bag

Disadvantagestoo small for us

"==Tesco Bubbles With Wand== Every child loves bubbles and they can literally be the source of many hours of entertainment for them and to be perfectly honest there is something so tranquil and rather therapeutic about the blowing of bubbles and watching them as they sail off on the air that I really quite like to have a bottle to play with myself! I had had an old bubble bottle and wand for a good while and can't think where we got it but ..." Read review

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Tesco Party Mini Bubbles - I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles!

AdvantagesGood price, six bottles in a pack, instant fun, quality bubbles

DisadvantagesNone in my opinion

"...set of six bottles from Tesco and will usually set you back around the £2 mark unless bought as part of an offer. For your money you get six various coloured bottles which are each quite small in size and fit easily into the hand of my three year old niece but are a little fiddly for my partners adult hands. The lids of the bottles pop off to reveal a small wand which is built into the lid of the bottle. A great feature of these bottles is the built ..." Read review

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Pretty bubbles everywhere

AdvantagesCheap, handy sized pot


"Every child loves bubbles and some adults too! I bought these bubbles to go into the party bags for my daughter's first birthday party. We had to cancel the party so we've been using them ourselves. == What is it? == There are 6 plastic pots of bubbles in the pack, it cost me £1.50 back in October 2010. The packaging is quite plain with just a blue label with a couple of words on it, but the actual bottles themselves are different, very bright ..." Read review

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Great mini bubbles

AdvantagesGreat for parties, lots of bubbles can be blown in one go

DisadvantagesBlower is short!

"=== Birthday bubbles === It was my daughter's birthday towards the end of last year, and I decided to buy some of these small bottles of bubbles for party bags. As we had a few no-shows, I ended up with quite a few spare bubbles, so we have got to use them a lot over the past few months. You can buy a pack of six of these small bottles for just £1.50 in Tesco. Each of the bottles is a different, bright colour, and the price and look makes them ideal ..." Read review

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Loads of bubbles for not a lot of money

Advantagesproduces loads of bubbles


"...of money I buy Tesco party bubbles quite regularly when I do the grocery shop. They are an inexpensive treat for my son and a bonus is that they also make a great toy for my dog. These bubbles only cost £1.96 for a pack of six. They have been changed to what is shown on dooyoo and are now called out there bubbles but I have been assured by staff that they are the same bubbles just repackaged. It is a shame that they ..." Read review

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Tesco party bubbles

Advantagesgood for party bags, small and not a bad price

Disadvantageswand could be a bit longer

"...I have always found that tesco have a good little selection of things to add to a party bag and it was there that I picked up their party bubbles. I have actually just picked some more up in preparation for my son’s 6th birthday party which I am again doing at home in May. The mini party bubbles come in a pack of six and cost £1.50. They are actually running a promotion where party bag things are selling for three for the price of two so this is ..." Read review

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Bubble, bubble POP!

Advantagespretty pots

Disadvantageswand not attached

"...the small bubble pots from Tesco as they were cheap enough at £1.50 for six pots, and I also managed to buy them on offer of three for two. The pots themselves are quite tiny, approx 1.5 – 2 inches in height. I thought these would look cute on the tables in the bar area. They were also very bright in a mixture of neon colours. Easy enough to attract children of all ages. As the labelling on the pots is branded with Tesco (obviously), I added my ..." Read review

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Bubbles for your party

AdvantagesBubbles for a party

Disadvantagesnot brilliant bubbles

"Tesco sells a pack of 4 small party bubbles like those in the category picture. These bubbles cost £1.50 for the 4 pack.. I am not sure how much liquid they contain but the bottles look about ½ the size of the larger bottles containing 118ml, the larger sized bottle is about the normal standard sized bottle of bubble mix. I bought the 118 ml bottle for 50p about a month ago. These bottles of bubble come in 4 colours red, yellow green or blue the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Colpol


My niece is quite easily entertained!!

AdvantagesGreat bubbles!

DisadvantagesOne niece found it uncomfortable in her hands.

"...to have a look around Tesco as we was out shopping with my dad and then my OH spotted these, I thought since the weathers been quite nice recently there would be no harm in picking these up since we were having the kids the next day and going out into the garden with them! -------------- THE PRICE -------------- We picked up 1 pack of these costing us £1.50, not bad considering all together you 4 bottles which come up to 200ml in total! ---------------------- ..." Read review

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Mini Bubbles Great Fun

AdvantagesBright bottles, good mixture, produces good bubbles


".../>I bought the bubbles from Tesco where they are sold in a pack of four little pots, the pack of four cost me about £1.25 which I thought was great value and if it kept them busy for a while even better. The pots were all different colours and very bright you get blue, green, pink and yellow and I though there may have been a fight over who had what colour but my daughter wanted pink which I could have guarenteed and then my male cousin choose blue ..." Read review

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