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Value biscuits.

AdvantagesNice for a snack and for dunking into a hot drink.


"...about my purchases of Tesco Value biscuits. I have been buying them quite a lot to save some money, these biscuits I am reviewing today is one of my recent purchases. I love Bourbon biscuits and find them moreish. So I thought these were worth a try. They come wrapped in a plastic wrapper, there are 30 biscuits in the packet and there are 2 rows of 15 in each row. I think for the price there are a lot of biscuits in the pack. I paid just 45p and ..." Read review

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Tesco Value Bourbon Creams

AdvantagesCheap and Tasty


"...most recent purchase was the Tesco Value version. Obviously you can get bourbon creams from most biscuit manufacturers nowadays such as mcvities etc, but the Tesco value ones are by far the most cost effective. For the price of just 45p, you get a 400g pack of bourbons. If that doesn't mean a lot to you, I would estimate that you get around 30 biscuits in a pack, which for me is excellent value. The question is though, do they pass the ..." Read review

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Bourbon creams from Tesco.

AdvantagesDelicious, crunchy, lovely fondant cream, cheap, lots in a packet.


"...=== These are available from Tesco supermarkets and www.Tesco.co.uk with a 400g packet costing just 45p. === Overall opinion === These biscuits are delicious. They are very tasty, have a cocoa scent to them and they are crunchy yet creamy in the middle at the same time. The fondant is absolutely delicious, it is rich, creamy and fairly thick. It works well at sandwiching the two layers together and the whole biscuits works very well together. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5bluebell190


No different to leading brands!

AdvantagesNice light and creamy biscuit, great as a treat

DisadvantagesQuite high in calories

"I am trying lots of different products in the value range at the moment to reduce the shopping bill. I wont stick with anything that doesnt taste as nice, just to save a few pennies, but these bourbon creams are absolutely no different to leading brands! As i have found with quite a few value products, they are no different in taste or appearance. These value bourbon creams come in a 400g pack for just 45p. We dont eat many biscuits, so these ..." Read review

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