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Tesco Value Ginger Nuts

AdvantagesGreat taste, cheap price, good with a cuppa

DisadvantagesA little to crunchy!

"...as other work colleagues is Tesco Value Ginger nuts. Tesco Value Ginger Nuts have a fantastic price of 34 pence a packet! As I said, I don't buy many packs of biscuits but I know from looking on the supermarkets shelves that this is a great price. The packet is very simple in packaging and is 300g in size. The ends of the plastic wrapper are blue and bare the red and blue Tesco Value logo. The packet also shows a picture of the biscuits as well ..." Read review

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Great ginger nuts for dunking or eating on their own

AdvantagesLovely taste and texture - inexpensive

DisadvantagesToo morish!

"...myself a pack of the Tesco Everyday Value Ginger Nuts. ===The Brand=== Made for Tesco. ===The Product=== Tesco Everyday Value Ginger Nuts. Comes in a beige long plastic packet that is heat sealed at either end. The packet has brown images of teapots, cups, spoons and biscuits on the front as well as a picture image of the actual biscuits on a plate. 300 grams produced in the UK for Tesco. Contains no MSG, GM or artificial flavourings, ..." Read review

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Simply Gingery and Biscuity - No nuts in sight.

AdvantagesCheap, gingery, hold together well when dunked.

DisadvantagesNot a single one - unless of course you're not a fan of ginger, then you'd be out of luck!

"I like a biscuit or two of an evening with a cuppa on occasion, but to be honest I really do object to paying a fortune for something that I'm gonna dunk in my tea (yes I know disgusting habbit but it sure makes 'em taste good!). Tesco value ginger nuts do the job really quite well for me for the purpose of dunking, and they only cost 34p for a 300g packet which is superbly cheap considering how much you can pay for other brands. The packaging ..." Read review

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