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Community Level 5tia_bailey


Working for Tesco Diamond review

AdvantagesGood pay, great benefits package

DisadvantagesCrap uniform, crap managers

"...actually interested in reading about Tesco as an employer, then I'd suggest you don't bother as it will take some patience to get through! When I left school at the age of 18, and having decided I couldn't be bothered with university, I suddenly had to face the big bad world and go and find myself a job. I wasn't really fussy about what job I did - I've never been ambitious, and simply wanted a job where I could go to work, do my job, come home ..." Read review

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better jobs out there

Advantagesgood as a first job or while studying


"...purple with a picture of Tesco staff on it.On the front is a space for your name and a space to write in the job you are applying for.Most of the form consists of questions with multiple choices ie you have to tick which one you are most like and which one you are least like.Tescos is a very team orientated job-so pick the answers that most relate to team work.After this if you ar successful you will be invited in for an interview ,either one to one ..." Read review

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Community Level 2srenton88


Nice little earner

Advantages good pay, easy work, great benefits, hours to suit you

Disadvantages too many managers, bad equipment

"...of you wage put into tesco shares which can be accessed anytime but are tax free after 5 years. After a year you receive free shares to a percentage of your wage, these are held for you for 5 years and then you can claim them tax free! There are many other benefits but I have no use for them as I will be leaving soon, the three above are considered the best benefits tesco's offers. Equipment For a multi-billion £ business I have found that tescos ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Trixie_Fir...


It was OK, I suppose.

AdvantagesBest pay I've had, easy job, overtime opportunities.

DisadvantagesGeneral inflexibility, restricting, tedious job, tight-fistedness.

"...for a part-time job at Tesco - a large 24 hour store in Paulton, Bristol in June. Initially I was sent a letter through the post saying they had no places, but would get in touch if there were. A few weeks afterwards, I was invited to an interview, which I attended. This involved spending half an hour doing the job I was being interviewed for (you didn't generally have a choice of what you did - I wanted to go on checkouts and was dismayed to find ..." Read review

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Easy oppurtunities but not a long term prospect

AdvantagesStaff Discount and Benefits

DisadvantagesCareer Progression and Pay

"...went on it became clear Tesco was changing, it started cutting overtime to allow for budgets and management were in and out from various levels after short periods. New entry managers were random and this lead to a backlash from staff who were easger for promotion and working towards a career. Various departments work at different pay rates and it became apparent who was earning certain rates and who were not. After making a beeline for the customer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1stephyfishy



AdvantagesFriendlly people, easy job

Disadvantagespay,staff benefits

"Having worked for Tesco at some point I have an employee and also a customer's perspective. I was employed when I was 16; it started off as part time work because I was at college. This suited me because my hours were convenient, the pay was good - above the minimum wage, overtime was available at the drop of a hat and it was a really easy job. For a young person the training was a breeze - everything was easy to pick up and the local store ..." Read review

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Do the Benefits beat the general monotony?

AdvantagesGreat pay and benefits, fantastic flexibility, new uniform better, promotion opportunities

DisadvantagesMonotony of a job at Tesco, antisocial/rude customers

"I have worked at Tesco for the past two and a half years since I left school in order to fund my uni life. I have continued to stick with the company because it suits my student lifestyle. Reasons for this are as follows... *~Pay~* In comparison to other part-time jobs the pay is very good. As a checkout operator who has worked there for more than a year I am paid £6.94 an hour. This is slightly more than the normal wage (which is still over ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Arbobug


Dalhousie Express

AdvantagesIt payed money

DisadvantagesWhere do I start?

"I left Tesco earlier this year, and I have never been happier not working for a company. The treatment from managers in Tesco was abysmal, and the treatment from custumors was sometimes worse. There was absolutly no flexibility, and the head manager was a joke. It was supposed to help me get through college ... It almost got me chucked out. Interview ------------- I needed a job around this time last year. I had been working for B-Wise, which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cerysmax


Tesco...Are They getting Too Big For Their Boots?

AdvantagesOpen long hours

DisadvantagesBad customer service...the worst online shopping

"...for me to find!!!!!!!!! What did Tesco do? They passed me from pillar to post, asked that I write an email to Customer Services (which I did) who then passed me BACK to the store who passed me back again. Firstly I was promised vouchers by the store, which still did not arrive after 5 days, then I had to keep ringing the store cos they couldn't be bothered to ring me. I have spoken to 3 different people at the store, including the Manager, who ..." Read review

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Community Level 3debsjeans


Working In a Tesos Cafe!

AdvantagesEasy to learn jobs that are simple to get!

DisadvantagesCan be stressful during weekends and busy shopping times!

"I have been working in a tescos cafe for about 5 months. I Applied for the Job back in March and started the job in april. I have found working in the cafe pretty simple. It is unnerving at first but anyone who is interested in this type of job should find it quick to learn. Biggest problem I have is being clumsy I have burnt and cut my self more often then I would like. I am leaving in october to find more challenging work. ~~~~BENIFITS~~~~ However ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Deenar


Tesco Team

AdvantagesHours to Suit

DisadvantagesLow pay to start off with

"I joined Tescos about 9 months ago. I applied to Tescos because being a mum of two,I needed a flexible job,where i didnt need to pay for childcare. I dint look into the pay or anything,being a big company i Knew the pay couldn't be that bad! After applying i was interviewed within days(it was the lead up to christmas) and i began my employment within a week. When applying for Tescos you have to state your preferred hours,this is looked at ..." Read review

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Community Level 1strength4t...


Go elsewhere unless they change their attitudes against Employees!

Advantages10% off shopping bill.

DisadvantagesIgnore Work related Health issues, Change of hours to suit them. No flexability!

"...change your hours to suit Tesco regardless of commitments or how you will get home. Flexability is fine by me....if only they where as flexable as they make out! Reliable, loyal staff get stuck with it, Work related health issues are ignored Eg: The chairs at checkouts are extremly uncomfortable & seen better days. This results in many staff with Back / Hip related health issues.For people standing long periods of time on ..." Read review

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Ideal for students

AdvantagesGood pay, Good holidays

DisadvantagesSometimes hard work, some managers

"While I was a student, I worked part time in my local Tescos. Getting a job with Tescos isn't easy! The application form is quite difficult to fill out, and to this day remains one of my worst! You then have to go through your interview, then some tests on the shop floor to see if you're suitable. After this, I was given a few nights' work & set on my way. I was employed as part time deli/part time shop floor, and I could have been sent anywhere ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Toady


Tesco as good as ever

AdvantagesCheap, wide range of products and facilities for children


"Me and my fiance have shopped at tesco's for 3 years now and still find them as good as ever. They are cheap and have a wide range of products, which is good for everybody. Their staff are quite helpful and the cashier's are very friendly. They offer a wide variety of insurances, credit cards and loans. You can do your lottery in Tesco's, which is handy on a Saturday while shopping you can get your lottery ticket as well. They have a post ..." Read review

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Tesco Staff


DisadvantagesTheir commitment to world domination !!

"...be contactable. Their answer was Tesco policy..End of... I rang them the next morning to explain why I would not be returning. They seemed amazed that my wife was more important than Tesco. At the end of the month, I rang them 3 times, asking if they would pay me for the day I worked. Needless to say, they have totally ignored me. I think that this sums up Tesco ..." Read review

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