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Quality is what i want please!

Advantageslow prices,you can do your shopping as well,clubcard points

Disadvantagesstaff lacking in knowledge

"...The local Tesco store in our town is only a few years old and is situated local to our home thus making it very convienient to use.It is one of the Tesco extra stores(those are the ones that stay open for 24 hours and they not only sell food but a large amount of non-food items. The photo section- I must say that on first entering the store the photo section is not easy to find and is tucked away at the back of the store along with alot of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 6memphisto_...


Quick shop & a quick snap? Review with images

AdvantagesFairly quick, choice of print sizes

DisadvantagesNot quite hour service, couldn't find my piccies at first!

"...pictures come presented in a Tesco black photo wallet with a section for your negatives. You also get an index print which shows you all your pictures in minature on. You get to see which have come out and which haven't, however, a few pictures had come out on the index print which a black section to one side, probably covering about an inch of the picture, but these had been removed from the photo pack, which is a shame as the black could easily ..." Read review

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Quick, Convenient but Maybe Not the Best Quality

Advantagesquick, convenient

Disadvantagesprints can be expensive, not the best quality

"...several machines at my local Tesco where you can take a USB loaded with your images and load these onto the machines to order your prints. I have never personally done this as I prefer other options but know plenty of people who do it this way and they are very happy with the process. There is usually someone about in store to help with any problems too. The option that I prefer, and use regularly too, is uploading my prints online in the comfort ..." Read review

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Community Level 4cooldude28


Staff never seen a camera before??


DisadvantagesTime, quality, staff

"...I came about of the Tesco photo development service, I had no idea of what they would have to offer, and if it was worth it. tesco normally deliver quite well with their services I have used, I thought trying them out would not hurt. It was July of 2006, I used a disposable camera to take some pictures of the things I would like to remember. I took my disposable camera (which I also bought at Tesco), to the photo desk. I wanted the photos on the film, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Americanho...


Why I don't recommend Tesco photo

AdvantagesCustomer service

DisadvantagesCommunication between tesco and customer, late delievery of item, bad quality and everything else

"I went on the Tesco photo website to order a photobook for my best friends birthday. I also ordered the 40 free prints which were advertised to new members of the website. This offer is also offered on many other websites such as Boots. *The ordering* I visited Tesco Photo because there is a store in close proximity to where I live and I couldn't afford to travel to Boots, where I normally get my photos. I registered because I had always thought ..." Read review

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Community Level 1manicstree...


Tesco Online Photo Processing

AdvantagesEarn Clubcard points, can have it delivered to your home or nearest store.

DisadvantagesDiffering advice from their customer service.

"...of free prints. With Tesco photolab you upload your pictures into a chosen album with 200Mb free storage, you can choose which album you want to have and name each of them. You can also share your photos online but I didnít choose to do this so donít really know how to go about it. I am not on broadband so it took a wee while to upload each of my photos. I chose to have my order delivered to my door (You can have your photos delivered straight to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jeak


Why I'd never use Tesco Photo again


Disadvantageswon't get your prints without major hassle

"...exhibition, and decided to use Tesco Photo for my prints, as I've used them before, and was happy with their quality. The exhibition was to be on the 28th of October, and so about a month before the exhibition I placed my first order for prints, and waited for delivery. A week later I was told one of the files uploaded was corrupted, and so they cancelled the entire order. Fortunately I'd given myself a month to get the prints done for exactly this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kimbo1484


Developing your photos at Tesco

AdvantagesQuick and Easy

DisadvantagesCan be more expensive and you cannot pay by cash at these machines

"I have found this service quite handy as now having a digital camera i tend to forget to develop my photos, which is a shame, and trying to hand your memory card over for someone to pick out the ones you want to develp can be quite stressful, which is why i use the self service photo developing. I have found it quite an easy self explanatory experience, you insert your memory card and follow the on-line instructions, you can either have the normal ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MGORDON42


Piss Poor (ie No) Training shows in the end

AdvantagesLow price - 1 hour service

DisadvantagesPiss Poor quality - totally untrained staff

"I have used Tesco film processing services for a number of months now and sadly it is only now beginning to dawn on me that the quality of theservice is poor. I have noted that the scans they make are rather low in resolution at around 300dpi at 6" x 4". 10" x 8" would be better option as the majority of people still using film I would say are semi-professionals. The colour is a bit washed out often and occasionally I get nasty scratches on negs. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1genie20


Poor Prints / Lost My Memory Card


DisadvantagesSlow 2 day service is 5 day service / terrible quality prints / looses customers belongings

"...home photo printer. As my Tesco store does not have a photo printing service instore they sent mine off suppose to be a 2 day service and it took 5 days on top of this when my prints came back they sent me back the wrong memory card they sent me a 1GB memory stick pro duo and i gave them a 2GB memory stick pro card that has a converter. I am now waiting hoping to get my card back with my holiday pictures on all 219 of them. If they don't i will be ..." Read review

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Community Level 1anapsys

Quick review of Tesco photo developing

"Absolutely terrible!! I ordered a 30X30, 60 page-photobook with my best pictures and they try to reduce the file size so much for uploading that all pictures are pixelated, really, really noise. If your pictures are very mediocre or bad, the result will be even worse. With pictures as good as mine, really sharp and corrected, the result was very dissapointing. I am asking my money back!! I am sorry I spent so many hours creating the book. Do not print with Tescophoto any photobook!

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Community Level 1hellenback


Tesco Collection Time - Meaningless

AdvantagesEasy online ordering

DisadvantagesCorporate lethargy

"...for collection at my local Tesco on Tuesday at 8.30am. Not exactly speedy. Tuesday at 9am - Prints not in store, a very disinterested Supervisor told me that 'Kodak never arrives 'til 10.30', before she shrugged and walked away. 4pm - Prints still not in store. Same Supervisor - 'it could be tomorrow...sometimes they're up to a week late...' ! No, they can't call anybody... , no, there isn't a help line - No, there's nothing anybody can do but wait. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1philflossman

Quick review of Tesco photo developing

"I am a keen ametaur photographer who still uses a 35mm SLR camera. Tescos 35mm films are cheap as is their film process service, and I've found the quality of the snaps good quality. They are however unable 2 give me any technical information on their photo 2 cd service. So therefore I have not used this service, and will have 2 find somewhere else where they know what their doing !!

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Community Level 1Blue-Cat


Doesn't work, very poor customer service

AdvantagesAttractive service in appearance

DisadvantagesDoesn't work, very poor customer service

"On 13.09.07 I registered with Tesco photo online. I sent 3 photos 6"x4" for printing and pick up at my local store (1 hour service). Although I received the confirmation e-mail seconds after I placed my order, 6 hours later the same day at the shop, my photos were not ready and furthermore my order was nowhere in their system.... Staff and manager unwilling to help and process my photos immediately (I had the photos with me on a USB key). Even ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Damixa


Underexposed and Ignorant Customer Service


DisadvantagesIGNORANT customer service. Overexposed pictures.

"Tesco are cowboys. I am not happy with them. Their email customer service is non existent. I have lost count the number of times I have emailed cutomer service email address with my complaint and with a confirm delivery and read attached and only last night I received a terse, downright rude, unsigned , one liner stating that if my complaint was urgent please dont email use the phone. So whats the use of having an email address then? I am an ex ..." Read review

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