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Community Level 1gremenis


Test Drive Unlimited for the PC

Advantagesgood graphics, quite realistic,

Disadvantagesneed fairly good spec PC to run game

"...allow you to visit and test drive each before you purchase. The car designs are very well modelled inside and out. Whilst driving about your able to wind down your windows and listen to different music stations as well as adding your own music to the game. In the multiplayer option you have the ability to chat to other players and add them to your buddy list. The scenery is nice whilst driving and when driving fast you get a blur effect which you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1btdurant


Best Game In Class

AdvantagesMassive Online Presence, Excellent Graphics, 1000 miles of real road to explore, challenging race

DisadvantagesRequires internet for onlne play, mid-range pc needed, savegame corruption, lack of downloadable content

"Best Game of Its type. The game is set in O'ahu, Hawaii, which gives the game an unprecedented level of realism, and with 1000 miles of roads to explore, this game can keep you going for quite a long time. To play this game well, you need a mid-range PC, so anyone with an nvidia 6600gt, ati radeon 9800 (both 256mb)or above should be ok. The multiplayer functions of this game is amazing, you can just drive around on a map with other people, when you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1harrisonl


test drive unlimited- what an amazing game!

Advantagesa great driving game, realy amazing graphics, realy good online playing

Disadvantages you need to have at least a midrange graphics card, if you lose conection it stops game

"Basically what happens when you start the game is you choose a player, then rent a car and buy a house and then buy your fist car. This is where the plot ends. Then you can just roam free around the realistic miles of road, and I mean realistic, it takes the same time to cover a distance in the game than in real life. You can do races, transport cars, give people lifts, assorts and get paid a decent amount. And that is just the single player stuff! ..." Read review

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Test Drive Unlimited 1: Go for the console version

AdvantagesTonnes of cars to choose from, add-ons unlike on consoles

DisadvantagesTerrible handling

"...have the money, go for Test Drive 2 on a console. The main thing I praise of the PC version over the PSP version, it has far more cars to choose from. The gameplay system though is very good, it isn't directly linked to the leveling system atleast aswell. Unlike many games there are 2 types of racing system on singleplayer, you can do 1v1 in clubs or races, time challenge or speed challenges. And also unlike most games you dont have to do races ..." Read review

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