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Community Level 4gf6141a20


Block Head!!!!!! *updated*

AdvantagesIt's tetris, it's lost none of its charm, its highly addictive

DisadvantagesCan become repetitive, but thats not such a bad thing

"We all know what Tetris is, but for those who don't, its probably the best known computer puzzle game ever created. The game of tetris involves blocks dropping from the top of the screen in various shapes, you then have to slot them in together to make complete lines from left to right along the screen. When you achieve this the line disappears, the more lines you get, the better score you get. So what does this game have to offer thats better ..." Read review

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Community Level 4saznant


Build em up and knock em down!

AdvantagesGreat fun,very addictive and gets those brain cells working


"...was over. **** Basic rule of tetris ***** Tetris is a game that will really get those brain cells going. The basic rule is that you form lines by linking up the various shaped blocks. The more lines you make the more points you score. As you progress through the levels the game becomes faster and harder. The game is over when the blocks reach the top of the matrix ( screen ). **** Tetris worlds ****** *** Packaging ****** This comes ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ladyboymon...


The best Russian export since vodka!!

AdvantagesIt's Tetris - better soundtrack than the original - addictive as hell

DisadvantagesYou lose days of your life

"...sat on the bus playing Tetris on my Gameboy with the sounds cranked right up to annoy everyone with the repeatitive and frankly anger inducing soundtrack. I was completely hooked from an early age and played religously until the day my Gameboy died. It was then 14 years until I finally got to play again after buying Tetris Worlds for £7.99 for a pre-owned copy from Game. Tetris is the best known computer/console puzzle game and has over the years ..." Read review

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Community Level 1stainless-...


in a different world

Advantagesvery addictive, hours of fun.

Disadvantagescan be a bit repetitive.

"...time, and I came across TETRIS WORLDS and I haven`t stopped playing it since as it is really addictive and you don`t notice how the time flies. There are 6 variations of the game tetris, including the all new hot line tetris where you have to clear rows on the different coloured lines to score more points. Fusion tetris where you have to try to eliminate so many fusions blocks in order to progress to different levels and then also cascade tetris ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ashmanuk2k2


A game for the times when you have nothing to do.

Advantagesits fun anf fast which keeps you on your toes.

DisadvantagesThis game can be very repetative.

"...out who is the supreme Tetris master, there are many different modes of game play which offer a taste of variety to the game to make the fun last longer. Aim of the game is to stop the blocks from building up and filling the screen by creating complete lines which will remove that line and drop the blocks above down earning you points but be warned the further you go the faster and harder it gets. the current price is around £17 to £20 pounds ..." Read review

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