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Adultery, secrets and fresh starts: chick-lit set on an island

AdvantagesEasy to read, a range of storylines, likeable characters

DisadvantagesSlightly cliched and predictable, not Green's best work

"...I snapped it up. Would the story telling be as good as I remembered? == The premise == A group of characters step out of their ordinary lives - and romances - and meet at a rented beach house in Nantucket. The blurb informs us that the owner, Nan, is mischievous and free-spirited while her guests are rather more unhappy. Daniel is breaking wife Bee's heart; Daff is struggling with her relationship with her daughter, Jess; and Michael, Nan's son, ..." Read review

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Staycation not Vacation? Here's some Escapism!

AdvantagesIt's the perfect light summer read

Disadvantagesmay be a bit too chick lit for some

"There's something alluring about the idea of living by the seaside, I always wonder what it would be like to be able to stroll to the beach whenever you feel like it. My only experience of doing so was, briefly, off-season Morecambe which wasn't, sadly, quite as halycon as the world the characters in this book are drawn to. The story here is set in Nantucket, an island off the New England coast, where days are a little more sunnier than in our Northern ..." Read review

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Been to the Beach House?

AdvantagesPleasing storyline

DisadvantagesSome characters a little weak.

"...had me in Tesco, perusing the shelves for something light and entertaining. I spotted The Beach House by Jane Green and thought it would probably be ideal. It was part of an offer, 2 for £7. The cover design is simple with the title set against a metallic turquoise background with small nautical illustrations. ===The Author=== Jane Green is an English born author who now lives in America. She is synonymous with the chick-lit genre and I have ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stephbond89


Each one of them is hoping for a new beginning...

AdvantagesA simple book with a good storyline.

Disadvantagesprobably wouldn't read it again!

"== Jane Green: The Beach House == Jane Green is a “chick lit” author who I have come across a few times during my life! I love reading, especially chick lit type books, and even though been pregnant I don’t seem to have the energy to sit up all night reading anymore, I still love to have a read of my books before bed most nights! This book was the last one I read, and although it took me a couple of weeks to complete it, I really enjoyed it! ..." Read review

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"I bought this after reading the back of the book - as usual and I knew that this wasn't exactly the usual fluffy chick lit story, but since I like books by this author then I thought I would like to read something a little bit different. The story is about a older lady called Nan (makes a change from the younger ladies that I tend to read about. Nan lives on an Island in Nantucket and she has lived there all her life. Nan lives on her own as her ..." Read review

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The Beach House

AdvantagesA great read with believable characters

DisadvantagesSome parts predictable

"This is the second book I have read by Jane Green, the first one being Girl Friday. I enjoyed this one as much as the first one. This book is set in America with Nan, an elderly eccentric woman being the main character. Nan has a large, once magnificent, house badly in need of repair but no money to repair it with. After an appointment with her financial adviser, who thinks that she should sell the house, she decides to let rooms out. The people ..." Read review

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Getting away from it all?

Advantagesenjoyable and easy read


"...pleased when I picked up The Beach House for only ten pence at a school Christmas Fair. It was, like her others, an enjoyable read, although it did take me quite a while to really get into it. When I did though, I read the second half within about twenty four hours as I could hardly put it down! The book is about a group of quite different and disparate people who all find themselves at the same beach house in Nantucket one summer. They are all at ..." Read review

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