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Community Level 5dippykitty...


Couldn't get to grips with this!

AdvantagesCan be quite good at busting the heads off spots.

DisadvantagesLargely ineffective at getting rid of my many blackheads.

"...been really oily but over the past six months or so, I've noticed an influx in the amount of blackheads that I'm getting on my nose particularly and also across my chin and cheeks. I've tried various removal strips with varying levels of success but nothing has really done anything to tackle the problem. Rather than waste money on these products any more, I decided to take the plunge and buy this remover from the Body Shop. ==APPEARANCE== I don't ..." Read review

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A clever idea

AdvantagesMore hygienic to use on spots than fingers

DisadvantagesNot as effective on blackheads as I'd hoped

"...back, and was intrigued by the concept, but thought no more of it until I was browsing in a Body Shop store and saw this one for sale. At only £3 I felt it was a bargain - even more so when I used my Body Shop card and got an extra 10% off. The product is a metal strip around 10cm long with the Body Shop brand name printed on it. It has one oval loop of metal at one end, and a larger loop at the other. It comes attached to a strip of plastic with ..." Read review

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Community Level 8daisyleex


The Body Shop Blackhead Remover

AdvantagesSturdy, cheap, can remove blackheads if I'm patient enough

DisadvantagesDoesn't always work, time consuming

"...this blackhead remover tool from The Body Shop. At just £3.00 it is £5.00 less than the Tweezerman blackhead remover that I'd had my eye on and as I am a regular customer at The Body Shop I know how high quality all of their products are. I usually use blackead removing strips which get most blackheads out, but I bought this for the more stubborn, deep rooted blackheads. This is available via The Body Shop's website as well as online. The blackhead ..." Read review

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Good idea but it did not work for me

AdvantagesSimple to use - may work for some easy to remove blackheads

DisadvantagesDoes not work

"...blackheads on my back at the top of my shoulders. These would not have been a problem if they had been more accessible as I find if you have clean hands they can usually be removed quite easily without causing any problems. However this time they were completely inaccessible to me - and it is not the sort of thing I would want to ask anyone in my family to do for me. They are out of sight for me but did irritate me knowing they were there so I purchased ..." Read review

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Zap that zit

Advantageseasy to use

Disadvantagescan be too big

"...pick at spots but on the same token walking round with big blackheads and spots on the face are rather unsightly. Not so much a problem now but I had quite a few black heads as a teenager which led me to discover this little device by body shop. The black head buster simply does what you do when you use your two fingers to squeeze a spot but provides a more hygienic way of doing it with better precision. *Price and availability* You can buy ..." Read review

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The Body Shop Blackhead Remover

AdvantagesWell made, easy to grip, pops spots hygienically!

DisadvantagesPainful, leaves marks on skin, does not remove blackheads

"...after I saw it in the body shop and I was intrigued by it - I wasn't too sure what it was or how it worked so I asked the shop assistant who couldn't recommend it enough and she explained how it worked and everything and I thought it sounded great and I ended up buying it. ~ Price ~ I paid £4 for this, which is the retail price. I think that this would be a reasonable price if the product was actually effective at removing blackheads as it is well ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Poetic_Tra...


The blackhead popper-out-er-er

AdvantagesIt does work!

DisadvantagesLeaves skin red and weird for a few minutes

"...face. This tool I purchased from the Body Shop is a stick of metal about 5 inches long with a big hole on one end and a little hole on the other. It's a good size so you can get a good hold of it when pushing on skin. It wasn't expensive at all, at just about £1.99 it was good value for money I'd say. After buying this i steamed my face, patted it dry then placed the little hole of the tool over a blackhead and pushed. To my total shock and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2BananaNoodle


Body Shop Black Head Remover

AdvantagesRemoves Blackheads

DisadvantagesLeaves red marks, unclear how to use it.

"I was recommended this by the staff in the Body Shop when I explained that I get the occasional blackhead and wanted to do something about it but didn't really want to spend a fortune on their lotions and potions. It is essentially a metal stick about 10cm long with a metal loop on either end. One loop is HUGE and thick - I really don't know what you are supposed to do with that, you most certainly are not supposed to pop spots with it as that ..." Read review

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Community Level 2nufcbabe99


Double Ended Blackhead Remover

AdvantagesWorrks but could leave holes where the blackheads were

DisadvantagesMaybe leave scarring, it hasn't happened to me yet though!

"...things and I came across the double ended blackhead remover. Well, it gets rid of blackhead and blemishes so I thought this should save me a few bob! Actually I brought everything on my list, spent £40 but the blackhead remover was only £3 of that! I had a hot shower as instructed and set to work on the blackheads on my nose first! You get the small side and kinda put it a bit above the centre of the little black spot and gently push ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mamok


Sold by perfect skin chicka's

AdvantagesSort of gets rid of blackheads.

DisadvantagesSeems a bit expensive. Indented face. Only availabe at Body Shop

"...Anyway while was scouting around the body shop some woman comes up to me and does her usual 'Can I help you?' and I'm thinking 'No not really love I know what im doing!' But she remained attached to my hip! She was trying to sell me the most expensive spot treatment there is, the seaweed one and she was telling me what cleanser and toner does! Cheeky cow! Just becasue I am of the male persuasion does not mean I am unaware of what toner does! Thats ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lexyloo


A really useful tool

AdvantagesDoes exactly what it says it will

DisadvantagesNot 100% effective in all areas

"...much better than any of the lotions or scrubs out there, more so beacause it's just a onetime investment. It works really well on warm, clean skin, and it simply pops the blackhead out. The only difficulties I find with it are these: 1) when you use it regularly, it can make skin sore because there are oils and moisture in pores, as well as dirt. It's best to blitz your skin in stages 2) it only works on areas with resistance, like your nose ..." Read review

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