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Community Level 4rory7411


Chocolate lovers heaven Review with images

AdvantagesChocolate,chocolate and yet more chocolate

Disadvantagespigging out and price

"I've been a member of The Chocolate Tasting Club for several years now after finding them at a Good Food Show stall. At the time you got a box of chocolates to taste and two full bars of chocolate for £14.95. They changed that this last year as the bars were never as popular so they increased the size of the chocolate box and added pure chocolate batons from different regions using different beans for tasting purposes. Also the price just increased ..." Read review

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Express Stairway to Heaven

AdvantagesBig and brimming with calories

DisadvantagesAs above

"...ago received a catalogue through the post from Choc Express. There before me in glorious technicolour was a vast array of the most beautiful chocolates imaginable. From hampers, huge celebration boxes promising to be made of the finest, extra thick chocolate, to a chocolate labrador for junior priced at £24.95. No, the labrador wasnt actually made of chocolate, just that colour and came with three milk chocolate bones and four pralines. I thought ..." Read review

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Chocolate Class

AdvantagesFinest chocolate, regular delivery, great gift

DisadvantagesCalories and attractiveness to non-paying family members!

"...could not afford to prolong! Recently the change of name to Hotel Chocolate also involved a telephone call from a non-pushy operative from the firm offering a new tasting experience at a reduced price. So off we went on a delightful monthly lesson in the art of the chocolate maker - purely for the improvement of our education, you understand! Some of the chocolates sent have never been made before and prove to be very interesting concoctions. Some ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Maddi69


Troughing on chocolate

AdvantagesFabulous chocolate


"...received a special offer in the post (amongst the mountain of other "special offers" aka junk mail.) It was from The Chocolate Tasting Club offering me membership for £9.95. For this paltry sum I received a scrummy box of quite superior chocolates, two big bars of yummy chocolate and a packet of choccie drops that make the best hot chocolate in the world. You get the idea here. There was no obligation to buy it for ever, I could choose how often (i.e ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Psychgirl


Everybody needs a hobby....

AdvantagesWorld Class Chocolate

DisadvantagesMaking yourself sick

"...or internet, even chocolate. The Chocolate Tasting Club is more than just mail order chocolate. A division of ChocExpress Ltd (who run Chocolate Express) this club gives up the opportunity to taste new products and advise on the forthcoming catalogues. You get to try some very rare and exotic chocolates before they hit the general British market. For £14.95 a mailing you get a box of twenty chocolates (2 x 10) and two "world chocolate classic bars". ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Martinscho...


Chocolate Tasting Club chocolate Heaven (UPDATE)

AdvantagesChocolates, chocolates and more chocolates!

DisadvantagesChocolates, chocolates and more chocolates!

"The Chocolate Tasting Club is chocolate Heaven. It is a division of Hotel Chocolate and was founded by Angus Thirlwell. I don't know what it is, but Angus' enthusiasm for all things chocolate shines through. It's clear he started the company and the club because he loves chocolate and wants to share this love with the zeal of a good missionary! Every month you receive a box of chocolates, which contains up to 30 (sometimes more) different chocolates. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DC72


A Guilty Pleasure

AdvantagesDelicious Chocolates. Home Delivery.

DisadvantagesA bit of an indulgence. Website needs to be improved.

"While I love the chocolates and the conveinence of having them delivered to your door, it is a tiny bit expensive. On the other hand you get what you pay for, and you're not going to find chocolates of this quality elsewhere on the high-street in the UK. Certainly well worth treating yourself to the introductory selection, and maybe a couple of other boxes...and a few of their special collections. I am kind of hooked, I'm afraid, but I feel a little ..." Read review

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Community Level 1johntheigu...


The best chocolate and great club discounts

AdvantagesYou are never more than a mouse-click away from great chocolate


"I joined the Chocolate Tasting Club with a friend one cold, wet November evening in 2003 and we have felt very smug about that smart move ever since. We receive a decent sized box of top quality chocolate at the beginning of every month and it makes for a couple of great nights in. Each box contains an excellent assortment of milk, plain and white chocolates that melt away on the tongue in the way only the best chocolate can - and you get two ..." Read review

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Community Level 1FANNER


Chocs score from a great experience

Advantagesyou can get to tast chocolates that under normal circumstances would be out of reach to your every day consumer

DisadvantagesI am finding it very difficult to send in my scoring when I have sampled my box of chocolates help on this would be appreciated

"...something different and out of the ordinary a huge bonus also to share the chocolates with my friends and get their opinions also is very rewarding but I would like to be able to get my opinions across on the internet but at the moment I dont seem to be able to log on to the approprite site, I am sure I can not be the only person to be having these difficulties, I really enjoy the chocolates and the tasting but would like to offer my opinions without ..." Read review

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