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Community Level 3MarcusPerk...


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"The Client is the story of an ex alcoholic lawyer called Reggie Love who is hired by a young boy who has witnessed the suicide of a mob lawyer. The two embark on a journey of discovery and intrigue as Reggie finds the love a child when hers have been taken away from her. For Mark Swain, he must clear his own and his brothers name and evade the harassment of the prosecuting DA. The pace is up to the usual Grisham speed and his easy writing style make ..." Read review

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Community Level 3JaySee


Vintage Grisham

AdvantagesGood Grisham plot

DisadvantagesBut he's done better

"...to. He tries to do the right thing while having to carry his family through rough times too. Once again, Grisham's characters are well developed and interesting, and the story moves briskly. Grisham succeeds in focusing on the boy and his reactions to the events, and how his lawyer tries to protect him and his family while trying to outsmart all opponents. This is a good read from Grisham. One thing, though - a lawyer going to all this trouble for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Whizzdom


Poor child...

AdvantagesThrilling, entertaining, a must read

DisadvantagesNone noted.

"...kid who runs rings around the American legal system. It starts out with two young boys who are out on a walk when they chance on a man about to commit suicide - the man tells the older boy a deadly secret (which is the reason for the man's suicide). The younger of the two boys, Ricky, is so traumatized by the event, that he has to be hospitalized. It turns out that the man who had died, had been involved with some notorious gang who had cops and ..." Read review

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Community Level 4hmd3


The client

AdvantagesOriginal Pacey thriller


"...on them. To escape from the reality of his life he sneaks off to the woods with his younger brother Ricky to smoke a cigarette. It is in these woods they come across a man trying to commit suicide, the man is in fact a lawyer on the mobs payroll. Mark showing his brother how brave he is repeatedly tries to stop the man being successful in ending his life. Eventually Mark is caught and learns the reason why the lawyer is so desperate. The lawyer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lucilock


Another masterpiece

AdvantagesWell-written, moving, excellent plotline

DisadvantagesI missed half my holiday as a result!

"...on holiday. After opening the front page, the holiday was instantly forgotten as Grisham began to weave yet another tale of mystery and suspense. I could not put it down. I think this has got to be among his best novels so far, although I end up saying that about each one! The story is hard-hitting, emotional, and jam-packed full of suspense. The way he describes the boy, so tough and street-wise, but when faced with hard-core crime, even he begins ..." Read review

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Community Level 5christophe...


Yet again Grisham has wrote an excellent book

Advantagesgreat read, story, twists

Disadvantagesnot much

"...only to be pulled into the car by Romey. He tells the boy that they will die together. The boy soon realises that he is a lawyer who knows were a client has buried a top Senator. He escapes and runs away with his brother who goes into shock for the rest of the story. He then has to live at a charity hospital and decides after some police/FBI interrogation that he needs a lawyer. She is a lawyer who specialises in children cases but has never encountered ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sharkman


The Client



"The Client, is a story about an 11 year old boy, Mark Sway and his eight year old brother, Ricky who go off into the woods at the back of their trailer home, so that Mark can let Ricky have his first smoke, but a mob lawyer decides that this is where he is going to commit suicide. The lawyer is Jerome Clifford you just happens to be defending Mob gangster Barry the Blade Muldanno against the charge of murdering Senator Boyette, Mark tries to stop ..." Read review

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What lengths must be taken to protect The Client?

AdvantagesFantastic author, informative and interesting the whole way through.


"The Client is about an 11 year old boy called Mark Sway who is from a broken family and has witnessed the death of a US State Senator. He is being pursued by the FBI whom wants him to reveal everything he knows about the killing and in the meantime the killer himself is trying to get to Mark & his mother and cause them harm in order to stop Mark from talking about what he witnessed whilst having a sneaky cigarette in the woods near his house. Mark ..." Read review

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Is this Better than The Firm

AdvantagesA Good Read, but different.

DisadvantagesCould have had a better ending

"...This lawyer turns up in the vicinity and attempts to kill himself using exhaust fumes. The Kids try and stop him but Mark ends up in the car with with the Lawyer (Romney Clifford) who reveals to him the whereabouts of a buried body just before he blows his own brains out. Once the kids make their gataway from the scene things start going wrong and Mark's younger brother ends up in hospital. Mark manages to barge into a lawyers' office and employs ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Mohammed


Grisham's Does it Again



"...his younger brother. They witness the suicide of a Mafia lawyer who happened to know where the victims body of a mob killing. The younger brother is in a coma and the older brother being a kid from a rough upbringing with a mother that has a brain of a child is unsure whether to tell the FBI the information they need to bring down one of the top mafia killers. The kid goes to find a lawyer and chooses a struggling family law lawyer called Reggie Love. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lawjlove


John Grisham - The client

Advantageseasy to read and exciting

Disadvantagesin some ways similar to his other books

"...best, he describes in depth the events that take place within this book, although very similar to all of John Grishams other books if you a fan anyway this is a must have read, exciting and at times you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see what events will next unfold, in some ways diffent to those books he has previously written as this particular one is based on one specific person however there are a number of other people that are also ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Misha13


Run Boy, Run!

AdvantagesWell written, appealing story


"...yet, a Maffia related one. The FBI comes after you, as well as the mob, your little brother is in shock in the hospital nopw where on earth do you go for help? Reggie Love takes under her wing, a boy who's lived this, and is now trying to not just find evidence so everyone'll get off his back, but protect him with law and motherly concern. The Client is the appealing story of what happens when a small boy walks into a lawfirm desperate for legal help, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1grimridaz


Very Exciting Story

AdvantagesVery well written, interesting, exciting story

Disadvantagesfairly long- unless your a hardcore thriller reader!

"...read this book after watching the film and seriously, this has to be one of my favourite books. I admire the character of Mark Sway (The leading role) and this character is put across brilliantly from the start. It is about a streetwise kid who sees something he shouldn't have and the FBI and the Mob are hunting him down. The Story really makes you feel for the character and become entangled in the emotions. I have frequently picked this book ..." Read review

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Community Level 3D1A1UK


Great book and film

AdvantagesaMazing story


"This is one of the best films I've seen in ages, my mum's read the book and even she thinks the film was great. The scripting was brilliant as the actors gave out a very good performance, the acting really was good - it has to be when a film has little or no special effects. But the way the story built up and the film progressed was just 2nd to none, I havn't read the book, but John Grisham must be a good author - as this film is top class. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1realvenc



AdvantagesPeople of all ages can enjoy and relate with it


"In my opinion, THE CLIIENT, a fiction novel by JOHN GRISHAM is a masterpiece in its own right because it has a story that is very real, suspenseful, humorous and revolved around two little boys aged nine and eleven. Nobody could have told it better. THE CLIENT is a novel that highlights the workings, limitations, and trappings of the United States Criminal Justice System through a highly publicized crime committed by a notorious felon, the subsequent ..." Read review

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