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Community Level 2researchguru


I was consoled

AdvantagesPerfect balance of wit and wisdom

DisadvantagesAll dead, white males

"...therapist richer why not try The Consolations of Philosophy as a refreshing alternative to the self-help genre. Rather than locating the problem, whether itís money, career, or love, at the level of the individual, Alain de Botton offers the perspective that philosophers have been wrestling with these issues since the dawn of time. So itís not your fault that you canít get your life together as the problems youíre struggling with are a feature ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jonkelly


Every one has a philosophy.

Advantagessimply to read

Disadvantagesnot very deep

"...middle class white men tell the rest of us what to think. Some like prefer a good Merlot or Shiraz and then we can be our own therapist. The Consolations of Philosophy is a refreshing alternative to a normal being told what to think philosophy book as it tries to engage the reader. There is no problem with money, career, or even the love life, of any individual says Alain de Botton that can not be put into perspective by philosophers whom have ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Squonk


Philosophy you can actually read

AdvantagesClaer, informative and thought-provoking

DisadvantagesA bit basic for some perhaps

"Having enjoyed the Channel Four TV series I bought this book and have to recommend it. Alain De Botton takes the ideas of some of the great philosophers and sets them out in a clear and easily understandable format which crucially puts them into a modern context to which readers can relate. In a world swamped with self help books and theories, it`s great to see that philosophy dealt with the same human problems years before can still benefit us today. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3aprose


A new kind of self-help manual

Advantagesvery interesting

Disadvantagesnone really

"...into any bookshop today and the shelves are crowded with self-help manuals promising easy fixes for everything from obesity to speaking infront of a crowd. De Botton's book is a welcome change. Instead of the usual management jargon, Alain De Botton draws his inspiration from within the rich vein of western philosophy. He explores problems such as not having enough money, unpopularity, a broken heart and so on, with the help of philosophers as diverse ..." Read review

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