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Community Level 5lazuli77


Magic of the Earth Review with images

AdvantagesVery well structured, clear, great pictures, excellent quick reference guide

DisadvantagesMay not be useful for people looking for very in depth info

"...if you only believe in the first this book is not for you; however if you believe in the magic of crystals as well, this book will give you all the information that you need. The book starts with a necessary introduction to crystals and how to use this book, proceeding then to explain how crystals are formed, their shapes, and crystals as accessories or as ornaments for the house. Judy Hall, the book's author, carefully explains on the next ..." Read review

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Crystal Clear

AdvantagesA handy and interesting book for Crystal lovers.

DisadvantagesCould be a bit heavy-going for beginners.

"For the past year or two I have developed a love for Crystals, and using them daily to heal and enhance my life in many ways. 'The Crystal Bible: A definitive Guide to Crystals' by Author Judy Hall, was bought as a gift for me. It has been easy to use and very interesting to read. I became interested in Crystals through my practice of Yoga and interest in energy charkas of the body. I ask you to read this review with an open mind, as not everyone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ephemsprite


Achroite to Zoisite

AdvantagesDefinitive, colourful, informative

DisadvantagesNone known

"...beautiful no nonsense book. The author Judy Hall has created a wonderful and informative peace of literature. The illustrations are stunning, the script is in layman's terms and accessible to all with a wish to learn more about the earth's bounty of crystal formations and their therapeutic properties.. Easy to use format, crystal scholars everywhere should have one. I purchased mine as soon as I had completed my second reiki degree, as I wanted ..." Read review

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Judy Hall The Crystal Bible

Judy Hall The Crystal Bible

The Crystal Bible Volume 2 provides an essential companion reference to the original ... more

bible, fully describing the properties of over 200
crystals not found in volume 1. Featuring new
information on crystals for energy enhancement and
healing grids, the ...

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