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Advantageskeeps me informed, interesting topics

Disadvantageshigh price tag

"My GP recommended to visit the local swimming poolís steam room to recover from my nasty cough so I went to the local Sainsburyís to buy myself a bottle of water and I was tempted to bring something to read. I was wondering where the readable magazines are as I never buy womenís magazines, they are rubbish. I was about to give up when I spotted the last copy of The Economist right above the daily newspapers. I checked the price tag and was surprised ..." Read review

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A great magazine (not just for economists!)

Advantagesuseful with a variety of different issues from politics to economics, to world affairs

DisadvantagesA rather big price tage at £3.90 (but a subscriptipn brings massive savings)

"...A-level and have throughly enjoyed the subject and found it very interesting on a personal level and particularly as it is key in every business, government and country. I am now looking to read economics at university and it was therefore suggested that i start reading the economist. I have since subscribed to the economist for a year and after having been reading it for a few months now have really enjoyed it. The economist is a magazine (newspaper ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Dan_ep


The thinker's choice

AdvantagesIntelligent, easy to read, broad scope

DisadvantagesPricey, no celeb news!

"...am a real fan on the Economist magazine, and have now been a subscriber for about 2 years. I first started reading it as a kid, as my family got it, but always found it extremely dull at the time. However, with age and time, I've gradually realised how much of a quality journal it is. It comes out weekly, and find it gives me enough information to make daily newspapers largely redundant, and a lot more info as well. ------------------ OVERVIEW ------------------ Well ..." Read review

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Community Level 8frkurt


A Mozart-Effect CNN in print...

AdvantagesThorough, well-written, engaging, topical

DisadvantagesSubtle bias, less British news now than before

"...friend of mine once described The Economist. This is a newsmagazine par excellence; it is head and shoulders above the rest, and claims (which great justification) to be the newsreporter of the world. ------------------------------ Since its founding by James Wilson in 1843, The Economist has been the world's most enduring and distinguished proponent of free markest and free trade. 'To be sensible without being heavy, to be lively without being ..." Read review

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Not just for economists

Advantagesintelligent, informative, in-depth coverage, well written

Disadvantagesexpensive, sometimes too political

"...Geographic isnít that far off the norm, but when I tell people Iím a huge fan of reading ďThe Economist,Ē I get either raised eyebrows or comments on what a peculiar and strangely mature taste in magazines I have. But I donít see it that way. I have this desire to keep myself constantly informed about whatís happening in the world, because I believe itís important and the more I know, the more I can make up my own mind about events rather than ..." Read review

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Community Level 7ashford


A Great News Weekly

AdvantagesIncisive journalism. Informative. Great writing


"...in London is one of the great magazines, and,is arguably the finest weekly news magazine in the world. It certainly has a growing reputation around the world, both for its solid editorial contents,standard of writing and its international coverage.It displays an amazing attention to detail and is far superior,in my opinion,to the likes of Time or Newsweek,its nearest US equivalents. It is not difficult to find the reasons why.I admit to being ..." Read review

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Community Level 4WILMA


Not just for nerds

Advantagesup to date news from around the world

DisadvantagesPrice, but subscription is a lot better

"...desired reading material, extra to the normal big fat, boring, text books and journals that I’m supposed and expected to read as part of my course. For all of those people who don’t know me, or what I do, I’m a geography student at the University of Plymouth, which has one of the best departments in the country, some very talented and respected lecturers, and a great and useful web site with brilliant links in the geography department ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jimstar


The Economist account written by ex-student

AdvantagesA excellent summary of weekly events, not just in economics, but a vartiety of topics.

DisadvantagesThe huge pile of editons you acculmulate as a subscriber!!!

"...persuade you to subscribe to The Economist, or give you a detail content break down. It aims to give a first hand account of the services and benefits to which new subscribers (especially students) can expect. I began subscribing to the print edition in my final year at College and have continued to do so throughout University. It was a great way to keep abreast of weekly news, focusing particularly on Business and Politics. Contrary to its title, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3roons_y


Not just what is says on the tin

AdvantagesInformative, makes you look intelligent on the train

DisadvantagesPricey at £2.70, contains big words

"OK I'm the first to admit that The Economist magazine isn't the most titillating of reads. Whole editions can go by without the slightest of mentions of S-Club 7 and I can't remember the last time I saw an article on Posh n Becks. That said I'd still suggest that it might be worth putting down Loaded and More just for a couple of hours and giving The Economist a whirl. Every week The Economist gives the low down on what's been going on in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Duncan1


Much more than Economics

AdvantagesVery well researched, accurate, well written.The last word on current affairs.

DisadvantagesSligtly impersonal at times.

"The Economist is a weekly news magazine (although my subscripton tends arrive every two weeks). The Economist does have an economic bias, it is not that all its articles are on economics but rather that all of its articles are written by economists. At the Economist they have perfected the art of writing detailed, well-researched, impartial articles that are completely devoid of any emotion. The economist does not do human interest stories and even ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mkg87


Pragmatism over dogmatism

AdvantagesConcise, respected, well-argued analysis

DisadvantagesCost (although they sometimes offer good special offers)

"I read the Economist on a weekly basis because I relish its matter-of-fact, practical approach to analysing what is going on in the world that week. Unlike other publications - and I will not name names, but I am looking at you New Statesman - it seems as though there is an editorial policy in place against stubborn dogmatism, or for advancing any sort of argument if there is not a very strong basis for that argument. This reliance on the here and ..." Read review

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How to Impress in an Interview

AdvantagesOutstanding news and analysis

DisadvantagesQuite costly

"...a week in front of the mirror practising your witty repartee. You smell like a walking perfume factory. What's missing? It's not another self-improvement guide promising all that palaver about acing interviews. You guessed it - it's The Economist. The Economist is quite simply the best news and current affairs publication in the world. It's listed here on Ciao under "Financial Publications", but that does not do it full justice. There's something ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Boris


The Economist by a Non Economist

AdvantagesGood Value for Money Easy to read articles

DisadvantagesNo article referencing no external articles

"The Economist is in many respects a very useful and informative journal. It brings together events from around the globe under one cover.This enables both the educated reader and the layman to ascertain how much of an effect a far of country like Argentina can have on Russia as a result of its financial difficulties. It has extensive sections on all parts of the globe and is rarely anything less than thorough. In addition to this it is always good ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Medicina


Italian collapse, Berlusconi Silvio...


DisadvantagesNow "communist" objectives... :-(

"Recent "The Economist" article about Berlusconi Silvio unfitting explains in long distance italian people manipulating. Any television chanel here are intimidate by his figure (on 3 of 6 chanels he is editor), about legal sentences report absolutions instead of time execution end term, about heavy legal pending they not report negative news, Mr. Berlusconi select conditions for one's own appearance, democratically unacceptables conditions (such ..." Read review

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Economic and political heavyweight

AdvantagesPolitical and economic round-up

Disadvantagesdrab layout

"The Economist is a veritable institution amongst magazines, offering not just economic insight in the world today but also political insight. As well as assorted articles about growth sectors and growth industries, there are a lot of listings for job vacancies in the economics sector. As economic trends are normally bucked by political circumstances, it is important to analyse, succinctly, the prevailing political conditions around the world, which ..." Read review

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