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Community Level 2monkey_boy


The Firework Maker's Daughter



"...The Firework Makers Daughter by Philip Pullman Characters:The characters for the story are Lila(the firework makers daughter),Chulak(her friend),Hamlet(the white elephant),Rambashi(Chulak's cousin),Razvani(The fire demon),Lalchand(Lila's dad the firework maker). Story Line:The story is about a young girl she is brought up by a firework maker so she wants to be a firework maker but to be a proper firework maker she has to go to mount merapi ..." Read review

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Community Level 2klapaucius


Whoosh! Bang! Absolute Fireworks!

AdvantagesAn excellent book, becoming a childrens classic!

DisadvantagesNone Whatsoever

"The firework makers daughter by Philip Pullman is about a girl called Lila who would love to become a firework maker just like her hard working father. Her father being very moralistic, disagrees with her and decides that there is more better career for his daughter than a lowly paid firework maker. All firework makers have to prove that they want to be a firework maker by climbing the tallest mountain in the land and this will prove that her ambition ..." Read review

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