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Community Level 1Nicola0023


1st Class Service

AdvantagesGreat service and a CV which works!


"...had a CV written by The Fuller CV and have to say that I was amazed by the results! The consultant who rang we asked me lots of questions about my work experience and education and I was shocked that I had so much to say despite only being a graduate!! I began using the CV straight away and was so pleased to achieve an interview, and subsequently a job with my 1st choice company. The conversation I had with the consultant not only ensured a great ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tadeefi


Don't waste your money


Disadvantagestheir CV review service is a joke

"...queue, I decided to take the next best offer, a CV review by email, costing £8. I ordered it, paid for it and after a week I had to write to them again and remind them of my order. What I finally received was a reply so general, that it could have been copied and pasted from any website with CV writing advice. No corrections on my CV, no recommendations, no feedback on the format and contents - just the usual 'your CV sells you, the employers ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AdamHowe


Found me the perfect job

AdvantagesFantastic CV at the end of it.


"...asking me for figures all the time because she reckons that figures impress prospective employers. Within a few days, I received my CV and i could not beleive how different I looked on my own CV. But it gave me a huge confidence boost. As a test, i re-applied for several jobs and straight away I received an interview request for two of them whilst one of them responded that they had already turned me down. After that positive feedback on my cv, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Beeswax


Total waste of money


DisadvantagesPoor quality, generic, not specific. Looks like a robotic CV that could be for anyone

"...written from a bad book. The CV they wrote had a very long list of supposed skills but the skills were very generic. The list was so long that anyone looking at it would get bored. The list went as follows: • Strong leadership and communication competencies. • Able to work independently, or as an integral part of a team, and with a high degree of initiave • Resourceful and a good problem solver with an analytical approach to issues. And so, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1espresso2go


The Fuller CV - fast response - poor content.

AdvantagesFast Response.

DisadvantagesPoor content analysis, not worth the email it was typed on.

"...did not seem to do the trick either I decided to get a second opinion. I opted for The Fuller CV as it was flagged by Job Site. First things, first, After completing a brief registration process, you have two options to obtain your CV review, either by a phone call where you will speak with one of their consultants, or you can have it emailed to you subject to an 'adminstration charge'. I chose the review by email option at a cost of £9.73. What ..." Read review

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AdvantagesExcellent ability to make ur CV exceptionally appealing to employers

DisadvantagesExpensive but nothing good comes cheap anyway

"...on applying until I saw the offer for a free CV review on reeds.co.uk. During the review, I was told how bad my CV was by the consultant which made me feel quite bad similar to what a lot of reviewers expressed on this website. After reading reviews about them, I decided to go ahead with paying them to write re-write my CV anyways as i felt I had nothing to lose. I re-applied to companies i had previously applied to the night I got my CV back and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fank


Do not waste your money. Just use the free advice on the website.

AdvantagesThe free informationo n the website and YouTube channel.

DisadvantagesReally aggressive sales pitch makes you feel like its the end of the world.

"...a refresh I went to the Fuller CV website for some advice. There was plenty of information there and on their YouTube channel too. I decided to redo my CV on my own first (based on the free advice) and then send it through for a free CV review. What a mistake! My CV was completely ripped apart... told that I wasn't defining achievements when I clearly was, had to argue about my profile until the Fuller CV rep finally admitted it was a really good ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bobcaticus


One sentence improvement

AdvantagesFriendly lady, free, maybe get some help if they have the time

Disadvantageshard to improve upon CV if they won't go through your CV with you, one sentence suggestion

"...customer number and phoned up the next day. Very friendly lady answered and passed me on. I got someone on the other side and he asked if it was me, probably a quick security check. He asked me where I want to go and if I had made any progress with getting jobs and when I said no he said that was ok and asked why I thought it could be that I wasn't getting many phone calls. I responded that I don't have a very good CV and my lack of skills might ..." Read review

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Good but needed to tweak the CV myself after

AdvantagesCV was a good summary (minus the mistakes) of my career to date

DisadvantagesToo many mistakes in the final product to charge what they charge

"...date. So, I called The Fuller CV for a free review and Josie, who did the free review, was really great. There was no hard sell at all and she gave me some great tips. Then I decided to go ahead with getting the CV done professionally. I rang up The Fuller CV and said I had been given a discount and the receptionist wasn't sure if she should believe me! Frankly, if this had been the first person I had spoken to from the company, I would have put ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Michael_H


Impressive but hasn't worked miracles

AdvantagesDetailed interview, punchy CV.

DisadvantagesOnly CV, no other job hunting advice (that cost extra).

"...for a free professional review. The next day someone rang me and started to give me some good suggestions before - surprise surprise - deciding that it should be professionally written by them. The cost will vary depending on the salary you are looking for. It will be charged at a day's salary at the top end of the required salary scale. Plus VAT. I've been told that the going rate for interviews and CV writing is about £150 an hour. At the scheduled ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Justwantju...


Does not meet promises made at point of sale


DisadvantagesQuite a lot, the experts are not, the service does not match the promises made or the money paid

"...by others in this forum. The CV I received was so much of a copy of my orignal CV that it was mostly made up of paragraphs copied and pasted directly from my original CV into the CV Fuller CV wrote for me to such an extent that it was not worth the money I paid. The consultant called me 10 minutes later than agreed. The consultant rushed through so much I even said 'is that it!' To which I received a long lecture of how much he knew about the industry ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sussexman2...



AdvantagesPrompt and keen to assist

DisadvantagesSlightly o the expensive side

"Overall the Fuller CV process has been impressive. Having submitted my CV for a free opinion, they got back to me within hours and were very helpful. I opted for a complete re-write of my CV by a consultant but was not pressurised into going for this option at all. Yes, the costs are rather on the high side but if it gets results then its worth it. I had a lenghty telephone conversation two days later wit a consultant who already had a copy of my ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Judei



AdvantagesFast and Excellent Services


"My experience with the Fuller team has been fantastic. It is unbelievable. Before my encounter with the team, I had a good CV. But after charting with them I realized a lot of things were missing and may hamper my chances and rate of success. They arranged a consultant who gave me his full attention and excellent in my field of study. He was so concerned and genuinely eager to help. His attitude on the phone was as if we had met before. Once ..." Read review

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Community Level 1numpty271

Quick review of The Fuller CV

"I initially thought the price was a little high, but went for it anyway. The resultant cv was of very good quality and once i start putting my cv out to market, I am sure i will have some good results. At this moment though i have applied for 5 specific jobs all to no avail, but it's early days yet. The consultation and the service i recieved were very good and very detailed, if not a touch expensive, however overall i am extremely happy.

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Community Level 1M_Siddiqui

Quick review of The Fuller CV

"Having diversified backgrounds and achievements, I always found it impossible to say about myself in two pages. But Maureen of the Fuller CV team made it possible in a highly professional manner. Now I am waiting for the next phase: getting a job that fits my experince and achievement. I am grateful to Fuller CV Team.

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