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Her first but hopefully not her last!

AdvantagesGood story told well

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...were right it was just the kind of book that appeals to me. It was set in America and as I studied American Studies at University I have always enjoyed books set in this country. I also have an interest in black history in America and this was an area that I studied in depth so this book hit the spot in both setting and the content. There have been some wonderful books set in Americaís deep south ranging from ĎGone With the Windí Uncle Tomís Cabiní, ..." Read review

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A Colourful Read Review with images

AdvantagesSkilful prose, strong characterisations and vividly descriptive passages

DisadvantagesThe use of stereotypical "black" language for one character

"...old. Back then I read all the books I had to in English lessons as more of a chore than a pleasure, despite my enjoyment of the subject. Shakespeare didn't come easily to me for instance, but I got a glimpse of the American Deep South from Harper Lee's classic, and from _The Glass Menagerie_ by Tennessee Williams. Williams' play has remained with me as a classic example of how, for some, appearances matter above everything else, Lee's novel scratched ..." Read review

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Every side has a story to tell

AdvantagesBrilliantly written, gritty and powerful storyline, mixture of emotions


"...is really hard to understand the cruel injustices these African Americans suffered as a result of white supremacy taking full force but it happened. I think to understand the significance of the book "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett it is necessary to understand its place in the tortured Black American history. Apologies for the boring history lesson coming up... ===Boring History Lesson (feel free to skip)=== Slavery has been in existence in North ..." Read review

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They Had A Dream

AdvantagesBeautifully written, excellent story, atmospheric


"...six months ago after reading the back and being intrigued by the subject matter and the beautiful writing style of the excerpt shown there. The Help is set in 1960's Mississippi, and so unsurprisingly revolves around the racial divide and de jure segregation of the southern states of America during this decade, as well a the slow changes which led to more integration. I studied the American Civil Rights Movement at school as part of my History AS ..." Read review

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What was life really like as a black maid? Review with images

AdvantagesPlot, characters, a different book than I would usually choose


"...looking into so after reading the product description on Amazon I decided to give it a go even though it didnít sound like my usual light hearted chick-lit. ==Plot== The book is set in 1960ís America in a town called Jackson. There was still segregation between black and whites at this time and a lot of white families had black maids working for them. First of all we meet Aibileen who works for Elizabeth. Aibileen tries to enjoy her work as much ..." Read review

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Sometimes no matter the risk, a story must be told!

AdvantagesFantastic characters, very well written, informative.

DisadvantagesNone for me.

"The Help is a story based in Jackson, Mississippi in 1962 and it tells the story of the differences between the lives of Black and white women. In Mississippi in the 60's the whites and blacks were still segregated, they still have seperate stores, seperate buses and even seperate libraries. But the white women relied on the black women for some very important things mainly to clean their homes and raise their children, while they were off at ..." Read review

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Segregation exposure!

AdvantagesWriting style, characters and depth, stays true to itself

DisadvantagesNothing, although you need to give it the patience it deserves

"...Following World Book Day and the release of the supposed 100 best books ever written, I have decided to try and make my way through the list, as I am doing with Empire's top 500 films of all time. I have only read a few from the list, and Kathryn Stockett's The Help was one on there. Not normally the sort of book I would read either in terms of style or subject. It's much more my wife's sort of book, but even she gave up on it about a third of the ..." Read review

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Dare To Dream

Advantagesexcellent story and characters


"...since her own mother ignores the child. Skeeter grew up feeling like an outsider in the wealthy white community she grew up in and misses the love and security given to her by her maid Constantine when she was growing up. Jackson, Mississippi in 1963 In racially segregated and so these three women seem like unlikely allies but they come together in order to write a book about the experiences of black maids forming a bond which goes against all the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5iallan


A Fabulous Read

Advantagesa great read


"The Help by Kathryn Stockett draws you in to the life of Jackson, Mississippi in the early 60ís where there is a deep segregation between the races and the civil rights movement is gaining momentum and where black maids raise white children but often have to put up with appalling behaviour from their white employers. The book follows three people and the amazing story they have to tell. Thereís Aibileen who tragically lost her own son but has raised ..." Read review

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The Help Book Only Review....


DisadvantagesMaybe hard going for some at the beginning

"The Help Katherine Stockett Set in the deep south of America in the 1960ís The Help is an interesting observation of American social history. Powerfully written mainly from the perspective of white young woman Skeeter, it is the character and tenacity of the two black maids featured that steal the show. The Help was the term used for the black maids working for white families in domestic situations, cleaning, cooking, gardening and so on. The ..." Read review

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An interesting and insightful read!

Advantagesengrossing, great characters

Disadvantagesenglish a little difficult to begin with, ending a bit abrupt

"...read many glowing reviews about The Help I added it to my reading list and when I spotted it in the library I promptly checked it out. Set in Jackson Mississippi in the early 1960's The Help gives a fictional account of the relationship between black maids and the white ladies that they work for. We learn how the maids are entrusted with the most important job of bringing up the children, but are scrutinised when polishing the silver. Set ..." Read review

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A Gripping Page Turner From Start To Finish!



"...best selling first novel buy the author Kathryn Stockett. I had never heard of the book before I saw adverts for the film, and although I briefly thought about possibly watching the film I had no interest in reading the book as it did not seem like the usual genre of book that I enjoy reading. It was not until my mum had read the book and leant me her copy to read that I actually considered reading it, mainly I gave in and read it to stop my mum from ..." Read review

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The Help

AdvantagesGood story, thought provoking


"The Help is one of those books that stays with you for a very long time after you have read it and it makes you think and question people in a way you've never done before. I first read The Help about a year ago when it was suggested as a read for our book club. Ever since school when I read To Kill a Mockingbird, I've really been fascinated by stories set in Americas Deep South and those dealing with race relations. The story is about African ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Fleetwoodg...


Would recommend that everyone reads this book

Advantagesbriliant storyline and characterisation

DisadvantagesI've finished it

"The Help is one of those books that I've been hearing about for ages, everyone seems to have read it but for one reason or another I just hadn't gotten round to it. After hearing so many good things about it I was curious as to whether it would live up to the high expectations. I'm pleased to say that not only did it live up to the expectations, it exceeded them. The Help is a wonderfully moving and poignant book which is extremely well written. Chapters ..." Read review

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Excellent book

Advantagesenjoyable, unforgettable

Disadvantageswish it were longer

"...You find yourself sympathizing with the characters, hating Hilly, wishing Mrs. Leefolt would think for herself for once, urging Minny to help them, laughing out loud after cringing at what Minny did to Hilly, wondering what happened to Constantine, and wondering what the heck Celia Foote is up to. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop, and you'll never forget the story, or even the characters for that matter. I mean, who else is called ..." Read review

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