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The light grows stronger

AdvantagesMore assured writing, Death, Cohen is a wonderful character

DisadvantagesThe Discworld is still not quite mature

"The Light Fantastic, the second of the Discworld novels, is the only straight sequel within the series. It shares many features with The Colour of Magic, as one might expect, and like its predecessor gives the impression of a writer not yet entirely sure of his ground. Given that the said writer is Terry Pratchett, however, there's still plenty to enjoy, even if a part of that enjoyment is the knowledge that you have a large number of better books ..." Read review

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The End of the Discworld is Nigh

AdvantagesGreat story, wonderful characters, clever and witty

DisadvantagesOnly a cameo from Death in this one

"...through another Pratchett phase at the moment. I have read three of his novels over the past month or so and the enthusiasm is still there. In fact, I have Equal Rites out already to read next. I finished The Light Fantastic yesterday, about the same time as I began not being able to look at chocolate without feeling sick. I needed to forget about Christmas, to restore some semblance of normality into a house strewn with strange glittery purple ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Excelle


Falling off the ends of the earth for you

AdvantagesQuirky, detailed, and very funny

DisadvantagesMight be a bit too deep for some people

"...little more free time in the evenings, that I'm finally getting chance to get reading again. I've already covered two books in the last month or so (believe me, that's a lot for me!), but before then, I was having trouble squeezing out one in a couple of months! But squash one into my hectic schedule I did, and what other could it be than a Discworld novel? Besides, it was before and after my exams – I needed a little merriment! - Drop ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Nomad1970


Fantastical Magical

AdvantagesIt won't change your life but at least you'll have a damn good laugh, Better plotted than book one

DisadvantagesNeed to read book one to get the most from it, Not the best in the series (and I've only read five so far)

"Having set myself the challenge of reading and reviewing every one of the thirty or so discworld novels, I am now proud to announce that, after much time, effort and several really deep paper cuts, I have finally reached ... (drum roll please) ... book two. Er ... sorry about that but it's just that I've been a bit busy on the playstation 2 of an evening recently although, thanks to the delights of public transport, I have been able to keep up ..." Read review

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Tripping The Light (Not So) Fantastic

AdvantagesFunny | Multi-layered | Ultimate in Re-readability

DisadvantagesNot As Good As I Expected

"...honest what drew me to the very first Discworld book I ever read was the cover, and this is probably what would catch any new-comer to the series' eye. Bold and exciting with plenty of cartoon characterisations of, well the characters and story held within. I could hardly wait to read the story and must admit I sat in the library for a good couple of hours as I found myself hooked after the first couple of pages. The funny thing is that this book ..." Read review

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Community Level 5KRISPY13


The Book Fantastic

AdvantagesSuch an addictive read

DisadvantagesYou can't put it down

"...fabulous author this guy is. The Light Fantastic is the second book in the discworld series,second to The Colour Of Magic. Terry Pratchett's writing style is like no other, he is purely and simply a literary genius and if I was given one last book to read before I died I would choose a Discworld novel. He plays with words like Beckham plays with his balls, style, grace, and superior acuracy (pardon the pun!) Although sometimes you feel like you have ..." Read review

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Community Level 7wampyrii


Trip The Light Fantastic

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"The Light Fantastic is the second novel in Terry Pratchett's enormously successful Discworld series. It is also the only 'sequel' in the entire series pretty much continuing on from where the last left off although I can't really say why without ruining the ending of the previous novel 'The Colour Of Magic'(see my previous review on that novel). Do I need to explain about the Discworld? Probably so here goes again... The Discworld is a large ..." Read review

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Community Level 2grimworld


Rincewind id here to save the day

Advantagesanother good discworld book, finishes the first story


"...i did a review of the first book and thought i would carry on now with the sequel to the first, well it makes sense to go 1st to last :P THE STORY CONTINUES: In the last book we saw an untiming event happen to our dear fellow RINCEWIND, but luckly in this book he is back and now he muct save the discworld from the red star (believe me it gets more confusing unless you read the book). Now it seems every race on the discworld is trying to keep the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sy2kgbr


8 Spells for Disaster...

AdvantagesWell written, better than previous book.

DisadvantagesWell... it helps if you've read the other books in the series. But that's not really a biggie.

""The Light Fantastic" is the sequel to Terry Pratchett's first Discworld novel, "The Colour of Magic." At the end of "The Colour of Magic", Rincewind, a hopelessly inept wizard was left falling off the edge of the Disc. To his surprise, he's very much alive in the next book. This book. It turns out that the Octavo (a book that the Creator left behind) was quite anxious not to lost the eighth Great Spell. Which was residing in Rincewind's head, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Azurel


Fugitive Spell Saves Wizard

AdvantagesVery funny and enjoyable

DisadvantagesDifferent from the later Discworld books

"This is the second book in the Discworld series and so it carries on from where The Colour of Magic finishes. It is about the continuing adventures of an incompetent wizard called Rincewind, who has NEVER successfully cast a spell, and the naīve tourist Twoflower, who is almost terminally trusting. Twoflower still has the Luggage (a vicious chest on legs that is probably the reason that Twoflower and Rincewind are not dead). They were last seen plunging ..." Read review

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Community Level 5RichardW


Shaky but getting there

AdvantagesThis is more like it - I'm starting to see the reasons I love the Discworld novels starting to appear...

DisadvantagesThough better than 'The Colour of Magic', this is still essentially a protoype for later, better books.

"'The Light Fantastic' picks up the literal cliffhanger at the end of 'The Colour of Magic' and runs with it. Rincewind has just dropped off the edge of Discworld, a flat planet drifting through space on the backs of four giant elephants, which in turn stand on a gargantuan turtle called Great A'tuin. The tourist he was guiding, Twoflower, has also dropped off the planet, more sensibly in a proto-spacecraft. Things don't look good. The second of ..." Read review

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Community Level 4brownp1


tripping the light fantastic

Advantagesvery funny

DisadvantagesTP still learning

"The 2nd discworld novel starts where the colour of magic left off with Rincewind, Twoflower and the luggage tumbling off the edge. They are saved by magic, or shall we call it a corny plot device, to allow the adventure to continue. We find out why rincewind can't remember any spells, meet Cohen the barbarian and find out more about wizardry - oh and Rincewind saves the world. In terms of story this is a big leap forward from the 1st book in ..." Read review

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Community Level 3MikeScoates


I'm still laughing a month after I read it



"This is the second novel in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett (Corgi ISBN 0-522-12848-1) and is a must read for anyone who hates fantasy or anyone who loves it. Rincewind, a failed wizard from the Unseen University, and Twoflower, the Disc's first tourist, currently falling off the edge of the Discworld, are charged with having to save their strange planet from the on coming "red star" that approaches their part of the universe that they ..." Read review

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Community Level 2simonsta


Strangely forgettable

AdvantagesVery funny, like the rest.

DisadvantagesVery much like the first book. Comparitively speaking.

"...to yourself as you read the Title. Well, hear me out... I have read all the Discworld novels and thoroughly enjoyed them all, including this one. The funny thing is, I can remember quite vividly the storyline, characters, twists on other literature in every other book in the series, except this one. When I try to remember the plot of the Light Fantastic, its always intermingled with subplots of other books - I can't quite get the story right until ..." Read review

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Community Level 2TimothyC


The light (not so) fantastic

Advantagesa nice follow-up to The Colour of Magic

Disadvantagesstill not as good as the later ones

"This is the second in the Discworld series and is not much better than the first when you compare it to later books. This book follows directly on from The Colour of Magic as it picks up the story of Rincewind and Twoflower where we previously left off. We follow the duo around meeting up with famous characters like Cohen the barbarian, unwittingly saving the world and generally causing chaos, mayhem and destruction. Although this isn’t the best of ..." Read review

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