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A Perfect Stranger

Advantagesbeautifully written


"...story and although I love the idea of them, those I have read I have often found let downs, especially the endings. Waters' first three novels which have all been televised, were set in the Victorian era and she was credited with having invented a new genre of 'Victorian lesbian romp', but her fourth novel 'The Nightwatch', was set during the second world war and this, her eagerly awaited fifth, also takes place in the forties, in post war rural England. ..." Read review

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One to read on a stormy night

AdvantagesCharacters developed well and captured the reader

DisadvantagesNot as chilling as I was hoping for

"...tend to read things by the same authors, so when I saw this book advertised as being ‘a chilling ghost story’ I thought I would give it a try. The story is told from the point of view of Dr Faraday and begins when he is about ten years old, visiting a large old house where his mother is a maid. There is lots of description about the house and what it was like and even a passage about sneaking down to the servants quarters to have some food. The ..." Read review

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The Little Stranger - I've got chills, they're multiplying

AdvantagesPacked full of tension and suspense and will keep you guessing

DisadvantagesDifficult to warm to all the characters

"I purchased The Little Stranger on the basis of its author, Sarah Walters. I was on my lunch break at work and being in a rush scanned the book shop shelves and her name jumped out at me. I have read all her previous books and thoroughly enjoyed them despite an occasional wince at their explicitness and so thought with time ticking this was a good book to choose. I was a little surprised on getting home that evening and reading ..." Read review

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Community Level 2surveysist...


The Little Stranger - Very nice.

AdvantagesGood characterisation, a good who-dunnit.

DisadvantagesSlow to read.

"...this novel. The main plot of the novel is that a doctor befriends a family who are the failing remnants of the landed gentry. He is introduced by dealing with an ill servant girl, and having visited the house in his childhood. After befriending the family, which consists of an elderly mother and her two adult children, one daughter, and a son with an old war injury, things start going wrong for the family. It begins with a black mark on the wall ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tynegal


Not my idea of a ghost story


DisadvantagesSlow, not spooky

"Very disappointed with the latest novel from Sarah Waters, whose wartime story 'The Night Watch' was unputdownable. It's supposed to be a ghost story, the tale of a haunted house, but it is very slow to start and there is never a real feel of spookiness or any vestige of explanation as to why life should suddenly start to change at Hundreds Hall. At the end the narrator, a doctor who becomes intimately involved with the hall and its residents, is ..." Read review

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The Little Stranger - Sarah Waters

The Little Stranger - Sarah Waters

* A ghost story from one of Britain's finest and best loved writers

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