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As clunky as a tap-dancing Frankenstein with new shoes..

AdvantagesYou read it quick

DisadvantagesOver hyped

"...a document was locked in the safe of the director of the CIA. The document is still there today. Its cryptic text includes references to an ancient portal and an unknown location underground..." That is the teasing first page in the book and typical Brown, mixing fact with fiction to hook you in from the off. It is true that there are things the CIA know that we would never be able to know as it would be too much for us to comprehend. The look on ..." Read review

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Community Level 5dan_pentag...


Too Many Lost Symbols To Make An Enticing Read Review with images

AdvantagesReadable and Addictive

DisadvantagesPoor Character Choice, Gap Filled Story, Anticlimatic Ending

"'''Book Info''': '''Name''': The Lost Symbol '''Author''': Dan Brown '''Released''': September 2009 '''Series''': Robert Langdon Stories '''Awards''': N/A I think one of the best qualities I love so much in books is their unique ability to diversify into so many genres, so many avenues to flow through, one being a hilarious family adventure, another being a steamy, albeit cheesy, erotic drama. There were many before so don’t get me wrong, ..." Read review

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I Didn't Get Lost in it

AdvantagesA decently researched basic idea

DisadvantagesPoor characters and pacing

"...into a fan. Yet when the opportunity to borrow "The Lost Symbol" arose, fool that I am, I took it. Part of this was that the basis for the story was freemasonry, something I was curious about as my father is a member of that organisation. In "The Lost Symbol", Robert Langdon has been called to Washington to give a lecture as a favour to a friend, Peter Solomon. He soon discovers he's been duped when Solomon's severed right hand appears in the Capitol ..." Read review

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Community Level 7paulpry118


Can Langdon find the Lost Symbol?

AdvantagesFast paced

Disadvantageslast 50 or so pages

"'The Lost Symbol is the latest offering from Dan Brown featuring Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon and like all avid readers of his work I was looking forward to reading the book. - '''A'''t 6am on a Sunday morning Robert Langdon receives a message from his mentor and friend, prominent 33rd Degree Mason Peter Solomon, to conduct a lecture in Washington’s Capitol Building and not wanting to let his friend down Langdon agrees to go and sets off for ..." Read review

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Langdon Saves The Day Again!

AdvantagesEasy reading, familiarity, trusted formula

DisadvantagesPoor characters, not his best

"...Mal'akh, believes Langdon can unlock the secrets of the Masonic order and, in return for Solomon’s life, demands that Langdon helps to solve the riddles. Along the way, the CIA become involved in rather suspicious circumstances and Langdon is teamed up with various friends of Solomon in an attempt to not only save his life, but also protect the secrets of the Masons. Will Langdon and co. be able to juggle all these things at once? What will become ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Fiver29


Brown hasn't lost it

AdvantagesGreat story, flows nicely, good characters

DisadvantagesKeeps you up all night

"...Because I was awake half the night reading this book. I received it in the post yesterday morning and started it straight away, and within a couple of chapters I was absolutely hooked. === Synopsis === The book again follows symbologist Robert Langdon. This time we find him at home in the US, when he receives an urgent call from his friend Peter Solomon, however, when he rings Peter back he only manages to get through to Peter's assistant. His ..." Read review

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Langdon Returns For Adventure No 3

AdvantagesSticks to the principles of the series

Disadvantageswritten with the movie in mind rather than purely a book

"...to deliver a speech in the Capitol building. When he arrives however there is no conference and Langdon soon discovers he has been tricked into his visit to Washington and finds himself involved in something beyond his wildest imagination. He soon discovers that Peter Solomon has been kidnapped and Robert only has a few hours to uncover one of the greatest Masonic secrets in order to save his friend. This sets off another mad dash around another city ..." Read review

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Community Level 5seanbond87


I shan't be waiting for the film!!

AdvantagesSome good writing and interesting information

DisadvantagesToo much like the previous books

"== THE LOST SYMBOL == === DAN BROWN === I was first introduced to the works of Dan Brown by my wife prior to the film release of ‘The Da Vinci Code’. I, like a lot of people, read the books in the wrong order – reading ‘The Da Vinci Code’ before ‘Angels and Demons’. I loved both of these books (but not, incidentally the films) and looked forward to reading ‘The Lost Symbol’, a book that had taken Brown five years to write. It was natural that ..." Read review

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Hyperbolic Symbolic

AdvantagesClassic Dan Brown; puzzles, chases and secrets galore.

DisadvantagesToo similar to previous efforts, erratic pace and weak ending.

"If you loved the Da Vinci Code, you'll enjoy this. Conversely, if you've found Dan Brown's work to be piles of bombastic tosh, you'll most likely feel much the same way about the Lost Symbol. Dan Brown is many things as an author - insert your choice of adjectives as appropriate. One quality he does possess amongst this array is reliability; if you appreciate fast-paced narratives that read like stage directions and scores of somewhat contrived ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Dr-Jones


Excellent, page-turning mystery thriller

AdvantagesA great read

DisadvantagesCharacters are a little thin

"The world went crazy for The DaVinci Code a few years back. For a few months, water coolers were alive with talk of the Holy Grail, Rose Lines and hidden symbolism. But with mass appeal comes the inevitable backlash from self-proclaimed literary experts spouting accusations of poor writing, flimsy characterization and falsified research. Then, suddenly, everyone who had pretended they loved and understood Dan Brown’s work now had to pretend they hated ..." Read review

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Lost in Washington DC...

AdvantagesFast-paced, interesting, a real page-turner

DisadvantagesStory wrapped up too quickly, last few pages a bit too talky

"...of copies worldwide? That’s the task facing Dan Brown after the phenomenal success of “The Da Vinci Code”. He’s brought back the hero from that book and follows a familiar formula with “The Lost Symbol”, but how does it measure up to its predecessor? TLS isn’t a sequel; it’s a stand alone story following Robert Langdon (who also appeared in Brown’s earlier novel, “Angels and Demons”. (there are several references to the preceding books, but don’t ..." Read review

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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown- Ancient Mysteries

AdvantagesA good read

DisadvantagesPart of the plot is not too convicing

"...all my expectations? I think the answer is yes and no, depending how you look at it. The story begins with our hero Robert Langdon being invited to give a talk in Washington DC by his mentor Peter Solomon. To his surprise, it was actually someone else, other than Peter who invited him and it was not a talk but instead he was given a mission-to find the Ancient Mysteries which is believed to be buried within the DC, otherwise, Peter will be killed. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Nothing-Bu...


Very good book but no WOW factor

AdvantagesA good read with symbolic twists and turns

DisadvantagesNo WOW factor

"With 80 million copies of the ‘Da Vinci Code’ sold, rearely would a book follow so much expectation. But does it live up to the mark? STORY PLOT Akin to the tv serious ’24,’ The Lost Symbol takes place over a 12 hour period in the heart of Washington D.C. This time the secret society targeted and exposed is that of Freemasonary. Robert Langdon is back and when invited to give a lecture, he finds a gruesome discovery of his mentor Peter Solomon. ..." Read review

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fantastic compelling book for the dan brown fans

Advantagesfast paced, gripping story


"...book from Dan Brown. Upon opening the book and finding that there is page with Facts that is written within the book is interesting to see as it does state that what is written in the book about rituals, science, artwork and monuments are real and correct. fast forward to the actual story of Professor Langdon, a symbologist, who can depict and decipher crypt codes and read symbology from any era. Professor Langdon is summoned to Washington ..." Read review

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Community Level 3rcleary57


Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol................Like An Ice Cream Cone

AdvantagesExciting and Exhillerating

DisadvantagesNot Long Enough

"Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol. Academic Symbologist Robert Langdon, once again, taken halfway across the world to a race against time mission of unearthing secrets, cracking codes and deciphering symbology before the threat to his good friend Peter Solomon's life is carried out. Another non-stop rush through various legends before things as we know them come crashing down. I might not have all the fancy words, the academic talk and the ability to break-down ..." Read review

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