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How Far Would You Travel?

AdvantagesExcellent story and charatcers, moving and easy to read

DisadvantagesCould not put it down

"I have to say over the last year I have become somewhat of a fan of Nicholas Sparks writing, for some reason he manages to make me feel so many different emotions in his work I just cannot put his books down. I was so pleased when hubby spotted this book and so treated me to it, that was 2 days ago and I have just finished reading it! The story starts by introducing us to Clayton who is hiding taking photographs of topless college girls sunbathing, ..." Read review

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Precious Piccie

Advantageswell-constructed story, good characters

Disadvantagessee review

"...to Kuwait he finds the laminated photo of a pretty young American woman lying in the sand. He takes it to the barracks and when no one claims it, he keeps it and is lucky forever after, not only when playing poker but also when being attacked by Iraqi bombs. His friend Victor tells him that he owes the woman something. Back home in Colorado he doesn’t quite know how to get on with his life and decides to look for the woman; from writing in the ..." Read review

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