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Community Level 4DavidBedford


One great debut novel

AdvantagesWell-written, fascinating

Disadvantages'Part One' (why are all fantasies written in trilogies?)

"The One Kingdom is a well-crafted story. And more than that, it reflects upon the nature of stories, on their import and their inevitability. As almost all fantasy novels are these days, it is part of a series, the first in what is to be 'The Swan's War Trilogy', and as far as I can tell, the first published work of its author, Sean Russell. And it's a cracker. Many of the traditional elements of fantasy are here, but at no time do they seem to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kerrmonster


The Kingdom Conquers

Advantagesabsorbing,strongly developed characters

Disadvantagesconfusing plot at times

"Sean Russell's 'One Kingdom' is the first installment of his new fantasy adventure, which introduces the believable and mystical world of magic, mages and bards. The story moves swiftly with plenty of action to hold the readers attention. The main charcters are interesting and thoroughly explored allowing the reader to understand and empathise with the struggles they encounter. Occasionally the plot becomes too complex which leaves the reader ..." Read review

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