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Community Level 5ovetta2001



AdvantagesGreat customer service, cool layout

DisadvantagesTrainees *shudders*

"...Orange only started up in the UK as a small business in 1994. The idea was simple, to help people communicate all over the world at affordable prices. The company obviously hit the spot as it soon became the fastest growing mobile network until March 2001. The best thing about Orange is that as they have become bigger, they have been offering more and more things for the customers instead of grabbing more money. Well obviously they are making a ..." Read review

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Community Level 3crispybits


Seeing Red with Orange Shop Online


DisadvantagesToo many to itemise.

"I've been 'in the market' for a new mobile phone ever since, well, I read down the list of specifications on the Nokia N95; compared it against my trusty Nokia 2650 flip-phone and... Yeah, it was like comparing a Swiss Army Knife with a teaspoon. This was about three months ago and far from the craving fading with time, distance and the whole 'unlocked handsets cost twice as much as the average desktop PC' business - my condition worsened. Until, ..." Read review

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Community Level 8dynamicnurse


Orange? I nearly went red!

AdvantagesSimple shop layout.

DisadvantagesThey try to get you to part with your money.

"...in pretty much all of the major mobile telephone shops that provide all of the necessary things that one would expect, I decided to go in to one of my local Orange shops. There were a number of different reasons for going to Orange, mainly because I had been with them for quite some time with about my last two phones or me and also because the phone that I wanted was only available with them - and at a very good price, hence my reasons to remain with ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Mitchellan...


The future maybe bright....sometimes

AdvantagesOne in every town


"I recently purchased one of the Sony Walkman phones the W300i on Orange as it was such a good deal and came with mini speakers worth £30. The phone itself retails for £89.99 and you have to add £10 airtime when you buy. Now before I purchased this phone, I bought, by mistake, a Motorola (which I had for a day) and started the process of "porting" my number across from another network which I told them in the shop and that I was prepared to pay ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Dglass

Quick review of The Orange Shop

"My experience with Orange is: Customer services are impossible to get through to. You get charged for Delivery reports and do not get told about this. You even get charged £3.50 for paying your bill manually. DD is free. The roaming does not work abroad I had to contact them from a normal phone abroad which cost me 15 euros, I had actually told them before going abroad that I was going abroad but they STILL didnt activate it. I want to leave but cannot afford 12 x £35.00. Daphne

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orange contract

Advantagesgood service

Disadvantagesstaff in shop not always aware of all deals provides by orangd

"...etc ,as it is in the distant past for me . What i can rave about is orange and how i have been dealt with in these years. Firstly a little known fact NHS employees can get a 10% discount on contract.(YOU HAVE TO ASK) I believe insurance is now £5 a month ...now for some reason i get mine free for the the first year ,every time i upgrade my phone (which i do every year)the staff at orange dont really know why this is but all they can suggest ..." Read review

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Community Level 5allyb2003



AdvantagesGood selection of phones

DisadvantagesNone that I found

"...I had a brainwave! The Orange Shop. I went in my lunch hour yesterday to the Orange Shop just around the corner to the office (Fleet Street, London EC4). Saw that they had one on display and asked the "Phone Trainer" if they had one in stock, "Yes" he replied, "we've got 2 left". I was so happy I bought one. The shop was very busy and the staff very attentive. The gentleman that served me was the Branch Manager. All staff in the shop are "Phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 5pefidler


Excellant advice

AdvantagesIn most locations


"...find, although they are not the cheapest, that the level of service given by the Orange shops is great, up to the minute and impartial (well, Orange phones anyway). The shops are always clean, and well lit, and always well staffed. The staff are knowledgable, and have up to date information. You never feel like you may be conned in them. They go through all the little details with you, and you feel like they have treated you just that little ..." Read review

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Community Level 2blockidge


double your orange free talktime FREE now

AdvantagesGreat deals

DisadvantagesThey dont really want to tell you about all of them

"I went into the Orange shop, concerned about the amount I was spending on my Orange mobile phone. I am on a talkshare plan talk 150 with two phones. This costs me about 45 pounds per month. I was interested in a better deal and an upgrade to my ageing nk702 phones. Great service, and my phones were updated to the 3310e for 30 pounds each. Now I wanted more (dont we all), so I questioned my tariff and talkplan, and the salesman told me that I could ..." Read review

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Community Level 2butler_sop...


Special offers but beware

AdvantagesSpecial Offers

DisadvantagesSneaky lack of information as regards to OVP- "Orange Value Plan"

"...offering? Well what is available at the moment is a new sim card with £5 worth of calls in it specifically with cheaper calls and text messages for other orange student sim card owners at your uni, wahoo!! The only trick is youhaveto get all you friends to swap and loose there original phone number. However, no fear as the orange voucher never expires you can leave on your old sim cards answer machine if you made the swap your new phone number!!So ..." Read review

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Community Level 1benners7


General Orange


Disadvantagesnone a moment

"I personally am on the BT network as my main home network but I have a dual sim holding 3210 of which my other sim is an Orange, what I use as my business sim. I have to recommend Orange in that the service they provide is really good. If anything goes wrong then ring up the help line and its your problem fixed in no time. Ive had a couple of problems with the BT network and the service isnt as good as Orange in that the operator always sounds bored ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mdr161


What a rip Off

AdvantagesStaff help


"...purchased three Orange phones in the past and none being from an Orange store. A Phone that you can get Free anywhere else cost £30 pound and upwards from here. The stores may be clean with polite customer service and advice, but what good is that if the so called 'best deal for you' cost alot more than competitors. Be wise and shop around. Just because it says Orange on the door, don't presume they are the cheapest. That's how I think they make ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lmhj_1987


They don't stock swipe cards



"...an orange pay-as-you-go subscriber for the past 5 years I still believe they have the best all round package, with their offers such as orange out here, now what other service provider offers you 5 free texts a day for the small price of £19.99. However the orange shop is a diferent story, I went in a couple of weeks ago to ask for a new swipe card, as I had jus t purchased a new phone. I was told that the orange shop, did not stock orange swipe ..." Read review

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Community Level 1puka


Orange is getting behind the times


Disadvantagespoor service

"...several occasions, i've noticed all the new phones that come out are getting available on Orange weeks and months after they have come out on other networks. Being set on a few different handsets and wanting to starton a contract but staying with orange, I keep having to wait as every shop keeps telling me 'oh not, not on Orange yet' and this for many different models over the last few months. And then when it finally comes out, it's on pay as ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jyollem


Do not purchace your Orange phone from a shop

AdvantagesYou can handle the phones ....then leave and buy on line!

Disadvantagesunhelpful staff, no comeback, do not answer the phone

"...cut a long story short the applications of the phone were misrepresented by the salesperson. I had placed my trust in them and on returning to the store the same assistant again misrepresented the phone, only to be told by a colleauge that they were incorrect. You imagine that the sales contract would then be receeded - not the case I am stuck with this phone for the next TWO years! Orange the company are sympathetic but it seems the shops are a seperate ..." Read review

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