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The Queen hits the rocks

AdvantagesWonderful concepts

DisadvantagesA bit dated

"==Synopsis of the book:== The Queen awakes the morning after the General Election to discover the Republican Party under Jack Barker have swept to power. One of their first actions is to take all the power and authority away from the Royal family. Now they are without titles just another family and without wealth. Not only that they move them out of their lovely homes with all their priceless possessions into a Council housing estate in the Midlands. ..." Read review

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Community Level 7grafter123


Vice Versa

AdvantagesEasy style to read, great characters, some very funny moments

DisadvantagesWay over the top

"...Hubby's 'Queen Camilla' last year the thoughtful guy bought me 'The Queen and I' this Christmas. Either that or he thought he would stop me from reading all his books. Looking at the cover it had plenty of good reviews on it and claims of 'Laugh out loud funny' and No.1 Bestseller, so what did I make of it? The Queen and I actually precedes 'Queen Camilla'. It begins in England one April, not so long ago, in fact 1992, when the Queen is laid in ..." Read review

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Community Level 6SexySOS


Monarchy living on benefits

AdvantagesExcellent Comical Read

DisadvantagesThat there was not a sequel

"The Queen and I was first published in 1992, unfortunately I did not get around to reading it until I was 20 and in need of non strenuous entertainment as I was heavily pregnant at the time. The Queen and I is work of the legendary Sue Townsend, a writer with a sense of wit and comedy and is responsible for other comical books such as The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole 13 ¾ and The Cappuccino Years. I have admired Sue Townsend’s work from an early ..." Read review

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Community Level 3excelsior81


By Royal Appointment


DisadvantagesToo many Adrian Moleisms!

"...enjoy reading so much, that the minute I have finished, I want to start reading it over again! Adrian Mole was my first introduction to Sue Townsend and her style of writing appealed greatly to me, it was informal, light and reflective or indeed, indicative of 'society' at the time. Reading the Queen and I was a pleasure from start to finish. it charts the fall and fall of the Royal Family, who are moved to a council estate after a Republican Government ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sophie_Filan


Brilliant - You must read this book!

AdvantagesFunny, emotional, get to see a different side of the royal family


"The Queen and I by Sue Townsend is one of the funniest books i have ever read. It is about revolutionary government who get rid of the monachy. The whole royal family go and live in a hellish council estate. The idea of this book is pure genius. She brings out all the good and bad points of the royal family. You get to see the members of the family get depressed,and stronger. This book is hillarios. Sometimes i had to stop reading just so i could ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pureblue


Meet my new neighbours - Liz and Phil

AdvantagesIt's so funny you'll get a belly ache

DisadvantagesIt's so funny you'll get a belly ache

"...We buy souvenir mugs with the Queen's face on it, attend royal processions to see the royal wave, go "Ooh" and "aah" over how the future King has grown (I mean William, not Charles!) Now imagine if the Republican Party won the general elections - the royal family booted out of their lavish palaces along with the Queen's corgis. No more precious gems, no more caviar, no more 'Your Majesty', no more fancy hats. What are they going to do? Where are ..." Read review

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Community Level 27sefton


Townsend really should listen to her teachers

AdvantagesIt will brighten up your day without a doubt. You'll never look at the Queen mum in the same way again. You can just imagine her in her council bungalow, savings 50ps for the gas meter.

DisadvantagesThe poor ending. It actually seems as if Townsend had ran out of time at the end and just think of something at the last minute.

"...love Sue Townsend. She has the sharpest wit I have ever came accross, and has had the world in stiches for over 25 years. The Queen and I is a fab example of her clever and observational work, but with one fatal let down. Not trying to give the ending away, when I was at school my English teacher forever told me not to end a good story in the way Townsend did in this book. Now I can understand why he said that. But the rest of the plot is blinding ..." Read review

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