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Community Level 5helenmaycl...


Naked Jamie - apron optional! Diamond review

AdvantagesWide range of recipes from everyday to special occasions, clear layout and photos

DisadvantagesNot a cook book for those who aren't fans of Jamie!

"...that Jamie Oliver has changed the way cooking is viewed nowadays. He has made cooking more accessible and has brought into the public eye the benefits of healthy eating and using fresh produce. His 'Return of the Naked Chef' is my favourite cook book, so I thought I'd share its delights with you. This book was published in 2000 to accompany Jamie's second TV series, so it is a bit old now but definitely worth adding to your kitchen shelf, due to ..." Read review

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The Return of the Naked Chef a great read with useful recipes

AdvantagesEasy recipes that even the modest cook can do and at reasonable cost


"The Return of the Naked Chef was written in 2000 by Jamie Oliver and published by the Penguin Group to accompany a tv series he had on the BBC. From recollection this was actually before Jamie had fully trained and some of the pictures in the book show him while he was still training. It is nice to be able to smile at the young looking face of Jamie and knowing he's not that many years younger than me! Now 37, he may be filthy rich and been almost ..." Read review

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Pucker Tucker

Advantagesa fresh approach to cooking

Disadvantageseveryone will want to come for dinner

"...has already been tipped as the new Delia Smith, only this guy has a heck of a lot more style. He isnt one of these frilly kinds of chefs! He enjoys cooking and presenting good food, and you dont have to have a degree in cookery to follow his recipes, just a bit of time and patience, oh and the ingredients of course! The thing I really like about this book, is that the recipes are not too difficult, and you dont have to go out and find some wierd ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pvincent


Naked Enthusiasm

AdvantagesClear, original recipes, and wildly infectious enthusiasm

DisadvantagesNone, unless you loathe the guy's TV persona

"The great thing about Jamie Oliver is his sheer enthusiasm for preparing food for friends. It's easy to mock his laddish catchphrases on TV, but what counts is that his love of cooking is genuine, and that's what carries us along with him. He doesn't just give recipes, he explains what's so good about each recipe. He describes the ingredients, why they're used, how to prepare them etc, and with the excellent photographs in the book, it's always ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Panda1976


Jamie Oliver

Advantageseasy to follow, good tips

Disadvantagespiles on the pounds! Trial and error required

"...different to a lot of the TV chefs these days, where they go for the perfect finish he tends to concentrate on the finish and the look of the dish whereas he is more interested in the freshness of the ingredients and the taste. I have had this book for years but it has not been until recently that I have been using it. At first glance it seemed too fancy and weird. Not that any of the foods were difficult to find but it was different to the normal ..." Read review

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Community Level 2spacebaby


A cook book that's a work of art....

AdvantagesWell designed, modern, appeals to men and women

DisadvantagesI wonder if I will pick it up in five years time and think "he looks a prat on that chicken chaser of a scooter".

"..."nice boy", a couple of the girls at work thought that he was "a bit of alright" and I wanted to see if he could provide me with some inspiration in the kitchen. And I was nicely surprised. I mean, not only did the book have some great visuals (colours and styling is far removed from fuddy duddy Delia), but there were actually some useful tips on how to be a smart chef. The book has a really great section of all the ingredients you need to stock your ..." Read review

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Community Level 2axford25


You wont want to leave the kitchen

AdvantagesEasy to follow recipes, great food, easy to buy ingredients

DisadvantagesHes a bit of an idiot the program

"...is a genius, only in the cooking sence. He's not know as being too bright, but who cares. As long as he produces brill recipes I will keep buying his books. I have all four and use them regulary. He named hiself and the series the naked shef because he is going back to basics with his recipes. No poncing about. Proper food for propper people. The ingredients he uses are widely available and things that we have all heard of. I have never had ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jomarley2


typical of jamie oliver!

Advantagessimple & complex dishes, info on growing herbs, pasta making

Disadvantagesnone unless you are looking for traditional dishes

"...has full-page colour pictures of the dishes which make you just want to try them out. The thing i found most helpful about this book was he tells you how to grow herbs, dry your herbs and it has a good selection of marinades and dressings you can make and use at any time. I also found his pasta making recipe and risotto recipe very effective. It feature very simple dishes such as pan-cooked english breakfasts, fish pie and party cake. It also ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Tempesta


"This Food Is Amazing"

AdvantagesQuick and Easy Recipes, Great Results

DisadvantagesNo Content Directory at Front of Book

"...and family can attest. The kind of person who'll open a recipe book and think "Oh, that looks interesting. I think I'll try that.", and usually on occasions when I have guests over, generally for the first time. To find a recipe book that doesn't yield any negative results, comments, or feedback is somewhat unheard of, so the very fact that each recipe I personally have tried from this book has been met with "This food is amazing!" and "Please ..." Read review

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Community Level 2girlinlove


Mix it , rip it and get 5star cuisine

AdvantagesCooking easy and with all you´ve got

DisadvantagesI don´t like his TV show

"...your shelves and mixing together the wildest ingredients? And in the end you´ll end up with a superb menue every mother in law would be pleased. This is my impression of Jamie Olivier. Of course he uses only the best ingredients like extra virgin olive,olive or sunflower oil or dijon mustards and tree different versions of sugar and salt. But the combination of things is what makes his recipies extraordinary and exciting. Never realized ..." Read review

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Community Level 1steve_swin...


Return of the Naked Chef

AdvantagesFantastic book for the progressive home cook, inovotive and versitile.

DisadvantagesNot enough pictures, some recipies with no picure to aspire to.

"...cooking is simple - leave the fancy cooking at work and enjoy cooking at home. What this book really points out is that quality restaurant style food does not need to be complicated to prepare and does not need a wealth of ingredients. The only fault I can pick with the book is that there are not pictures for every recipe, for me this gives me nothing to work towards in my minds eye. Otherwise its great. The recipies are original and diverse ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MrsCoo


Recipes that don't scare me off!

Advantageseasy recipes!! Magic!

Disadvantagesmakes my mouth water!

"...that doesn't have me flicking the pages looking for lists of ingredients less than 30!! I have always been put off trying a recipe of the ingredients looks just too complex but with Jamie Oliver most of the recipes, if not all, are pretty easy to make. Plus, the ingredients are not listed down the entire page! This must be the first book where I have tried recipes and have success each and every time - first time! The recipes are, first of ..." Read review

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