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Community Level 3butimba


Science and humour in the same book

AdvantagesFunny, intelligent, thought-provoking writing

DisadvantagesNot the easiest read

"...title for this book than the one the authors have already given it. The Science of Discworld is not, as it sounds, an attempt to try and explain Terry Pratchett’s Discworld through some kind of scientific analysis, similar to books such as The Science of the X-Files, and The Physics of Star Trek. (The authors themselves explain why the didn’t decide to take this approach, for two good reasons: ‘The first is that it would be…er…dumb. And this is because ..." Read review

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A round world?... ri-disc-ulous!

AdvantagesA very accessible and understandable way of introducing big scientific theories.

DisadvantagesWeakened by the interweaving plot, to a certain extent.

"The Science of Discworld... The wizards have created a universe – by accident. They’re calling it The Project. And, despite meddling and interfering on every basic level, it’s fundamentally, and annoyingly, different to their own. The one world that’s managed to harbour any semblance of life is inexplicably round, and everyone knows that people only used to think worlds were round before they discovered they were flat. Obviously. In fact, The Project ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Johnny-Pho...


Blue gorilla's in pink dresses - what am i on

AdvantagesInteresting, Funny, Thought provoking

DisadvantagesMaybe a little hard going.

"...a huge disc, carried on the back of four gigantic elephants, which in turn stand on the back of a gigantic turtle called Atuin, which swims its way through the universe. Science does not exist there as it is replaced by the much more efficent and logical magic.... ....Okay, are we all up to speed? The book opens on Pratchett's celebrated Discworld where one of the wizards has begun a magical experiment. He has created an entire universe contained ..." Read review

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Community Level 6yhwman


A-Level Pratchett

AdvantagesHalf the books great

DisadvantagesThe other half less so

"...terms of subject matter… Unfortunately the actual book is only split into chapters, alternating between the two subjects. This gets to be a pain fairly quickly. The two subjects covered in the book are Science in the Discworld, which is pretty much a story and science in the real world, which is like a textbook. Some people may find the textbook section interesting, but personally I’ve had my fill of Quantum Physics at University/College. The actual ..." Read review

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Community Level 1d_taylor1


A BSc from UU

AdvantagesFun with some education as a bonus

DisadvantagesThe discworld chapters shortenafter the beginning

"The Science of the Discworld This book is not a run of the mill discworld novel. The idea of the book seems to be to explain how Terry came up with some of his ideas by relating them to the curious world that we live in. The format of the book is rather unique. Each chapter alternates between a discworld creative writing and an explanation of evolution loosely based upon the preceding discworld chapter. The book begins with a discworld chapter, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lady-Dragon


Science made easier

Advantages difficult concepts made easier to understand.

Disadvantagescan be difficult to get into

"The Science of The Discworld is an attempt to make some very difficult subjects more palatable. The first time I read this I admit I skim read the science bits, skipping to the discworld chapters. Then I realised that the discworld bit were directly related to the science sections. So I read it again and gradually I took in more and more about the subject matter. I originally bought the book because I like and admire the author and I was curious ..." Read review

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Community Level 2CheesyEngles


'Science', Boooooring! Not

AdvantagesExplains It All

DisadvantagesNot Long Enough

"...is not! When you read the Discworld Series you want to know more, well this books tells you the science of Discworld, hence the name. But its not full of equations and E=MC Squared. It is yet another exellent story by Terry Pratchett (I think I spelt it right). As the story goes along it occasionally mentions some of the things 'behind the scenes' so to speak. It tells you in a way that you make it part of the story. And when you have finished reading ..." Read review

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