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Things that go bump in the night

AdvantagesGripping storyline, good characters

DisadvantagesMay unnerve you slightly

"...is published by Macmillan and the recommended retail price comes in at a rather hefty £17.99. I have to say that as this was a present I am unsure how much they paid for it, but I have seen it on sale in Asda and Tesco for £9.99, certain bookstores selling it with £5 off. The cheapest place I have seen it on sale is WHSmith who were selling it at a very good offer of half price. It really does pay now to shop around when buying books, especially ..." Read review

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Community Level 6markd_uk


No Pixie Porn Here

AdvantagesExcellent Return To Form for Herbert, Great Style

DisadvantagesNothing New, a Reworking of earlier ideas

"...works published as well. The trouble, however, is that of late his pieces of fiction, for me, have fallen short of the mark. Recent novels delved deep into sexuality, fantasy and faeries and differed wildly from his mainstream novels. At least one piece of recent fiction seemed to be an excuse to write a soft-porn novel, masquerading as a fairy tale. And before you think of me as a prude, far-be-it for me to belittle the adult nature of people's ..." Read review

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Community Level 5wendybull


An Estate Agents Dream!

Advantages Everything


"...daughters, Loren and Cally, rent the old and eerie Crickley Hall for a while so Gabe can work on a project in nearby Ilfracombe, Devon. The timing of the move coincides with the pending anniversary of their five-year-old son's disappearance from the park a year ago. Gabe feels it will help Eve to get through this difficult period by being away from their normal living environment in London. However, Crickley Hall, a large old house once used by ..." Read review

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Community Level 6milleniumz...


Herbert and the fidget

AdvantagesA good long read if you have the time.

DisadvantagesA large cumbersome book.

"...detail he is one of the masters of the art. Chillers and Horror are his main forte, rarely detracting from these. He established himself quickly and is probably best known for the book, "The Rats". Commonly accepted as Britain's number one chiller fiction writer with twenty books credited thus far, and published in thirty-five other languages across the world, he has sold over fifty million copies. Not really being an ardent reader these days ..." Read review

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Things that go swish-thwack in the night!

AdvantagesCompelling reading

DisadvantagesSome parts clumsily written

"The Caleighs - mother and father Eve and Gabriel, and daughters Loren and Cally - have experienced a family tragedy and as the anniversary of the tragedy is fast approaching, Gabriel decides to move them temporarily out of London to a rural location. However, on arrival, none of them take to their new home, Crickley Hall, which seems unwelcoming. Their dog hates it so much he runs away. And then the strange happenings begin - unexplained noises in ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Heidious


Oh Mr. Herbert, You've Let The Horror Team Down

AdvantagesClassic Herbert, great storyline with some nice twists

Disadvantages300 pages too long, some cheesy dialogue, not his best work

"...style and keep me turning the page? TECHNICAL INFO ============== Release Date: October 2006 Publisher: Macmillan Pages: 600 approx. THE SECRET OF CRICKLEY HALL ============================ Moving into a new home is never easy. Especially for the Caleigh family who have just purchased Crickley Hall down in Devon. A large manor built in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of city living, it does not appear to be anything ..." Read review

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Not your usual ghost story.

AdvantagesGood read and a good ending

DisadvantagesA bit lengthy in places

"...previously heard of James Herbert the author of this book and I probably wouldn't have gone out and bought it. I came to read the book as my dad had bought it for my mum for Christmas a few years back and she hadn't got round to reading it yet so she lent me it knowing she would get it back in a few weeks. I read the book in sections when I had time here and there and I found a lot of the time is was easy to put down which for me is quite disappointing ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Maximus-Qu...


Crickley Hall - More like Creepy Hall.

AdvantagesSimply Fantastic read


"The Secret of Crickley Hall. James Herbert. When writing a book review I sometimes put to much plot, so this time I am going to try and get the balance right with this review. I bought this book a while back, picked it up and put it down. I thought it would be a ghost story that I wouldnt like. Well I was right and I was wrong. Whilst it is a ghost story, it is in a class of its own. An extrodinary written ghost story which grips you from ..." Read review

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Community Level 6oldwasp




DisadvantagesYou have to stop reading to eat and sleep

"...thrillers. So when walking down the book aisle in Asda, James Herbert's book jumped out at me. I'm an avid fan of Herbert having read all the books published by this author. In my opinion a much more consistent writer than Stephen King,( I can hear the moans from the King fan club ). Some of Kings stuff is good but some of it is also not so good. But when the James Herbert book comes along I know it will be of a very high standard. The price on ..." Read review

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The Secret of Crickley Hall, James Herbert- Seriously Spooky

AdvantagesWell written and logical

DisadvantagesA few strange characters

"...his advice when he recommended The Secret of Crickley Hall. While I don’t think this one lives up to the level of either Stephen King or Anne Rice, it is better than some others of his I have read. By and large it did not fit in with what I was expecting as when I saw it was about a haunted hall I imagined it being all creaking doors and things that went bump in the night, but that was not the case at all. After an issue regarding their son the ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


Creepy Hall

AdvantagesIt is very entertaining

DisadvantagesMaybe too long

"...have read a book called the Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert. I have read other books by this author and have enjoyed them all but I think this one is the best one so far. It is not horrific but an old fashioned ghost story which I seem to be reading a lot of now I am older and feeling braver. The book is very long because it contains over 600 pages but once I started it I was engrossed in the stroyline and the plot and the characters were ..." Read review

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Community Level 1belgarion04


Some secrets are best left buried or are they ?

AdvantagesA fine read that builds the tension upto a horrifying climax

DisadvantagesDisturbing and graphic details of murders of children

"The Secret Of Crickley Hall is James Herberts latest horror thriller and should not disappoint but it should disturb you as it concerns the deaths of eleven young children and their teacher during a catastrophic flood in Hollow Bay during the 2nd world war. The book begins where children are hiding and cowering in fear, knowing that something terrible is coming for them and knowing there is no way of escaping this terror, then the screaming begins... Crickley ..." Read review

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Community Level 1puf1973

Quick review of The Secret of Crickley Hall - James Herbert

"Absolutely one of the best James Herbert ever - the only bad thing about reading this book was you have to put it down to go to bed !!

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Community Level 4MaldivesHo...


The Secret of Crickley Hall.



"The Secret of Crickley Hall. ==================== We begin the book at Crickley Hall and right from the start you can feel that this place is a troubled place, a place of great unhappiness and evil. The book initially centres around the family Caleigh. Father Gabe, his wife Eve and their two daughters Cally and Loren. They have an unhappy past, there should have been a son, Cameron, who disappeared one day and has never been seen since. This ..." Read review

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The secret of Crickley hall

AdvantagesA great book and gripping storyline


"...mum said she would like the book and i thought it sounded a great book to read. The secret of Crickley hall is about the Caleigh family Gabe, the father, Loren, the eldest daughter, Cally (Catherine) the youngest daughter and Eve,the mother who move to Devon temporarily so Gabe can work and so that Eve can get over the loss of losing her son who went missing in the park a year ago. When Eve sees Crickley hall outside she doesnt like the place ..." Read review

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