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Pity about the length Review with images

AdvantagesFunny, witty and very entertaining

DisadvantagesJust not enough play time in it...

"The Simpsons game isn't a game I would have personally bought for myself I have to admit. It's not that I specifically dislike the Simpsons, it's just that I have never been that enamoured with them that I would actually cough up my hard owned dough to buy a video game centred around them! Harry Potter yes, the Simpsons no. On the other hand because I'd lent my brother's girlfriend Harry Potter Lego DS she in turn lent me this, which turned out to ..." Read review

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The Simpsons Game DS

AdvantagesAlmost like another Simpsons episode, nice levels and variety

DisadvantagesVery short gameplay

"...been a big fan of the Simpsons for a long time and even though I see many people thought this game was really bad, I actually quite enjoyed it! I thought this game was great for just casually playing with ease and although it was over quickly, I did replay it a few times and attempted at getting 100% within the game. The age rating is 12 plus for this game, which is fair, as many of The Simspons fans tend to be around this age. It isn't too rude or ..." Read review

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Community Level 7yackers1


D'oh - Is this game over alreadt?

AdvantagesYou get to play all the Simpsons, great graphics, suitable for younger gamers

DisadvantagesA short game, mini games are poor, repetitive game play

"***Why I bought it**** This was the first game I got when I purchased my DS and I admit it, I bought it because of the TV series and the fact that I used to enjoy playing the Simpsons in the arcade years ago. If my memory serves me correctly the arcade version involved some criminals of Springfield kidnapping Maggie and the task was to go and rescue her, beating up baddies as you went. The player could select Bart (with Skateboard as a weapon), ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JuliaJolie


Cute, fun game

Advantagesexcellent pacing, interactive menu, and the Pet Homer

Disadvantagesvery short episodes, easy to get stuck somewhere

"...Christmas gift after having seen the ads on tv (both in the UK and in the US), so I do not know how much was paid for it. The game itself is actually written by the show's writers, and has a lot of well-done animated sequences inbetween each "episode" (although admittedly they do look strange in 3D). All the characters are also voiced by the actual actors. The format is very much like the previous Simpsons game, (Hit & Run), with mini missions ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Liddi


Nothing Special


DisadvantagesAverage game with Simpson characters

"...would be as good as the family guy game was for PlayStation 2 but was incredibly underwhelmed by it. If it wasn't the Simpson's characters it would have just been a run of the mill DS game where you complete the level next level complete that next level and so on. I have the Playstation 2 version of this game which was slightly better but nothing special either in all honesty. The graphics are typical to the DS and the game was either too easy in ..." Read review

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Community Level 1katdogfish


Not so hot

AdvantagesOK for kids


"...I really did not like the Simpsons Game at all. I found it far too basic, with chunky graphics, sloppy key controls (having to use the touch screen now and again, randomly, but mainly using a random array of buttons), horrendous sound, and generally not a patch at all on the Playstation Portable version of the game which my husband has. I thought that after about two levels the game play got really repetitive and really frustrating with the irritating ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pcwiz11


Fun and Funny

AdvantagesFun, Humourus, Enjoyable, Quite Long, Not to Complicated

DisadvantagesGraphics, Sound, Price

"...you've read my review of The Simpsons Hit and Run then you'll know how much I enjoy Simpsons games. As you can imagine I was very excited about the Simpsons Game coming out. In this review I'll tell you what I think of the game. In the game you must complete various missions based around different locations on the map in Springfield. You also get a pet homer which you must feed, entertain etc. The game is about right as far as difficulty goes I think. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wakegirlno12


Marshmellows over choclate rivers all good fun...

AdvantagesThe levels creatively reflect the sights and sounds of the cartoon.The Sofa Homer feature.

DisadvantagesThe Game is very easy to complete I also think theres to much emphasis on pulling levers

"The plot of the game revolves around Bart's discovery of a magical instruction manual that gives each member of the Simpsons family unique video game powers. There's nothing especially noteworthy about how the levels are set up. For most of them, you alternate control between two of the Simpsons characters.The game is based on jumping platforms and pulling levers with many obstacles to overcome.The charaters all have there own special abilities ..." Read review

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Community Level 2valve90210


Simpsons not worth the effort

Advantagesit's short so you can get through it quickly

DisadvantagesDull and unimaginative

"This is only the second Simpsons game I have ever played, the first being the dire Bart v's The Space Mutants way back when. I was hoping that the standard would have improved,and to a certain extent it has, though I feel it could have been done a lot better. This plays like a pretty bog standard platform game, though each of the characters has their own special powers which allow the to reach places or do things that other characters can't. ..." Read review

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