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Community Level 3Johnny-Pho...


Taxi for Hugh Jars, Doh.

AdvantagesSo much fun on two player mode.

DisadvantagesNot enough Missions and Levels

"The Game ******** It wasn’t going to be long before some bright spark decided to use the potential of the most successful and popular cartoon series ever and turn it into a computer game. Then Simpson’s Road Rage appears – a game that is so much fun I’m surprised the government hasn’t slapped a tax on it. The basic idea is that your chosen Simpson’s character is a taxi driver and you have to pick up fares ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Tony_edwar...


Move over sunday drivers

AdvantagesGood playability, Good Sound, Very entertaining

DisadvantagesA Bit monotonous

"...than write a review of the XBOX which we all know is quite simply the best games console on the market. I will instead deal with the true heart of great gaming and enjoyment! The games! Under the microscope today is the "The Simpsons Road Rage" This game was originally released on PS2 but unfortunately I never had the opportunity to play on that platform so can make no comparison. It has now been enhanced for the Xbox and you can pick it at your ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pizz


GGGGRRRRRRR! get outta the way!

AdvantagesAny age can play

DisadvantagesLoading each time you complete your level

"When we first got the Simpsons road rage game i thought "OH, another boring game, the kids will like it though," then we put it on....... I was like a kid in a sweet shop! " let me have a go" "let me have a go" lol, the first thing i noticed is how colourful it is, and it opens with Mr Burns in his office talking and it's just like watching the programme! it has clips in it and everyone has the same voices and smart remarks you see on telly so ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Mini_Minx


Mmmmmmm, racing....

AdvantagesGreat characters (of course), fun

DisadvantagesCan become monotonous

"If you love the Simpsons, it's difficult not to love a game like this. Basically, Mr Burns has decided to monopolise the transport in Springfield and so the residents have set up their own taxi firm. You have to choose who you will be and drive round picking up others characters and dropping them off as quickly/ safely/ destructively as you can. Each character has an appropriate car, e.g. you could choose Marge in her Canyonero, or Lisa in an electric ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kerridge


great game almost like watching the series.

Advantageslots of fun and can choose any character

Disadvantagesyou have to complete levels before moving to next one or to win a extra character

"...different simpons chartacters to be the driver, and choose different sorts of things to do. e.g the taxi run. where you have a certain amount of time to pick up other characters and drop them to where they are going before you pick up the next character etc.. the one thing that i didnt really like about the game was that before you can move to the next race you have to complete the first one and for beginers this can be pretty hard. you also have ..." Read review

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