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Community Level 2amyprincess


My Sims is an Entrepreneur!

AdvantagesOpen your own business, new distric added, new items/styles added

Disadvantagesnot a lot more added compared to other expansion packs

"Having the first PC game Sims 2 was not the end for me. As I found more and more expansions to buy my computer slowly started to crash - for me it was a scarifice I was willing to take. I hadn't heard a lot about Open for Business as I did for the Sims 2 and University expansion pack. I was unsure what I'd get from it but knew it would be worth my money. ***The Expansion*** The expansion is pretty much explained through it's title. With this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pash123


Open for Business

AdvantagesAdds many new features of gameplay, gives more variety to the game

DisadvantagesHard to grasp at first, takes focus away from other aspects of TS2

"As the third expansion pack for The Sims 2, Open for Business brought a completely original level to the game - being able to have your Sim own their own business, and hence "go to work" with them, earning money for your Sim at the same time. The game allows your Sim to open either a home business, or purchase a community lot, and create a business from there. You can sell pretty much anything available on the objects menu, or offer a service, ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Amy69


Not so much business!

Advantagesgood clothes

Disadvantagesdull, doesnt run smoothly

"...have been quite obsessed with the sims! The craze started out with the Sims one, which I latched onto pretty quickly! Though when Sims 2 was first released, I didn't really bother with it. However last year I decided to buy the game, and many of the expansion packs to go with it. One of these expansion packs is Open For Business. Open For BUsiness can be easily recognised on the shelves as it has a bright orange cover, with the Sims 2 logo on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Nowheresend


Open For Business? Good, But Open For Improvement.

AdvantagesNew objects, build mode items, actions and gameplay element.

DisadvantagesFew new styles, extra load time, even more space taken on hard drive.

"Open For Business is the last Sims expansion pack (EP) that I bought for myself. New Gameplay The biggest and most obvious new gameplay element, is the ability for sims to be able to own their own businesses. This can mean either a home business, which is much the cheaper option for your Sims, or owning a Community lot, the benefit of which is remote management. Of course this also entails hiring employees, assigning them to jobs and managing ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Gertie25


Is it the business?!

AdvantagesIncreased gaming

DisadvantagesRequires patience!

"...who have never heard of the Sims games, here's a brief overview:- You get to play god! You choose your characters, and make them live their lives, from going to work, falling in love, going shopping and eventually, through to death! There are many versions of the Sims games, available on most gaming machines, each with their own features. The Sims 2 Open for Business, is what is known as an 'expansion' pack for the Sims 2 game. (The Sims ..." Read review

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Community Level 4emily.ha


Probably best EP, Very good

AdvantagesVery entertaining and enjoyable

DisadvantagesTime consuming

"...add more amusement in playing the SIms 2, they created an EP in which you can create and run yoru own businesses. It's very useful for when you're bored of your sims just driving off to work everyday, perhaps leaving the house completely empty, depending how many sims you control in a household. You have two options: 1) Start a home business. 2) Buy a community lot (there is anew village, Bluewater Village, which comes prepared with several ready-to-run ..." Read review

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Community Level 2amylou2107


Booming Business


DisadvantagesNeeds a lot of patience, can be tricky to keep a successful business

"...incredibly fun just like all the other expansion packs. Like all the others it's offering you new clothes, hairstyles, decorations, building modes and the chance to start your own business. Starting your own business can be tricky. It takes a lot of time and effort and really takes it out of the sims running it. You can hire employees so you don't really need to be there all the time but it's difficult to keep them happy. Sometimes they will ..." Read review

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Let's get to work.

Advantagesbest expansion pack so far to an already great game

Disadvantagesdifficult to get your business going at first

"...2: Open for Business* This is the third expansion pack for the popular Sims 2 game (not counting the christmas expansion pack, but that was more of a small add-on than expansion). This expansion finally lets you go to work with your sims, as they run a shop, hairdresser's/barber's, gym, florists', park.... There are many different businesses to choose from with Open to Business, and its up to you which one you want. *Opening for Business* For ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dramaprinc...


A break in the business

AdvantagesAdds new gameplay

Disadvantagesmakes loading longer

"...new expansion packs, one of the best ones yet! There are over 125 new objects and a new town where you can not only just go to work and shop at, you will be able to live there as well! Will your sims business be thriving and bring in lots of money or will it all fall to the ground. Your sims will be able to either work from home or buy a new lot and travel backwards and forwards. From home you will be able to run some businesses but not as many ..." Read review

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Community Level 1aniah05


Improvement for Sims2

AdvantagesMade the game more fun and interactive

DisadvantagesTimeframe of the game needs a little work

"...could add more life to the game. When I first played it, I was impressed by the added features and new interactions. It was fun for the first hour, until my Sim was no longer having fun, which made the game a lot longer, and a bit irritating. This would probably be a great expansion pack if the daily time was longer and their need meter were extended as well. It will actually take a Sim an hour (Sim time of course) to open and set up the store. And ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rwgladwin


Time to go self employed as a Sim

AdvantagesMore ways to make money!

DisadvantagesBut its very very hard - just like real life!

"Again, the Sims expansion packs go from strength to strength! One of the problems with the Sims over the history of the game has been jobs - in that you can only take one of a set number of career paths with work taking on a "fast forward" element of the game. Your Sim goes to work and comes home. However, with Open for Business, you can now run your own business from buying and selling stuff at home for a profit, or opening an actual business ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ghostchoir



Advantages Very versatile, lots of new features

Disadvantages Can be even more infuriating at times!

"The Sims 2: Open For Business is the first expansion pack I've actually liked the look of enough to buy, and so far I've really enjoyed it. It's pretty straightforward with what you can do on this game. Open your own business! This is, of course, much more complicated than you'd first assume. Sims have the option to have a home business, or to purchase a lot to have their business. Personally I tend to have them own their own lots due to the fact ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jennyyy21


Good Game! Would recommend!

AdvantagesGood graphics

DisadvantagesQuite slow to load

"...that OPEN FOR BUSINESS is the best so far. There are so many different options available to you with this expansion pack. You can create a business, selling whatever you like! This could be food, clothes, furniture, electronics or appliances! Also, with new skill objects you can create your very own products to sell, these include various types of toys, flower bouquets and robots! Tecah your Sims to cook delicous cakes and puddings, then sell them ..." Read review

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Community Level 2drawcabia


Open for Business, best expansion pack

AdvantagesExpands the sims 2 original game


"The first thing anyone should know before buying Open for Business is that it's an expansion pack which requires the original sims 2 game to play, so make sure you have this first to avoid disappointment! This is the third, and in my opinion, the best expansion pack so far. It is based on the money making aspect of the game, so gamers that enjoy expanding their sim empire will definately enjoy this. A whole new area of gameplay is available ..." Read review

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Get back to work!

AdvantagesAdds a new level to the gameplay, a host of new challenges, well integrated to general gameplay

Disadvantagescan become repetative, challenge may be too much for inexperienced players

"...so infinite possibilities, and while the actual game engine is not perfect, I believe that the goals were achieved successfully. I have had hours of fun with this game, and rarely does a day go by without making use of one of this pack's many features. The sims 2 open for business allows your sims to enter the business world for a chance to hit it big, or squander their riches. Sims are able to set up and run a variety of businesses such as: > ..." Read review

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