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Cold Capital

Advantageseasy read, gripping

Disadvantagesnone really

"I've just finished the third Grisham novel. I had known the author's name for a long time but it took me an equally long time until I opened one of his novels. The reason was that what I knew was a) He's an extremely successful writer b) He isn't known for his literary excellence b) He writes thick books. Something got muddled in my mind and I mixed him up with the authors Dan Brown and Terry Pratchett* for whom the same can be said. Pseudo-religious ..." Read review

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Would You Give Up Riches For The Street?

AdvantagesThe best start to a Grisham book I have read

DisadvantagesA few of the twists can seem to be a little far fetched

"The next book on my trip through my John Grisham shelf of my Bookcase is The Street Lawyer. I know a lot of people will be thinking I only have Grisham books on my shelf and it certainly seems that way to me. His books make up just under half of my collection of fiction works and although one of his recent works didn’t fill me with the same desire to read, the older ones such as this certainly did. Grisham, a former lawyer has made a very ..." Read review

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Community Level 5christophe...





"The Street Lawyer John Grisham As some my regular readers (I wish…) will know, I am a John Grisham fan and am currently reading and reviewing all of his books. As with all Grisham books, this is based around the law and lawyers. The Street Lawyer, as the name suggests, deals with a lawyer who works the street. In this sense, I mean in an office helping the homeless - not ambulance chasers. The Characters John Grisham has always ..." Read review

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Community Level 2LukeCroll


Grisham delves into the world of the homeless

AdvantagesA Grisham fan is likely to pick this up straight away

DisadvantagesIt is not quite the same as his normal legal thrilers

"The main character in this one is Michael. He is a lawyer earning a lot of money at a massive law firm in Washington, DC. However, a homeless man takes him hostage one day. He and his fellow lawyers survive the incident, but their assailant is not so lucky, killed and buried in a pauper’s grave. This shocks Michael greatly. He digs into the man's past and discovers a dirty secret, relating to the law firm where he works. The ladder that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lucilock


Grisham excels himself once again

AdvantagesWell-written, moving, excellent plotline

DisadvantagesToo short!

"...this story its power, is the way the writer forcefully brings the homeless up to the same 'level' as so-called middle and upper-class society. The lead character's apparent fall from high society to the lowly depths of street life, and the way he gradually begins to realise and accept that the homeless are human too, touches something deep inside the reader's soul. The story centres around a case involving seventeen homeless people who are wrongfully ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Mohammed


Power to the Homeless!



"...Grisham has all but owned the best-sellers lists for the past seven years. The Street Lawyer is the one such success. Of course, such a tremendous run of success brings its own pressures, as witnessed by some of the trite passages in his last few books. Fans should be celebrating this latest offering however, as The Street Lawyer is Grisham's most complete book since The Chamber. And like The Chamber, the reason for the quality is that Grisham ..." Read review

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Streets ahead

AdvantagesGritty and honest thriller

DisadvantagesStrong on plot, less character development

"...changes your perception of how the world could be. As I had only ever come across multi-million selling author John Grisham as the name behind the film of his hit The Firm (and an uninspiring performance from Tom Cruise) I was not expecting great guns from this book. Michael Brock is about to undergo a life changing experience. A top attorney in firm in Washington DC, he turns up for work one day and innocently crosses the path of Mister, and homeless ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Whizzdom


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Advantagesa brilliant story, the kind which perhaps society as a whole should study at school level.

Disadvantagesnone at all.

"This book opens up at the journey of a person on his way to work who is portrayed as being, a young, professional person in a fairly comfortable job with certain expectations for himself, life and society. On entering his workplace, he finds himself accompanied in the lift, by a foul-smelling black person who looks entirely out of his element because of his apparent lack of money, that which the main character seem to ooze with such implied ease. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mrighart


Not Grisham's best

AdvantagesGrisham focusses attention to homeless problem

DisadvantagesThe story is not exciting

"...as a way of focussing the public's attention to the problems of the homeless in the United States. My attention was not captured by the story, the characters were fascinating as ever but all through the book I kept waiting for the excitement Grisham usually creates in his books. But that did not happen. From the end of the story, which seemed to be written in great haste, I gathered that it was more important to the writer to attract attention to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2katzen


The Street Lawyer - hard hitting and powerful

AdvantagesExcellent plot, ingenious characters

DisadvantagesToo short for me

"...up John Grisham novels on the fly, running past the book shop at the airport and so on. So far I have never regretted my choice and this is no exception. As to the plot: Mike is a successful lawyer, one of those who works all the hours God sends, with a withering marriage, when he is held up at gun point in his office. The subsequent emotions he feels and the discoveries he makes about the homeless man who had the gun, lead him to leave this expensive ..." Read review

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Community Level 2neofran


Moral lesson rather than exciting story



"I was very disappointed with The Street Lawyer. There's a reason why people read a specific author, and getting a moral lesson about the homeless is not why I read Grisham. Yes, he tried something new and even succeeded, but it might just put readers off from reading his next novel. Grisham is known for his exciting plots and intricate characters. The Street Lawyer has it's moments, and the reader do get involved with the main character, but it's ..." Read review

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Community Level 1joemal


The Street Lawyer - John Grisham

AdvantagesFast reading

DisadvantagesSame subject - law

"Michael is climbing up the ladder at Drake & Sweeney fast. D & S is a giant D. C. firm with more than 800 lawyers. Michael has everything but lacks time for himself due to long working hours. His partner, a doctor, was also moving fast on her track. While Michael was on his way home he encountered a homeless man. It was something common but Michael got curious and dug a little deeper about the man's history. The old man's poverty and homeless ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tommy7


Guilty Conscience?

AdvantagesEasy to read

DisadvantagesNot up to his usual standards

"The Street Lawyer is a bit different from the usual Grisham fare. Michael Brock, the main character, has a vagrant come into his offices and hold some of the lawyers in an office. Michael looks into the grivance the vagrant had and discovers that his firm were behind him getting evicted. Michael starts to help the homeless and risks everything he has. The impression I got when i read this book was that Grisham had possibly had an experience with ..." Read review

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Community Level 3anotherwis...


Very Typical Grisham

Advantagesgood read, good style

Disadvantagesa bit too moral? heh

"The Street Lawyer is a good example of Grisham's style. He seems intent on the view that a lawyer can save the world 'case by case' as he puts it. I agreee with others who say this book reads like a moral lesson. But you have to say that this is the case with most Grisham books. They are page-turners, but the story lines are mainly based around corporate greed and 'dark secrets'. In fact I wonder what Grisham will do when he runs out of ideas for ..." Read review

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