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Community Level 1yellynh


Great funky haircuts at the Advanced Academy!

AdvantagesA modern, edgey hair cut for a bargain!

DisadvantagesVery time-consuming, can be quite boring, and a sore bum.

"...cheap (or even free!) in the Westend and I became incredibly curious indeed. Being a student, I do not have the cash to splash out £30+ for a haircut, and being young I did not want a plain one either! One of my close friends went there and received a haircut for free, and has become a model for them (even if she is too lazy to ring them back). Might I add that she is a very pretty girl, and has had many other offers from other salons such as Saco. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2elleandbo


"Great thing about hair? It always grows back!" Diamond review

Advantagesvery cheap/free, offer of colour, professional

Disadvantagesnot for the faint hearted, takes ages

"...fairly unadventurous with hair, favouring the slightly layered bob sported by so many Londoners. We arrived late to the School (in our defence it is hidden away!) and perhaps we had spent a little too long in Topshop! Located in a small side street near Bond Street tube station (approx. 5 minues walking distance) and the trendy South Molton Street, the building is at first rather unpreposessing and didn't appear the glamorous salon that the Advanced ..." Read review

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Community Level 4hellyphant


Would YOU trust a student with a pair of scissors

AdvantagesCheap and cheeful, you usually get a very good hair cut, an interesting experience

DisadvantagesTakes a long time, your student may make a mess of your hair

"...shoulders as you walk down the street. I love the way the sun makes it gleam and shine, the way ringlets cascade down backs, and glossy locks swish from side to side in the breeze. All imperfections fade to insignificance when hidden by a curtain of beautiful hair. My hair has the ability to look very good. (if I do say so myself). It falls just below my shoulders, is very thick, and on a good day, quite curly. Normally it's brown, but in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5lauricha


Free haircuts with Pro results! UPDATED

AdvantagesVery Cheap, or even FREE! Not complete beginners in The Advanced Academy

DisadvantagesCan take a while!

"I first noticed the School when reading the Metro one day after work, they do promotional offers all the time (although I haven't seen many around recently) for £4.50 haircuts or even, if your lucky, free ones! I grabbed as many Metros as I could find and pinched all the coupons. I tried calling, then realized I was on the Tube. I called when I got home and booked an appointment for a restyle. I was advised to book with the Advanced Academy but ..." Read review

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Community Level 5amberlevi267


a damn good mop chop?

AdvantagesGood structured training, and cheap quality hair cuts.


"...prestigious has many salons across the world today. THE COMPANY Vidal Sassoon is a very well established company, Founded by a man called Vidal Sassoon. As a young boy he had no interest in becoming a hairdresser, until the age of 14 when his mother got him a job as an apprentice in a barber shop. In 1948 Vidal set up his first salon, in a tiny room on a third floor above Bond Street. And for nine years he perfected his cutting techniques, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Polstar242


Bum-numbing but great hair Review with images

AdvantagesA trendy haircut that costs you less than £15!

Disadvantages4 hours on your backside!

"...a lot of cash at the moment, and my mop of hair desperately needed something doing to it. A friend of mine, who is a colourist for Toni and Guy, suggested that I go to one of the academies, either Toni and Guy, or Vidal Sassoon for a cheap haircut. I settled on Vidal Sassoon because I used to go to Toni and Guy for haircuts anyway, when I had money! The whole experience was a bit nerve-wracking, from the initial appointment making 'are you up for ..." Read review

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'I wanna look like J-Lo please!'

AdvantagesCheap haircut, can try out adventurous styles for free sometimes

DisadvantagesTakes several hours-even for a simple trim

"...me about her wanderings into the world of the Hairdressing School way back in the early 80s but had never thought of trying it out myself until I read about the cheap haircuts available at top hairdressing schools all over the UK in a student guide which was giving out all manner of money-saving tips. I done a little bit of research and found the Vidal Sassoon School of Hairdressing in a student magazine but if you do a google search you should ..." Read review

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Community Level 2londonner


Fancy being a Guinea-Pig?

AdvantagesCheap-or free haircut

DisadvantagesRisk of a bad haircut

"...one of my experiences in The Vidal Sasoon School Of Hairdressing. It features snooty receptionists, a Spanish man muttering dark threats and a lot of hair strands-mine- limply littering the tiles of a London school... One day, a year ago, I noticed a voucher in the Evening Standard, entitling me to a FREE haircut in the Vidal Sassoon school...Always happy to save money, I phoned and asked for an appointment for a haircut with said school. I had ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Rp200


Anyone fancy a free haircut?????



"...assured me, 'you see, its the Vidal Sassoon Academy!' Vidal Sassoon Academy, I hear you say? Well its basically a hairdressing school where people test out their skills on you! At first I was like, 'hmmm, how about they mess up my hair', but then when my friend told me it was free, I thought, 'Why not? I need a trim anyways!'. ----How to book an appointment----- ____________________________ Well its quite easy, my mate had a couple of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jellyrach


Vidal Sasoon haircut free/£5

AdvantagesCheap, great for new creative style if your trying to be different

DisadvantagesIt takes a long time, and the may make a mistake

"...for over 2 years, it's the longest it's ever been, and as nice it is, I'm an extreme person, and fancy an extreme change so I'm opting for an extreme change; The Research So after looking through the hair mags and settling on a style I liked a decided to be extremely brave and test out the hair schools. I'd heard of Toni & Guy, Wella and Vidal Sassoon. Knowing that the hairstyle I wanted was a Toni & Guy design I tried there first. They have a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1darklady2002


Toni and Guy's student hairdressing

Advantagesfree or cheap haircuts by academy students

Disadvantagesno choice- took ages to grow back to normal length wearing a headscarf most of the time

"...student exam, he should retain the length. I also asked him how long it would take. He whisked me off to the student training academy and some five or six hours later released me again with a style that I hated. I wanted to cry because the more I said stop, the more he continued to cut it to about a one and a half inch all over length and the result was stiff with gel and sprays so that it stood up on top of my head. I was late picking up my daughter ..." Read review

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Community Level 1slober88



Advantages Cheap, very through, easily bookable, always availible

Disadvantages A little scary!

"I'd been toying with the idea of having my hair cut at a hairdressing academy for a while and took the plunge when my hair got out of control with split ends and whatnot. Booking the appointment I got the number off a mate of mine who'd been there before and her hair looks great. Rang them up about noon on a monday and made an appointment for the next day at 1pm. I was on hold for quite a while but was patient. The receptionist wasnt very friendly. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JulesG





"...appointment we went along to the school, which is just off of Bond Street. You go in and it is really small, pay your money £20 for highlights and I think a cut is about £5.00. Then you are given a card and have to wait until you are called, there are lots of trendy students walking around the place. When its time to go up you get seperated into your groups and led up 1000s of stairs to these rooms and then you wait to be picked by the students, you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1claire1985


If you've got the day to spare...

AdvantagesWell done, cheap haircuts

DisadvantagesTakes a long time.

"I went to the Vidal Sassoon school because i am a student, needed my haircut but was broke (it's near the end of term..!). I've had bad experiences with hairdressers, cutting fringes in and things. When I got there, I got sent to the waiting area after paying (£4.50 for students, bargain). Some of the teachers came around us all playing with our hair and asking us what we wanted, i stuck to the conservative approach because he was eyeing up my hair ..." Read review

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Community Level 1prancingpo...


Free/Cheap Haircuts from qualified Hairdressers

AdvantagesCool, trendy haircuts at a reasonable price

DisadvantagesHave to be sure of what you hate in hairstyles and they take a few hours for a cut

"...training schools for hairdressers for the last ten years and have only in the last year or so decided to switch to Vidal Sassoon Academy. Although it's slightly more than others (£5 for students and £12 for everyone else) you do get a loyalty card stamped each time you go and free haircut after 3 visits or so. I think the main reason for the cost, is the level of service you get there, compared to others. The trainers and staff at the academy are ..." Read review

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